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Written By Dani

Harley and Gus decide to get away for another attempt at an anniversary celebration and reconciliation. Before they leave the house Harley is having second thoughts but agrees to go after daisy practically pushes them out the door. Harley is still struggling but puts down her guard long enough to make love. This doesn’t help the thoughts and feelings she is still having about their situation and frail marriage. Harley remembers something the inn keeper said when they checked in. He mentioned that this past spring he almost lost the house altogether because of the heavy rain. He explained the rain caused cracks in the foundation. It’s all fixed now but it gave him a chance to see the flaws in the house.

Gus just wants everything back the way it was but Harley doesn’t think it will ever be the same again. He wants his life with harley and the kids back so badly he promises to never see Natalia again unless it directly affects Rafe. But he wants the same from harley regarding Dylan. She agrees but this still isn’t enough for her to just move past his one-night-stand with Natalia. Harley has also come to the conclusion that Alan helped the situation along but what happened can’t lie square on his shoulders. Alan was simply the rain. Harley can’t and won’t let Gus slide out of what he did without accepting responsibility. Gus can’t make Harley believe she is the only one he loves and she admits she doesn’t know that she will ever believe that again. Harley begins to get dressed and packed she wants to go home. Gus wants to stay and work on repairing their marriage some more but Harley feels there is nothing left to say or do. All they can do is go home and try.

Natalia and Rafe have their bags packed to move back to Chicago. Alan defends what he did as the best thing for the family and begs them to stay. Rafe gets in his face after seeing everything people told him about Alan was true. It is hard to tell if Rafe is angry over Alan’s manipulation or more over accidentally calling him Phillip. Rafe accuses Alan of not even knowing his name before stomping off.

Rafe goes to tell Daisy in person that he is moving. Daisy isn’t happy to hear he will be leaving town and fears they will never be able to see each other. Rafe is more optimistic believing they will find a way to be together. Daisy trusts him for the time being and gives into a little making out. Kissing and holding Rafe makes her sad at the thought of him moving. She asks him to stay with Alan and let Natalia go .Rafe tries to tell her nicely that he could never abandon his mother especially not right now but Daisy doesn’t get the message and puts his back against the wall. Rafe gets angry with her that she would ask him to chose. He storms out after making it clear he would never chose her over his mother.

After being left alone by Natalia and Rafe Alan panics when he learns he is all alone once again. Even the staff is gone for the day. Alan decides to take his feelings of abandonment out of Harley. Blaming Harley for destroying his family once again. Alan goes to the cabin she and gus visited. Alan is waiting outside to confront Harley, or worse. Natalia followed and stops him before he can do anything.

Natalia agrees to stay after having an emotional conversation with Alan. Alan really shows his vulnerable and human side. He does hold Harley responsible for taking every son he ever had from him. Natalia tells him if he does something to Harley it will hurt Gus. And if Gus is hurt it will hurt Rafe, there fore if Alan goes after harley he could lose his grandson as well. Alan sits with his head in his hands feeling defeated and alone in the world. Alan ticks of everyone he has ever cared about and lost. Natalia sees the good person Alan wants to be and could be. She takes him home and makes him comfortable and secure with a beverage and a snack. Alan isn’t used to someone caring for him so gently.

Coop asks Ashlee to have lunch with him, Marina, and a friend of his he is going to set Marina up with. Ashlee agrees for Marina’s sake. Ashlee is still unsure of how to handle Coop’s sudden feelings for her. Is she insecure or now that she has what she thought she couldn’t she doesn’t want it anymore?

Marina works at Towers on her day off. Frank is concerned she is working so much overtime because she is strapped for money. She promises it isn’t money. Then it can be only one thing Frank notes. Cyrus Foley. She is working extra hours to keep her mind off him, all while hanging out in places where Spauldings frequent. Marina denies that is why she is doing paperwork at Towers rather than home or Company. Coop and Ashlee arrive. Coop pulls Marina aside to ask for a favor. He makes her believe that he needs her to sit in on his date with Ashlee to make Ashlee more comfortable. Marina thinks it’s stupid but goes along with Coop. Marina is against being set up after Ashlee lets it slip but stays when Cyrus comes into the dining room to dine alone. Joe, Marina’s date, is a real jerk towards Ashlee. Coop and Marina defend their friend. Ashlee over hears and storms out ashamed that she isn’t accepted by Coop’s friends. Coop chases after her and tells her he doesn’t care but Ashlee is still being difficult about accepting Coop’s unconditional feelings for her. Coop just can’t understand what Ashlee’s problem is. Here she stands in the hall of the Beacon on the verge of tears because she is in love with him but she keeps turning him away and won’t let her in. Coop tells her if she cares for him and wants to be with him she had better stop making excuses because there are no excuse why they can’t be together. Coop leaves her to think over that.

Marina joins Cyrus after her date leaves and Cyrus sends a drink to her. Cyrus draws her in as he always does as he practically whispers she can do better than the bloke she was with. Marina hypnotized by the spell Cyrus casts on her believes or wants to believe he is referring to himself, that he can make her happy. But what Cyrus was getting at is because the guy just walked out on the date. With everyone at the lunch date gone Marina gets stuck with the bill she can’t afford. Marina searches for cash or a credit card or any combination of either to pay the over priced bill. She becomes upset and embarrassed that she can’t pay as Cyrus is watching her desperate search through her purse for money. He offers to pick up the tab but she snaps “not everything is about money.”

Later Marina speaks with a fellow officer that has been assigned to tail Cyrus. Marina knows he is planning something.

Cyrus calls Griggs he is ready to bump up the Spaulding heist.

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