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Guiding Light Update Friday 8/31/07

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Written By Dani

Olivia has made peace with her feelings for Jeffery. Harley and Gus are going to renew their wedding vows. Or are they? And Alan knows Jonathan and Sarah are alive.

Reva receives a random newspaper article from some unknown town in California. No markings and no apparent reason why someone would send it to her. Then it hits her. Jonathan sent it to let her know where he and Sarah are. Reva hides it behind a photo of Jonathan and Sarah.

Reva and Jeffrey settled into home life together finally acknowledging that they are in a relationship. Dylan is the first to hear it from the horses mouth. Olivia got word via Ava and rushed over for two reasons. To see if it were true and to call and end to her ongoing hot and cold feelings and unresolved past with Jeffrey. Jeffrey doesn’t want to revisit what they have been over countless times but Olivia gets his attention when she admits to blackmailing Reva. Jeffrey is surmised to learn that Olivia knew all along that Jonathan was alive and she was using this information to make Reva give Jeffrey up. They call a truce to long emotional trail that has led to this moment.

Daisy comes to the mansion in hopes of catching Rafe before he and Natalia leave for Chicago. Rafe is not welcoming to her but Natalia encourages him to be kind and hear Daisy out. Alan interrupts with news for Rafe and Natalia. He has arranged for Rafe to visit a diabetic specialist in New York as a sort of precaution and vacation for the both of them. They accept the trip little do they know Alan has more in mind.

Harley still cannot accept all that Gus says to her and his efforts to make things right. Finally Gus admits that for a split second he thought about what it would be like if he and Natalia and Rafe were a family. But thought for one second is all that it was because he loves someone else. Gus brings Harley to tears when he speaks from the heart about all that he loves about her. Before his admission Gus had asked Harley to renew their wedding vows and she turned him down. By the time Gus was finished with his tribute to Harley all she could say, tearfully was “yes” They immediately put a plan into action to renew their wedding vows today. For the first time in a long time Harley is happy and believes in them again.

Harley dresses and prepares at her house while Gus gets ready at Company where the ceremony will be held.

Daisy returns to the mansion to get her cell phone she forgot. before entering the study she hears Alan speaking with the doctor in NY. He promises a large reward for accommodating Rafe because Alan intends on using Rafe’s visit to New York to scare Gus and pull him away from the vow renewal ceremony. Daisy losses her temper and swears she is going to warn her mother and step-father. Alan orders the butler, Jeremy to stop her. Daisy pushes her way through the one man human barricade. Alan calls the police to report an assault.

Daisy is arrested on Main Street before she can make it to warn Gus and Harley. Alan is on the phone pretending not to interrupt the plans Gus had but he just wanted to let him know that Rafe has had a turn for the worse. Gus writes a note for Harley telling her Rafe is sick but he will not be late for their wedding. Gus leaves the note on the bar of Company. When Buzz comes in armed with supplies he lays a box on top of the note hiding it. Later the note sticks to the bottom of the box and is carried out on accident with the trash. Harley never gets the note and Gus is off to make sure his son is okay.

Harley waits dressed and ready for her second wedding to Gus to begin. Gus doesn’t show. Harley’s happiness subsides.

Reva happens along Daisy as she is being arrested. Reva promises to help though Daisy asked her to warn Gus and Harley first.

Reva finds Alan and with a finger in his chest orders him to leave her family alone.

Alan gets a phone call from a stranger asking questions about Jonathan Randall. Alan is annoyed at first claiming that Jonathan and his infant granddaughter are dead but the caller has news that says other wise. Alan knows Jonathan and Sarah are alive.


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