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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/6/07

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Written By Dani

Cyrus tries to play innocent when Dinah confronts him with what she knows. Is he willing to take the chance of her going to Frank with her information, she asks him. Cyrus agrees to make her partner but that isn’t good enough. Dinah wants a down payment. Cyrus agrees and writes her a sizable check. Mallet goes home to speak with Dinah about two things. One, a speeding ticket she received when she wasn’t suppose to be driving. And two, why she has been spending so much time in the company of Alexandra Spaulding. Dinah does give excuse or answer to either topic but she does proudly show Mallet a large sum of cash. Mallet becomes angry in turn making Dinah even more angry. Mallet wants her to give the money back but Dinah feels she has earned it. They argue but Dinah gets the last word. She feels Mallet is more worried about protecting marina than getting their life and marriage back to normal. She storms of with the money screaming if Marina needs protection tell her to stop messing around with a married man.

Dinah decides to shop her sorrows away. She goes on an expensive shopping spree and doesn’t intend on letting anyone bring her good mood down. Matt decides to join her. Dinah believes he is only babysitting for mallet but realizes matt is her friend, quite possibly her only friend.

Mallet returns to work not knowing what else to do and every hour of work counts as their debts are mounting. A uniformed officer brings a sack of cash that is evidence in a case to mallet to count before being entered into the evidence room. As mallet counts the ungodly amount of money he slips a couple bundles into his desk drawer. Mallet feels awful for stealing the money but he is desperate to help Dinah and pay the bills.

Marina is acting peculiar as she struggles with Cyrus’ proposition. Alex asks Marina to coffee at Company. She agrees to go but immediately wishes she hadn’t as Alex makes small talk. Marina rushes Alex along to her point. Alex warns her, no matter what Cyrus has promised her he only wants sex and when he gets it he will lose interest. Alex makes it clear Cyrus is her husband, her companion, and she does not intend on waking up one day with a broken heart because he left her for marina. Marina has heard enough and walks out. Neither women knew Cyrus had been watching them through the window.

Cassie and Josh go to Reva’s house to give her the real divorce papers. Josh is just going to walk in as he always does but Cassie stops him. Josh doesn’t think Reva would mind. Cassie is hesitant trying to find the words to tell Josh Reva doesn’t live alone anymore. Before she can tell him, Jeffrey opens the door. Jeffrey is acting as if he is in a hurry and doesn’t have time for them. Both can tell something is off but they let it go. Jeffrey is anxious to track down Reva. With each passing moment with no word of his new lady friend, Jeffrey grows more concerned. With Ava on his heels, Jeffrey heads to the hanger where the Spaulding jet is housed and the mansion. Jeffrey learns nothing, and Alexandra has nothing to add to the investigation all while giving Jeffrey a hard time along the way. Cyrus interrupts and claims to know where Alan is. Alex and Jeffrey are both shocked. Cyrus tells him of a small secluded town in Mexico. Jeffrey rushes off to verify the information but promises to be back if it doesn’t pan out.

Alex is impressed Cyrus has been won into the confidences of Alan so soon. With a chuckle, Cyrus tells her he was lying he hasn’t seen Alan in days and certainly doesn’t know where he is.

Billy and Lizzie talk about Vanessa and what a good woman and wife she was to Billy. He seems happy as he tells Lizzie it is nice to be getting close to Vanessa once again. Billy asks her to coffee she agrees after having a stressful morning at the lawyers’ office. They sit on a park bench and laugh and remember what it used to be like the good and the bad. A guy walks by and says hi to Billy. Vanessa recognizes him right away, he is a contractor she and matt almost hired. Almost? Billy asks. Vanessa explains that after looking at the guys specs he used poor materials. She makes the comment that she wouldn’t step foot in anything he built. Billy is impressed that Vanessa still has a keen business head. Unfortunately Vanessa’s observation rings true.

Billy and Lizzie are preparing to attend a community service project that Lewis has funded with help from the city. It would provide new homes to low income families. Today is the unveiling of the first built home for the project. Josh and Cassie plan to attend along with the media and Billy and Lizzie. Before they leave Billy burns his hand. As Lizzie is providing first aid and they are running late they see a breaking news story on TV. The home that was going to be dedicated today has collapsed. Billy fears Cassie and Josh were in the building when it happened.

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