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Guiding Light Update Friday 8/24/07

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Written By Dani

The Harley and Gus show continues. Gus and Harley fight. Harley doesn’t want to fight or speak to Gus because the first place he went was to the Spaulding Mansion, where Natalia was. Gus claims he only wanted to spend time with his son . Gus begs and pleads with Harley to believe him when he says what happened with Natalia meant noting, it was a huge horrible mistake. Harley is his soul mate and Harley is who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Gus kisses her and she kisses back but then pulls away. The arguing turns to conversation. Harley wants to forgive him and believe him but she is just so hurt. Suddenly! Gus notices something strange on Harley’s arm. It’s a tick. Gus gently removes it. Harley grabs her purse and heads for the door claiming she had better get tested for Lyme Disease. Gus wants to accompany her to the hospital but she needs to go alone.

Harley waits alone in a hospital exam room crying. Cassie accidentally walks in looking for Lillian. Harley asks her to stay. Harley tells Cassie every detail about what has been going on. As they talk Cassie finds it peculiar that Harley got drunk on three maybe four drinks. At first they think they were strong but Harley remembers she was drinking wine. Cassie begins to believe Harley was drugged, it isn’t no time Harley draws the same conclusion.

When the nurse arrives to run test Harley asks for a drug test to be run as well. The drug test comes back positive for Valium Harley is certain she has not ingested voluntarily any drugs. Cassie believes Alan drugged her but Harley has another culprit in mind. Natalia!

Gus packs his duds back into the trash bags he came in, making a commotion in the hall outside of the study where Alan and Natalia is strategizing Natalie’s next move.

Alan is persistent that if Natalia wants Gus she can have Gus. Harley will push Gus away as she does with everyone , Alan advises. Natalia wants Gus and is willing to step in if Gus and Harley can’t make their marriage work but she won’t be the type of person to break up a family. Gus takes Natalia aside and tells her what is going on in his heart and his mind. Natalia accepts his decisions but tells him that she will be there waiting for him if he and Harley’s marriage doesn’t work. Natalia promises to never give up believing they were meant to be together. Natalia kisses Gus and he doesn’t back away. He holds her and kisses her back. Alan and Rafe peep in and see Gus and Natalia engaging in a little lip-locking.

Alan has filled Rafe’s head with the belief if you are a Spaulding you go after what you want. Rafe is seeing this to be true.

Dinah is enjoying her time as Georgia Tucci and Matt is happy to get on board Dinah’s train of make believe. Matt and Dinah toast and enjoy being anyone accept themselves as Dinah continues to bill her bar tabs to Georgia’s credit card. Vanessa happens to see matt and Dinah enjoying themselves and becomes worried….or jealous? Vanessa goes to Mallet with her concerns. Mallet passes it off as nothing. Two friends getting through some dark times together. Mallet sees the green-eyed monster rearing it’s head and calls Vanessa on it. Though Vanessa does still love Matt she is concerned about Dinah. Mallet isn’t worried, Dinah is making progress everyday.

Dinah’s good time comes to an end when she sees Griggs in the elevator at Towers. Matt didn’t see him and believes she is hallucinating. Dinah decides to call it a day. She is afraid for her life and believes Griggs to be after her. When she arrives home and is startled by Mallet. Dinah complains of nightmares about Griggs. To ease his wife’s concerns, Mallet offers to call the prison in Europe to make sure Griggs is locked up safe and sound. Dinah likes the idea, so much so she wants him to call now. Mallet does and informs her the warden assured Griggs wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Dinah doesn’t tell A.C. but she knows what she saw and what she saw was Griggs.

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