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Guiding Light Update Monday 8/20/07

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Written By Dani

Josh is growing more irritated with Reva as she refuses to believe what is before her very eyes and insists on believing in fate. Josh claims he doesn’t believe in fate and no matter what Reva says or does he will marry Cassie, tonight as a matter of fact. Reva is all smiles believing in a higher power to intervene until Cassie comes in to announce she had just returned from the police station on Reva’s behalf. What! Reva is thinking and feeling as Cassie explains she didn’t want Reva to have to deal with the issue and Olivia has to pay for what she did. Reva tries to play it cool and convince Cassie to stay out of it but Cassie insists on being there for her sister.

Josh tells Cassie outside of Reva’s room that they are getting married tonight and they rush to the clerk’s office before they close. Reva has bigger things to deal with right now and that is making sure Olivia doesn’t feel threatened and spill her guts. Reva checks herself out against Lillian’s advice.

Olivia immediately freaks out at the thought of leaving Emma. She isn’t thinking straight or even remotely clearly. In a haste and self-destructive act she fires Jeffrey just as she is being hand cuffed. Jeffrey luckily is being objective and refuses to step down as her lawyer at until the night is over. They got to the station where Olivia’s fright and defensive attitude doesn’t go over with Marina too well. Olivia makes a snappy comment about the criminals that Marina dates. Marina is overwhelmed with her personal life and Olivia’s very personal comment. Marina threatens Olivia with child services if she doesn’t cooperate. The idea of having Emma taken from her causes Olivia to pass out.

Josh and Cassie arrive, just in time so they think and grab Jeffrey to witness their marriage. Jeffrey takes a few seconds to step down to the clerks office to serve as witness for Josh and Cassie but it’s too late. The clerk of court has already left for the evening. Jeffrey does offer one more option, sometimes after work, Evans, the clerk has a drink at Towers. Off they go to be married at towers by the clerk of court.

Josh and Cassie were in such a rush to try and catch the clerk at Towers they didn’t hear Jeffrey’s warning that he isn’t a very friendly guy.

At Towers they give a frazzled story, a love story they think to the clerk in hopes he will be touched and marry them on the spot. He wasn’t touched and refuses to marry them. Josh begins making phone calls to wake a judge up, determined to marry Cassie before he leaves for the retreat. Cassie slows down and has given up, for tonight at least. Or maybe this is a sign they weren’t meant to be married. Josh is agitated that Cassie would say such a thing and goes off on a tangent that there is no such thing as signs. Josh calms down and tells Cassie that he feels he is already married to her and nothing will change that. Cassie agrees. They finish their vows to each other and Josh pronounces themselves husband and wife and even says the whole bit about “you may kiss your bride”

Jeffrey who is waiting outside the interrogation room per Olivia’s request hears the thump from when she fell out of her chair after fainting. Olivia accepts his help now in fear of losing Emma. Jeffrey pulls Marina aside and tells her he knows she is letting her personal feelings affect the questioning and if she doesn’t stop immediately she will have her own set of problems. Marina apologizes to Olivia and wraps up her interrogation , but notes if Olivia was responsible for purposely hitting Reva she will find out. Jeffrey takes Olivia home.

Just as Olivia calms down for the night Reva knocks at the door. Reva pushes her way in and face to face clears the air with Olivia on the matter that Cassie set in motion. While both appear to be on the same page Reva leaves her original threat hanging in the air for Olivia to decide which way she wants the outcome to go. “I told the officer if I do happen to remember the accident…..” Olivia reads her loud and clear. Jeffrey is quick to jump to Reva’s side and take her back to his place which hurts Olivia’s feelings. She lets them leave together without an incident or one snide comment. She is just grateful to be home with Emma.

In Jeffrey’s room they relax over a glass of wine. Reva makes it known that she doesn’t think Josh and Cassie will really get married, just a gut feeling she tells Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Reva to go to Josh because that is what she wants. Reva has news for Jeffrey. Going to Josh was her intent after visiting Olivia but she realized it wasn’t Josh she wanted to see, it was him. Jeffrey is glad to hear this.

Coop tells Ava that he just doesn’t love her and never will lover her again. He was only there because he had to be. Ava turns angry and shows her true colors and hateful side, a side of herself Coop just doesn’t like. He doesn’t make an apology or excuse for his feelings toward Ashley. Seeing she lost Ava has one last thing to say, and it says it all as far as Coop is concerned. “If I can’t have you in my bed then what’s the use.” Coop walks out.

Stewart wants to hang around Ashley’s and relax but Ashlee is uncomfortable now that she has him in her room. The only thing that comforts her is she sees Coop in Stewarts place, which causes her to warm up to Stewart then back away and act skittish when she comes back to herself and sees him. Finally Ashlee talks Stewart into changing out of his suit and into casual clothes so they can take a walk down by the lake. Stewart is in the bathroom changing when Coop comes to Ashlee’s door and lets himself in. Stewart walks out of the bathroom without a shirt and his pants unzipped. Coop flies mad and pins Stewart against the wall by his throat and then throws him out into the hall. Ashlee gives Stewart his clothes and asks him to call her. Coop is angry and attempts to lecture Ashlee about bringing Stewart home but she stops the conversation dead in it’s tracks. Ashlee blasts Coop with his audacity to ruin her date then lecture her about who she brings home and then think his problems are her priority.

Coop is surprised she is standing up for herself, it intimidates him as he tries to explain why he came to her room. Ashlee listens only growing more angry as he struggles with his words and finds it hard to say what he means. Coop even says “this is hard.” That is enough for Ashlee. She tells him she loves him and finds it easy to love him, it just comes naturally. If it is so hard for him to say what he is feeling then it isn’t what he thinks. She opens the door and tells him to leave until he can feel for her effortlessly. Coop is disgusted by the way he handled things and hurt her.

Ashlee cries behind the closed door regretting what she said. Later she is asleep and awakened by her cell phone. It is coop. both are much more calm. Ashlee is willing to listen as Coop tells her he meant every word he said and he isn’t going to give up trying to convince her of his feeling.

With a simple smile and a simple comment Ashlee says “I know Coop Cooper.” she wishes him good night and he knows she has forgiven him. Ashlee too can rest easier tonight.

Ava bangs hysterically at Olivia’s door. In tears Ava manages to communicate that Coop dumped her for Ashlee. Olivia just holds Ava and tells her “We have to fight for what we want.” Over and over Olivia tells Ava with force that they have to fight while holding Ava crying into her chest.

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