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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/21/07

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Written By Dani

Remy is unknowingly set up by his sister Mel. Remy is still struggling with excessive drinking and gambling while his life spirals more and more out of control. Mel invites Remy to stay for lunch at Towers, he refuses with an attitude just as she suspected he would; but when Lola an attractive assistant to Mel arrives with files Remy is suddenly inspired to stick around. Mel pretends to opposed to a hook up but when Remy secretly gets Lola’s number and asks her on a date Mel and Lola pride themselves on executing their plan perfectly. Remy’s lunch date with his sister and Lola wasn’t all smiles and flirts. Remy took time out to give Natalia and Gus a piece of his mind when he saw them pretty cozy together sharing a glass of wine.

Gus steps up to Remy and defends Natalia just as he had earlier when Natalia saw for the first time the lengths Alan will go to, to get what he wants; no matter who it hurts.

Natalia called Gus asking to speak with him regarding Rafe. Rather than call Gus goes to Natalia at Towers. Natalia tells him that Alan wants Rafe to go to private school but she didn’t like the school and would rather him stay where he is. Gus agrees. The manager of Towers approaches Natalia with a confession. He tells her of Alan paying him not to hire Natalia. Gus and Natalia storm into the dining room to confront Alan. All Alan gets from the confrontation is Gus so nobly sticking up for Natalia and Alan is glad to see it. Alan hurries off to take care of personal and professional business, leaving Gus and Natalia to vent to each other.

Gus thanks Natalia for not taking sides with Alan over Harley’s absence. Natalia sets Gus straight. Just because she didn’t side with him doesn’t mean she doesn’t agree. A bold statement like this still doesn’t make Gus see maybe he should go home and wait for his wife to call, since he did sleep with Natalia the night before Harley left town. After Natalia makes it clear she will get Gus back but it will be on her terms they feel it is time to move on from towers. Seeing that the elevator has a long line and not really feeling up to taking the stairs Gus suggests they take the freight elevator.

Inside the elevator suddenly stops and both hold Alan responsible but soon figure out that is too obvious for Alan’s taste it is merely an accident. Gus begins to open up to Natalia and is on the brink of admitting that he has thought about and believes him and her and Rafe could make a nice normal family. Good thing their rescuer didn’t hear Gus’ confession. Before Gus can admit to anymore someone is on the other side of the door prying the heavy elevator doors apart with a broom handle. It’s Harley. All husband and wife can do is stare in shock to see each other.

Rafe and daisy are hanging out on Main Street when Rafe is approached by Lizzie with an offer to pay him for information about Alan. Rafe gets an attitude like he really knows what’s going on, all I can say is God help him. Daisy runs into Billy and catches him when he slips up about lying to Gus about Harley and Dylan’s location. Daisy can’t believe Billy would be so back stabbing. Billy doesn’t hide his wish for Dylan and Harley to get back together and doesn’t offer an apology. Rafe sees daisy get upset and quickly pulls her away. Rafe returns shortly. Billy thinks Rafe has come to defend his girl but quickly makes it clear, what he wants is quite the opposite. Rafe wants to help push Gus and Harley apart so Gus and Natalia can finally make a go of a life together. Daisy overhears and runs off heartbroken. Rafe chases after her. At Gus and Harley’s house they argue about which mother is best for Gus. They agree to disagree.

Alan pays the manager of Towers for telling Natalia the truth, his plan worked out perfectly. Gus came running to her defense. Alan is now on his way to meet a very important client that he and Lewis re both persuading. Alan has the advantage his meeting is today while Billy’s meeting is tomorrow. Wrong!

Lizzie has sweet talked the head of the company into hearing the Spaulding and Lewis pitch at the same time. Alan plays along sure that he will make a complete idiot out of Billy. At first it looks like Alan may be right but Lizzie speaks.

Lizzie asks questions that she has facts to back up the answers that portrays Alan as a deviant ruthless tyrant. Billy and Lizzie land the deal. Lizzie decides to get to work right away on the paperwork while Billy is going to her bar to celebrate with the usual.

Cyrus is strutting around the mansion proud of the digs he has landed. Cyrus is also playing the part of dutiful faithful husband. Alex trusts him completely believing she has taken care of the “Marina Cooper” problem. While Alex is boasting of her ability to do what Dinah couldn’t Cyrus is getting arrested for excessive speeding in a residential area. Marina believes Cyrus got himself arrested on purpose just so he could see her. The uptight tough cop attitude and obsession with Cyrus has finally gotten to Marina. She is acting like the rear end of a horse. Mallet steps in to wrangle her under control but she turns on him to. Marina tells her partner to deal with his business and she will deal with hers.

Alex arrives to bail Cyrus out. After writing a check Marina takes off the hand cuffs and sweetly says “See you around?” Cyrus is disgusted by the performance Marina just gave and snubs her “I don’t think so.”

While Cyrus was out getting arrested Alex was paid a visit by Dinah who was anxious to do whatever she needed to do to collect her paycheck so she and mallet could pay the bills. Alex informs her that Dinah’s services are no longer needed. Dinah snaps and laughs at Alex for her blind stupidity concerning Cyrus. Dinah lays out a detailed description of what Cyrus will say and what Cyrus will do to make her believe what she wants. And surprise surprise, the savvy Spaulding fell for it hook line and sinker. Dinah predicts the day will come when Alex will wish she had let Dinah help.

Dinah decides to have a drink to figure out exactly how she is going to help Mallet pay the bills. After being run into by a rude customer at Lizzie’s Bar she notices the lady left her credit card on the table. Dinah picks it up and calls after the lady but realizes she is just going to hold on to it. At the bar she orders a glass of wine and puts it on the credit card. Dinah for no particular reason begins to pose as the woman telling wild stories. Matt listens and is amused. Dinah begins to make lame excuses but that doesn’t concern Matt. What is important to him is when she was telling this make believe story she didn’t muss one word or have problems with anything she was smooth. Yeah! Dinah noticed that too. And also when she let Alex have it earlier she was perfect. Matt covers for Dinah when Mallet arrives to take her home, he even slips her the credit card that he knows is not hers.

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