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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/28/07

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Written By Dani

Buzz and Lillian are busy campaigning and distributing and meeting with staff members and press about Buzz and the upcoming election after Doris’ embarrassing roast of him and his family in the media. Lizzie is concerned about Lillian’s involvement and exactly what her relationship with Buzz is. When Buzz can’t find the words to give Lizzie an acceptable answer Lillian steps in defending their relationship and her happiness. Buzz is glad for the save and for such a wonderful understanding woman to be on his side. So much so Buzz decides it is time to play matchmaker. Ashlee and Coop are his unsuspecting victims.

After Ashlee shuns her mother for the humiliating display in the media Ashlee is more than willing to make up for Doris’ actions and help Buzz out. Coop arrives just as Ashlee is heading for the Beacon to pass out flyers that Buzz had already asked Coop to hand out. Ashlee doesn’t want to go but gives in when Coop asks her how he can prove his true feelings when she won’t spend any time with him.

Coop and Ashlee not only get the job done they have a good time doing it, until Ava shows up. Ava is vicious and insulting to the woman she sees as the winner of Coop’s affections. Ashlee stands her own and ends up coming out on top after shoving a campaign button into Ava’s lapel jabbing her with the pin in the process. Coop finds it funny and is proud and in admiration of Ashlee for the way she stood up to Ava. As he is explaining this to Ashlee she slips away when his back is too her. Coop is confused as to where Ashlee would have gone.

Buzz and Lillian have the misfortune of running into Doris at Towers where Doris hints to Buzz that she intends to go after Lillian in the media next. Buzz immediately goes to Lillian and asks if they cool their relationship for a bit. Lillian refuses to give up on him or the campaigning and isn’t threatened or afraid of what Doris can say or do to her.

Cyrus meets with Griggs at Towers. Cyrus isn’t happy feeling that Griggs could blow their whole plan. Griggs admits Dinah has seen him. Cyrus is even more angry telling Griggs he had better lay low. Dinah happens to see the two arguing and tries to snap a photo as proof on her cell phone but she can’t get it to work in time. Dinah ends up barging in on Cyrus and Cyrus alone. Cyrus acts concerned and tries to calm Dinah who becomes erratic knowing what she saw. Dinah goes to Matt and isn’t welcomed at first. Matt had earlier been warned to steer clear of Dinah by Vanessa. Dinah can tell there is something wrong with her friend and tells him he is the only one who can help her. Matt admits he needs her almost as much as she needs him. Matt kisses Dinah. Dinah becomes uncomfortable and leaves going home. She stares at herself in the mirror and breaks down in tears hating what she did and what her life has become.

Alex suspects Cyrus has missed an important meeting at Spaulding because he is still running around with marina. Alex has dispatch call Marina to the mansion where she asks point blank how much time marina has been spending with her husband. Marina claims none then lays out a stereo typical chain of events and excuses Cyrus has most likely been handing Alex. With those suspicions planted in Alex’s mind and she is now sure marina isn’t who has been dominating Cyrus’ time she is angry and ready to confront him.

Cyrus heads home to his wife but before he does he goes out of his way to have a chance run in with a young woman and swipes her diamond tennis bracelet that he gives to Alex to con his way back into her good graces.

Billy and Lizzie have decided they are not only going to make lots of money together they are going to do some good, starting with the mayoral campaign. Billy and Lizzie are more than willing and happy or get on board and support Buzz. Especially after they discover Phillip’s old plans for his “vision” of Springfield on Alan’s desk. Billy and Lizzie take the plans to Buzz. Alan is planning on supporting Doris so she will be in his back pocket and he is going to make Phillip’s dream a reality.

It all makes you wonder, there has been a lot of talk about Phillip lately, could the favorite son of Alan be returning and really shake Springfield up? Let’s keep our fingers crossed, with Phillip always comes a good storyline.

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