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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/4/07

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Written By Dani

Remy and his new friend Lola are having a good time on their date before Mel seems to be angry with Remy and intervenes. Remy tells her for the most part to get over it and leave him alone. Mel gives a quick wink and “good job” to Lola. Lola begins to show her not so innocent side that Remy once knew. Lola wants to get adventurous and sneak into the courthouse and have sexing a courtroom. Remy likes the adventurous side but would rather steer clear of the courthouse.

Lola comes clean to Remy about the whole thing being a set up. She confesses to the set up because Remy is trying to be a gentleman and she is wanting to get wild. If this is a set up what does Lola get out of it he wonders. Lola expresses an interest in his poker games she hears Mel complain about, and sex of course. Remy reports there isn’t a game tonight. Lola is more than happy to settle for the latter half of what she hopes to gain. They make their way to her room at the Beacon. Remy and Lola get the party started in the hall but it comes to a quick end when Remy spots Natalia watching them.

Remy shoves Lola into her room and tells her he’ll see her another time and quickly turns his sights on Natalia.

Natalia speaks with Remy the most open ad honest she ever has. She apologizes for the awful way she treated him and led him on. Natalia has realized in all that has happened between ad with Gus that it was Remy that was always there and she couldn’t see it. Remy tells her how wrong for him she is but offers her, them another chance if she wants it. Natalia takes him up on the offer, telling Remy that she is done and ready to move on at last. Remy lays out conditions that their relationship must come first and ahead of Gus. Agreed.

Daisy waits impatiently in jail fearing that Alan may succeed in stopping Gus and Harley’s ceremony. Reva arrives and promises to warn Harley then get Daisy out of jail. Before Reva can make it back to the jail or even to Company she has a bigger problem to deal with Alan. Alan comes over and all but tells her that he knows Jonathan and Sarah are alive. Alan goats Reva but she keeps her cool and doesn’t blow their cover. When alone Reva panics to get word to Jonathan, concerned that it may be too late.

Frank arrives at the jail and releases Daisy. As soon as she is free Daisy wants to speak with Rafe, whom she called to the jail. When Rafe arrived he was course and unsupportive telling her she wasted her phone call by calling him. Frank grabs Daisy and points her in the direction of home. Your mother needs you.

Before Natalia spoke with Remy and patched things up she and Rafe were met at the hospital by Gus who seemed to be frantic. When Gus arrived and Rafe was fine he realized Alan had managed to manipulate the situation again and rushed off to marry Harley. By the time Gus gets back to Company it is too late. Harley had waited and even put on a brave front for her family who had already given up, but as the time passed and there was no sign of gus she came to the only conclusion she could. Their marriage is over.

Gus tries to tell her what had transpired and what was the truth but the one fact that made Harley make the decision she did was; Gus could have came and found her and taken her with him but he didn’t. He went alone as always. Harley would have to spend the rest of their life together sharing gus with another family and she couldn’t do it because she loved him too much. Gus begs but Harley knows it is over. Harley goes home and cries as she mourns the end of her marriage and life with gus. Daisy holds her mother’s head in her lap and comforts her with unconditional love.

Gus sits alone with tears in his eyes. Rafe joins him and just sits with his father in silence but Gus knows he has Rafe’s support.

Harley’s family finally give up their vigilant wait and go their own ways each sad. For Harley and for themselves, there is not one Cooper child or grandchild that has a happy relationship.

Jeffrey overheard Frank talking to the police station about daisy and Reva being her only visitor. Jeffrey becomes concerned for Reva believing she would never leave her granddaughter locked up. Jeffrey sets out to find Reva. With each corner turned and there is no Reva he grows anxious with worry. When Jeffrey runs into Ava who is ready to Cooper bash and is on Alan’s side she lets it slip that Alan and reva had been arguing earlier and Alan threatened to get rid of Reva for good. Jeffrey is now desperate to locate his new love interest and protect her from Alan.

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