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Guiding Light Update Monday 8/27/07

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Written By Dani

Dinah is still struggling with seeing Griggs at Towers. Mallet tries to reassure her but Dinah is certain of what she saw. Armed with Mallet’s gun from his former occupation Dinah goes to the doctor prepared. Her doctor gently tells her that it is not uncommon to see things related to a traumatic incident especially if there are a lot of emotions or feelings stemming from the incident. Satisfied with the doctor’s prognosis Dinah leaves the hospital but sees Griggs outside. He speaks to her and even reaches out for her. Dinah jerks away and has a surprise for Griggs. She draws the weapon and fires point blank into his chest. Fearing the worst Dinah gathers her belongings after checking for a pulse and touching Griggs’ blood accidentally, Dinah goes in search of Mallet. It is obvious Dinah has been through something very traumatic and she is in distress. Dinah is pale as she tells Mallet privately that she shot someone and they are deals. Dinah asks Mallet to help her hide the body. Dinah leads her husband back to the scene of the supposed shooting and there isn’t a body or any signs of a shooting. Just to be sure Mallet checks with the hospital staff but there had not been any shooting victims, dead or alive, admitted. Dinah falls apart unable to make sense of what she truly believes she saw and did.

Mallet takes her home and gets Dinah settled into bed and relaxed before returning to work. Dinah notices after Mallet is gone that he forgot his keys. She runs after him but stops dead in her tracks when she sees Griggs again in the hall of the Beacon talking on a cell phone.

Alan is finally allowed to enjoy a day with his granddaughter Emma but diverts his attention to Reva who is watching from the bar and is friends with Emma after her little abduction. Alan feels threatened and tries to use Olivia call for help as an excuse to try and goat Reva. Reva doesn’t appear to be fazed by Alan’s allegations but he is beginning to look too closely at the truth. Reva goes to Olivia with a warning. She is going to miraculously remember that Olivia was gunning for her the day of Josh and Cassie’s wedding if Olivia doesn’t call Alan off. Seeing that she doesn’t need Alan after all and fearing jail or even prison Olivia calls Alan in front of Reva and tells him “stay out of her and Emma’s life!” The call could not have come at a worse time.

Harley and Cassie work through their list of possible culprits that could or would have drugged Harley. Cassie is leaning towards Alan or Dylan. Harley dismisses Dylan right away and feels stronger about Natalia. Cassie goes to Reva to speak with her about Dylan, or was it more to make her point that standing in the way of a couple that was meant to be was pointless. Reva is insulted by what Cassie is insinuating about her and her son. Reva has had enough she has her other son, Jonathan, Olivia, and Alan to take care of. Reva kicks Cassie out of her house.

Harley goes to confront Natalia but after laying the facts and speculation out and Natalia’s only question was “Are you okay?” Harley is confused but can see the real concern in Natalia’s eye. Harley knows it wasn’t Natalia.

Before Harley arrived Gus had told Natalia how wrong it was for him to stay there until he and Harley worked things out. They firmly discussed it until Gus accidentally found bottles of Valium in the desk drawer. They were prescribed to Alan. Gus began to worry after remembering his battle with addiction to similar prescription pills. Just as Natalia is putting it together that Harley was most likely drugged by Alan , he and Gus walk in. Alan doesn’t pass up the opportunity to insult Harley. She in turn immediately accuses Alan of slipping her a sedative. At first he won’t admit to what he did but when Gus asks his wife what drug was in her system he believes his wife right away. Gus and Harley verbally attack Alan for his evil ways. Alan’s plan backfires on him. Rafe walks in wanting to know what was going on. Gus wants Alan to admit to his grandson what he did. Gus describes it as unforgivable. Gus casts Alan out of his life forever and takes Harley by the hand to take her to their home. Rafe storms off in anger. Alan calls after him. “Phillip, wait don’t go!” The whole scene is very disturbing. Alan is left with only Natalia who also gets her say, probably the most pitiful say. Natalia crying accuses Alan of playing God with people’s lives and he hurt her in the process. Natalia tells him to stay out of her and her son’s life. Alan is left all alone in his study with no one on his side and no one to love, just as Reva had predicted just hours before.

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