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Written By Dani

Harley and Gus are finding the morning after their separation is a little hard to handle. Luckily each have the other parent to their child on hand to help them through the hard times. Dylan and Natalia don’t pass up the opportunity to fight for what they want. Gus plans to spend the day at a local pub watching a baseball game with Rafe. Nothing turns out as Gus had planned . The pub is closed and Rafe wants too much from Gus right now, or at least wants him to commit one way or another to Harley or Natalia. Rafe makes it known he wants Gus to be with Natalia and not to hurt her, again. Gus is married and still cares for Harley, so he can’t give his son the one thing he wants. The angry feelings for Gus and the hot dogs they were scarfing down is too much, Rafe begins to feel ill and goes home. Dylan is back and on his feet. He has to walk with a cane but at least he is walking. First stop, Harley’s. Harley wants to lay all the blame on Dylan who is willing to accept his share but Harley was there to and no one made Gus sleep with Natalia. Harley is angry with herself more than Dylan and knows that what he says is true. Dylan still maintains he wants to be with Harley and daisy as a family, as a couple.

Natalia isn’t wasting her time assuring Gus that she is there, she wants him, and she isn’t going anywhere. After Gus leaves with Rafe Natalia catches Cyrus eyeballing some expensive coins. Her street smarts tell her exactly what the thief gone Spaulding spouse is up to. Cyrus is slick reminding her of her own problems while weaseling out of her suspicions.

Harley marches into the study, she has a plan. Harley can’t make Gus turn his back on Natalia and Rafe but she can make Natalia leave town and turn her back on Gus, so she thinks. Natalia refuses to run and better yet refuses to give up on going after Gus. They argue each making a valid case for Gus being with them and loving them more than the other. Harley tells Natalia she will never be more than the other woman. Before Natalia can respond Rafe walks in both can tell something is wrong. Rafe is on the verge of collapse. Harley stands back and watches Natalia nurse her son.

Dylan is quick to take Rafe place on main Street with Gus. Only there isn’t any father/son bonding going on. Dylan and Gus pick up right where they left off. Dylan wants Harley and his daughter to be a family, just like Gus wants Natalia and his son to be a family. Dylan tells Gus who is doing his best to keep from lashing out in anger. Dylan blames Gus for all of the problems in his marriage and frankly for all of Dylan’s problems, namely recovering from the beating and car accident. Gus doesn’t have much to combat Dylan’s statements with but is furious and forced to make some hard decisions when Dylan makes a simple statement. Gus and Harley’s marriage is so wrecked, not even the jaws of life can save it.

Gus goes to the mansion to check on Rafe but finds Harley. Gus waits in the hall to catch her by surprise. When Harley exit’s the study he grabs her “we need to talk.”

Alex wants Alan to make a place for Cyrus in the family business. Alan is completely opposed to any such thing calling Cyrus a liar and thief. Alex is enraged at the lack of support Alan is giving her. Unbeknownst to Alex while she is fighting Alan to give Cyrus a chance Cyrus is on the phone with Griggs giving him a preview of what is to come. Griggs wants Cyrus to “back the truck up and get out of there” but Cyrus is holding out for much more.

Alan cuts his meeting with his sister short to get to the hospital in time to corner Beth. Alan admits to keeping tabs on her and the baby’s medical condition and has noticed that they have missed quite a few prenatal appointments that she should be making sure she attends with her past history. Beth gets upset at Alan’s inside knowledge but it does further her thinking about Rick’s odd behavior lately. When Rick catches Alan in the exam room with Beth he flips out and goes after Alan physically trying to throw him out. Beth calls Rick off of Alan but he still calls security to throw Alan out. Rick shoves Alan into a uniformed security guards hands that leads Alan away by the arm. Alan begins with the threats and asks “Do you know who I am?” The guard leads Alan to another room and removes his hat and glasses “yeah, you’re family.” It’s Cyrus! Alan takes Cyrus for a couple of beer and is impressed seeing Cyrus is more like him than he thought and is more than willing to help Cyrus out in any way. Alex is shocked but glad to hear. Cyrus has good news to report, he has just hooked the big kahuna himself, Alan Spaulding.

Rick rambles on about how the baby is his and theirs, he really isn’t making any sense at all. Beth addresses the missed appointments and Rick pulls rank as “who’s the doctor here?” When Rick gets called to ICU, Beth asks Lillian to make an appointment with Dr. Sedgwick for a prenatal exam, but she wants the appointment made under another name. Lillian is curious but does as her daughter asks.

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