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Written By Dani

School has begun for Rafe and Daisy. Daisy is happy to see Rafe at lunch after listening to her fellow classmates yammer on about boys and material objects. Rafe is happy to see her too. They ditch their classmates to talk and spend their lunch together, or at least so they think. Daisy tells Rafe how she really wants to do well this year for herself and for her mother. Daisy feels awful over all of the stress Harley has been under this past year, a lot of it being her fault. Daisy wants to begin making up for it by excelling in school. But as she is speaking a police officer arrests her for assaulting Jeremy. At first the two teens have no idea who Jeremy is then it hits them, Alan’s butler. Rafe promises to help and runs home to get his mother. Luckily Gus is there.

Gus slips in to drop off a calculator Rafe needs for school and almost makes it out of the house before he can run into Natalia. She knows he was trying to avoid her and he admits it when she asks. Natalia also thinks he is jealous that she went out with Remy. Rafe interrupts in a panic begging for help for Daisy. Gus and Natalia can’t quite understand what he is saying because he is so worked up. Natalia calms him enough to find out what happened and sends him back to school. Gus and Natalia go to Harley’s first before going to the police station.

Frank and marina had tried to pull together a family poker game to cheer Harley up but it doesn’t work. Harley is just reminded of Gus every time she turns around. Frank also has some bad news for his little sister. She and Gus will have to remain partners at work until some staffing issues are cleared up. Harley pretends that it is fine and she will be okay but really she is glad. Harley is missing Gus and wants to be with him.

When Harley gets home and is met by Gus she wants Gus to use his Spaulding influence to get Daisy released. Harley is glad to se Gus at first but becomes angry and cold when Natalia is by his side. Harley and Gus work to try and help Daisy but Natalia won’t stay out of it. Natalia makes quick comments criticizing Harley for using Gus’ family influence when it will benefit her. They argue. But Frank calls with even more unsettling news. Daisy is gone and Rafe helped her escape.

Rafe gets to the station before his parents. Rafe steals a set of keys and busts her out. Rafe takes Daisy to the mansion to confront Jeremy. Everyone converges on the confrontation in the study at once. When Jeremy sees the adults in the matter arrive he turns on Rafe and tells Frank that Rafe threatened him. Rafe becomes angry and pulls at Jeremy’s arm to get his attention when no one will listen to what Rafe has to say. When Rafe reaches for Jeremy Frank physically restrains him. Rafe begs for everyone to just listen to what he has to say. Rafe stands up and speaks about Daisy. His words move Jeremy and he drops all charges.

Daisy is so touched by Rafe’s speech she has decided she doesn’t want to wait any longer to giver herself to him. She asks if they can go back to the lake house they visited earlier in the summer.

Harley has been struggling with the notion of removing her wedding rings. She just can’t seem to do it until she walks up on Gus telling Natalia he will be there for her no matter what. Harley takes off her rings when Gus and Natalia leave together.

Dinah checks in on Cyrus and wants an update on when he plans to make his move. Cyrus is still angry about having to cut Dinah in so she is not received well but he agrees to let her know. Dinah spends her time shopping since she can’t do anything else and Mallet won’t take her money. Matt startles her and she is glad to see him. Dinah offers to buy matt lunch to show off what she bought. Matt is hesitant after the kiss they shared and Dinah knows it. She brings the topic up and tells him it was just a mistake that will never happen again and insists he have lunch with her. Marina sees Matt and Dinah enjoying themselves at lunch while shopping for jewelry online. Marina comes over to say hello and takes a gander at what they are looking at. Marina believe they are just cyber-window shopping but becomes upset when Dinah tells her she is looking to buy. Marina blasts Dinah accusing her of taking advantage of Mallet and not really loving him. Marina can’t believe Dinah would treat such a good devoted man so poorly. As marina yells accusations and insults at Dinah she begins to not make any sense, to Matt and Dinah at least. Matt jumps to Dinah’s defense. Marina is taking her frustrations over Cyrus and his proposal out on Dinah.

Now that Marina has made Dinah feel bad about herself Matt walks her home. Matt can tell she is hurt by Marina’s words and he tries to lift her spirits. Dinah thanks him and kisses him a little to intimately on the lips. Dinah pulls away immediately realizing it wasn’t just a friendly kiss. Dinah doesn’t say a word just goes inside her room.

Cyrus returns home after talking with Dinah to learn he and Alexandra will be hosting a huge national benefit for diabetes. Cyrus gets the idea to pass on the Spaulding fortune and hit all the marks at the benefit. He has devised a plan and meets with Griggs to tell him about the change in plan. Cyrus will collect the checks written for the benefit and have Griggs waiting in the hotel room Cyrus has booked for his operation base. Cyrus will read off account and routing numbers to Griggs who will plug them into a computer. After which they will make large withdrawals from each account, to include the Spaulding account. Griggs likes what he hears.

Cyrus’ next stop is the police station where he invites Marina to a life of their own. Marina gets angry that he doesn’t recognize she is not like him and being a morally upstanding person is who she is. Cyrus believes she is taking a pass at happiness because she has been brainwashed into believing she is a Cooper and can do no wrong.

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