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Written By Dani
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“Divine Intervention”

Reva has resigned herself to her changing life. Her first step is to remodel Cross Creek. Billy comes by with some surprising news. A valued long time employee of Lewis Construction has been terminated for stealing from the company. Reva is surprised. She and Billy remember all the times and projects the employee worked on and did for the family. The news is a real blow. But that isn’t the real news. The employee, as Reva and Billy mentioned, was the person in charge of processing Reva and Josh’s divorce. Yes dear viewer you are guessing right. Reva and Josh are still married.

Reva tries to push it out of her mind but fate has stepped in just like she said it would. Reva goes to Cassie to tell her but can’t bring herself to do it. Does she feel sorry for Cassie and not want to hurt her? Or is there something else looming in Reva’s heart and mind? Still she decides it would be better to by-pass Cassie and go straight to Josh. Reva makes the long drive to the religious retreat located on a lake. She fights a severe thunder storm to get there and waits in his room listening to the thunder crash all around. The deacon in charge of the retreat is hesitant to let Reva stay but agrees after learning that she is Josh’s wife. Reva talks to God and a photo of Josh and Cassie together. This is fate she tries over and over to convince God and the photo, or is it her she is trying to convince.

The French doors to Josh’s room open, but it isn’t Josh that walks through them. It’s Jeffrey and he is soaked to the bone. “What the hell are you doing her?” She asks. “Divine Intervention.” Jeffrey answers before showing his anger with her. Jeffrey can’t believe she ran to Josh so quickly. His anger is stemmed more from hurt than true anger. It hits Reva she is glad it was him that walked through the door instead of Josh. Forgetting where they are and why Reva gets Jeffrey out of his wet clothes and under the covers of the bed. She slips in with him where they begin to play around, only to be interrupted when the deacon brings a prayer group in to meet Josh. After catching the married woman in a compromising position with “her lawyer” he insists they participate in a prayer circle.

Under the ruse of a prayer and philosophical words Jeffrey tells the circle how much Reva has touched and changed his life. Because of her he has a new outlook for his future and what he really wants. Reva is so moved she abandons why she came up to the lake in the first place and leaves with Jeffrey. The deacon asks if she wants him to tell Josh anything. “Yeah, the lord works in mysterious ways.”

Back in Springfield, Jeffrey and Reva can barely keep their hands off each other before they can get into his room at the beacon. Jeffrey fumbles with the lock but there is something wrong. Luckily for him Ava is inside his room waiting. She doesn’t have good news. Olivia evicted him in a fit of rage after she learned that Jeffrey followed Reva out of town. Ava offers up her couch but Jeffrey declines because it is still in the Beacon and he would rather avoid Olivia all together. Reva makes a snap decision that everyone has trouble digesting. She invites Jeffrey to move in with her. Not come stay, but move in. He accepts. Whew! If Olivia is mad because he followed her rival out of town wait until she finds out her plan to get back at Jeffrey and evict him shoved him right into the arms, home, and bed of Reva.

Jeffrey packs and drinks tequila to ease his nerves. Reva goes home to prepare for her new roommate. She is nervous as well.

Both act nervous and uncomfortable trying to come to terms and keep the other at ease about the new situation. Jeffrey continues to take shots to give him liquid courage. The following morning is just as awkward and becomes more uncomfortable when Jeffrey has a young lady-friend come calling.

A young blonde client and part-time lover knocks at the door, anxious to get to work and much more with Jeffrey. Reva puts on a brave face and sends him out the door with the girl but it hurts him to see him leave with the lady. Reva has plans of her own. She is to meet with a divorce lawyer with a reputation of seducing his clients. Jeffrey doesn’t like the idea but with his “client” waiting at the door what can he really say. He can’t stand the idea Reva will be going out with Mitch the divorce attorney.

Jeffrey keeps his meeting completely professional, but finally the girl invites him back to her room. Jeffrey turns the girl down. She knows it is because of his “roommate” Jeffrey knows too but can’t quit admit it. Rather he leaves it open to possibility. Jeffrey turns to Mel as a confidant. Instead of blasting him for moving in with Reva she advises him based on her past mistakes. Mel can see he has really formed genuine feelings for Reva. Don’t treat her like a roommate but more like a date. Romance her more than less, Mel tells Jeffrey sweetly.

Just as Jeffrey predicted Mitch comes on to Reva who took the meeting with the intention of seeing where it might go, but at the last minute she found she couldn’t go through with it. Reva goes home alone to read even though she believes Jeffrey and the blonde are together. To her surprise and glee Jeffrey arrives home shortly after her with a huge bouquet of flowers. Reva melts when Jeffrey admits she is much more to him than just a roommate.

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