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Guiding Light Update Monday 9/10/07

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Written By Dani

Doris puts her daughter Ashlee on the spot for an impromptu interview. Ashlee doesn’t say anything in support of Doris and her bid for mayor but she doesn’t say anything negative. Ashlee keeps her answers neutral and short. After one answer about what she admires most about her mother Doris is touched and hugs Ashlee. When Doris is hugging her she discovers that Ashlee is wearing a “Buzz for Mayor” button. Ashlee doesn’t want to hear it and just tells her flat out the button is staying on. Ava is watching as the interview turns disastrous and Coop is quick to be at Ashlee’s side after the cameras stop rolling. Ava keeps her distance while watching Coop grovel for Ashlee’s attention and beg her to go to the movies later with him. Ashlee finally agrees and they decide to meet at the theatre.

Ava pretends to be the gracious loser but just as soon as she can Ava begins trying to dig up dirt on Ashlee. Ava even tries her hand at a little deal making with Ashlee asking that she help Ava get close to Doris and on the campaign team. Ashlee has no interest in helping Ava do anything. Ava decides to use her looks and charm to flirt with Stewart. He falls for her flirty friendly ways and lets it slip that Doris warned him about something very bad that happened to Ashlee long ago. Ava feels this is just the bit of information she needs to pry Ashlee away from coop.

Doris is about to reveal Ashlee’s long forgotten secret past but Ashlee arrives and foils it. Coop did pick up that there was something about Ashlee’s past Doris was driving at but he doesn’t press Ashley for it. He is just glad she showed up for their date. Ashlee takes a moment to remember how she had gone to the movies so many times alone and how sad it was. Coop promises it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Daisy and Harley are registering for school when Harley gets a figurative punch to the gut. Gus is also at the registration but not just with his son, Natalia is with them. Gus immediately makes his way to Harley and wants to talk but she has nothing to say. Natalia tags along and tries to make peace and excuses. Harley doesn’t care what either of them has to say and finally shuts Natalia and her 17 year “pain over the loss of Gus” down telling her that she lost Gus years ago. Harley is losing him now so her pain takes precedent.

Natalia turns her attention towards the kids allowing Gus and Harley to talk. Gus begs his wife to try only this time try harder. All Harley wants to do is tell the boys and not drag their separation out. Gus doesn’t want to tell Zach and Jude of the arrangements but agrees because that is what Harley wants.

At their house the boys take it pretty good and Gus tells them all the right things. He will visit them and they will visit him and maybe it won’t last forever. After the kids have been told Harley wants Gus to leave. He kisses her before walking out the door but gets no reaction.

Gus sulks at the Spaulding Mansion and looks to Natalia for comfort. Natalia doesn’t have advice or comfort for him. Gus asks her if they can explore the idea of the three of them being together as a family, after he told her how glad that she and Rafe were back in his life. Remy walks into the study where Natalia and Gus were talking. Remy has come to pick up Natalia for a date. Gus is confused and unhappy. He asks her to cancel her plans but Natalia refuses sticking to her promise to Remy that she wouldn’t run every time Gus asked her to.

As Daisy and Rafe’s mother’s are each fighting to move past Gus they argue over who’s mother is entitled to him. The argument doesn’t reveal a winner either way.

Billy and Lizzie hurry into the ER worried something has happened to Josh and/or Cassie. Josh and Cassíe hear the commotion as Billy begs a nurse for information and come out of the ICU. Each are okay but they have bad news. Not everyone made in out of the crumbled house safely. There are a lot of people in ICU. Billy knows he screwed up by hiring the contractor and not checking out the guys work a little better. Cassie and Lizzie get on damage control with the media right away. Josh suspects Billy’s alcoholism is the cause of the lapse in judgment. Billy takes full responsibility but denies booze had anything to do with it. Billy explains that he was just so overwhelmed when the deal was made he overlooked a few things until it was too late. Frank arrives with more bad news. He is there on official business, it looks like there was more that happened than just a terrible accident.

Both Josh and Billy feel the immense need to protect the other brother from the possible fallout of the accident. Billy admits to Lizzie maybe he had too many drinks before signing the deal but he was going to make this right and not let Josh suffer. Josh tells Cassíe he feels responsible because he put too much on Billy. Cassie doesn’t want Josh to blame himself but Josh becomes angry. He feels if he can’t protect his own brother than he can’t take care of a congregation. Josh decides to put the ministry on hold until he cares for his own family first.

Cassie goes to Frank and takes responsibility for the accident. She claims that Josh was in prison and she was in charge and not all there emotionally so she made a very bad decision. Billy storms in telling Frank not to believe her that it is all his fault. Frank can see both are covering for Josh. Cassie pulls Billy aside and tells him if anyone can get off if criminal charges are filed it will be her due to her inexperience and mental state at the time. Billy is hesitant to let Cassie take the fall but agrees believing Josh won’t let her. Cassie insists she is going to claim all blame and she will also handle Josh.

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