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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/5/07

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Written By Dani

“It takes a thief”

Cyrus sits in the study with Alexandra. Alex is working while Cyrus amuses himself by watching Bonnie and Clyde. Alex pokes fun at the drab ending to the movie but encourages him to get back to his movie if he likes it. Alex reminds Cyrus they are to meet later with the board members of the country club. As Cyrus watches the movie memories of his times in Europe, specifically France, comes back to him. He remembers slipping out of a married American woman’s window while Dinah waits with a stolen car for him. As he shows of the goods he is teaching Dinah the ways of scoring. Cyrus especially admires a necklace that he took from the home.

When he and Alexandra met with the board members of the country club the third member is Leona, the woman he robbed in France. Leona refuses to give him admittance into the club and calls him a common thief. Alexandra defends her husband while putting Leona in her self-righteous place.

Cyrus remembers back to lying in a tub listing off the rules of the trade for Dinah who was just learning. His number one rule was “no feelings, no distractions” This rule came back to him when he saw Marina walking on Main Street, he refocused on Alex.

Cyrus meets with Griggs handing off a list of passwords and access codes. He promises there is more to come. There conversation/business is cut short when Cyrus hears Marina complaining as mallet is helping her into the ER. Cyrus can’t resist approaching marina and trying to help but she isn’t as happy to see her as he is to lend some helpful advise. Cyrus catches on that he is being followed and confronts Dinah. He is cold and cruel when he tells her how pathetic her attempt at shadowing him was in her current state.

Cyrus continues to day dream remembering various scores with Dinah all leading to one place. A farm house. Cyrus felt a connection to the house from the moment he saw it and has always wanted to return and live a sweet little life. Now he wants that life to be with Marina. Cyrus looks at an old tattered photo of the house and decides to reveal his plan to Marina.

Cyrus breaks into her room and waits for her. When she arrives, she immediately draws her gun then cuffs him. Marina listens as Cyrus tells her how from the time he ended it with her he has had only one plan. He is going to rob Alexandra and the company, buy the house in the photo and takes her to France to live happily ever after. Marina cannot believe his nerve. She tells him to get out but later goes looking for him.

Marina takes him to Harley’s house where she checks with him to make sure she heard him correctly. After Cyrus verifies his plan Marina doesn’t know what to do. She loves the guy and wants to be with him but she is a sworn police officer as well. Marina becomes angry that he has put her in such a moral dilemma and is playing with her heart. She tells him to leave her alone and she goes home.

Back in her room at the Beacon Marina stares at the photo Cyrus gave her. It is a nice house, it would make a lovely home.

At Harley’s house Dinah listened from behind the fence and learned exactly what Cyrus is up to. Now she intends on using the information to her advantage.

Cyrus moons over the farmhouse on the internet looking at the For Sale listing. He calls the realtor and learns everything is in place for him to wire the full payment for the sale. Dinah calls while he is speaking with the realtor.

Dinah asks to speak with Alex but before she does Dinah wants him to know one thing. She has gotten much better at following him than earlier in the day.

Does she know? Cyrus is sure she does.

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