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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/22/07

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Written By Dani

What has been building since Natalia and Rafe first set foot in Springfield, finally came to a head today. Harley’s return to Springfield came unexpected, especially to Gus and Natalia whom she rescued from a freight elevator just before a campaign party at Towers for Buzz. Natalia begins to panic when Harley arrives claiming she is afraid of elevators because when she was little a woman plunged to her death in her apartment building. Funny, Natalia didn’t seem to be afraid when it was her and Gus alone in the elevator car, and he was admitting he could see him making a family with Natalia and Rafe. Gus and Harley immediately address their issues once Gus and Natalia are safely on solid ground. When Gus asks why she slept with Dylan, Harley just turns and walks away just in time for Buzz’s grand entrance.

Buzz begins to speak on his main platform, family, referring to his own family in the audience; but when questions and comments are directed at Harley and Gus, a blissful family is not what people are seeing. Harley’s anger, hurt and frustration greatens every time she sees Natalia slinking around a corner listening in and watching. Natalia is offered a position for the night because they are short staffed, this doesn’t please Harley.

At last Harley confronts Natalia on the roof. Harley is quick to stake her claim” Gus is still a married man and I am his wife.” Natalia fires back in a way we have not seen from her before “I was here first and I have his son.” The two argue over who Gus loves more. When Harley storms through the dining room and into the ladies restroom Gus follows. He is desperate to make things right. In the restroom Harley finally tells Gus she never slept with Dylan. Gus can’t believe how he screwed up. When woman are lined up waiting to come into the restroom they agree to go home as a family and deal with their problems in private.

Gus and Harley arrive home to a surprise. “Happy Anniversary!” The kids jump out and scream. Their house is decorated with balloons and banners. Daisy is trying to help make things right for her mother. Daisy asks if they can look at the wedding album. She gets them remembering their wedding and how they felt. It works! At least a little bit. Harley breaks down and admits she hates fighting with Gus. He begs her to just move past this whole incident together. She agrees. They go to bed together but when Gus tries to hold her she pulls away. Over the following days every time Gus gets close and Harley begins to let go something pops into her head, and she is reminded of Gus’ betrayal. Each passing day pulls Harley farther from Gus.

After a few days they both realize what they are doing isn’t working. They agree to split up temporarily.

Gus goes to the Spaulding Mansion. He tells Rafe what happened and he has thought about it and there with him, his son is where Gus wants and needs to be.

Harley breaks her favorite plate after Gus walks out the door. Crying on the floor, Daisy comforts her as Harley faces facts, it’s not just the plate that is broken, it’s everything.

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