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Guiding Light Update Friday 8/17/07

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Written By Dani

Doris is campaigning on Main Street. She offers Coop a button but Buzz stops her presenting his own button. Doris is appalled but knows if she really must run against Buzz he could win. Doris talks Ashlee into going to Buzz to talk him out of running against Doris. Ashlee doesn’t want to but she feels obligated to her mother. Coop just pisses her off when he butts into the conversation and says “Ashlee you mother is manipulating you again.” Ashlee turns to him strong and confidant and tells him she doesn’t have to answer to him and frankly she believes it is him being manipulated by Ava. The accusation doesn’t sit well with Coop, he tries to talk to her about it but Ashlee is through talking to him. Buzz refuses to drop out of the election. Doris later holds a press conference where she directly attacks Buzz’s children. The media turns to Buzz for comment and questions. Buzz agrees to answer any question they have regarding Doris but Ashlee is off limits.

Ashlee is flattered when Stewart shows up to help out Doris but is only there in hopes of seeing Ashlee. They work together for a while but Ashlee has had enough work and kiss him. Ashlee makes a surprise move and invites Stewart back to her place. He accepts and they leave together.

Ava begs Jeffrey to be with Olivia right now and help her. Jeffrey has nothing to say to Olivia but agrees for Ava’s sake. Ava goes home happy only to be visited by Coop. something is bothering him though he doesn’t just spit it out. Ava doesn’t care she is happy to be hanging out with him like they once did. Coop doesn’t say much until Ava wraps her arms around his neck and tells him she loves him. Coop pulls away and tells her he can’t say that back to her.

Olivia and Jeffrey argue over their past, forgiveness and where their future may or may not be. A knock at the door brings bad news for Olivia. It’s a uniformed officer to drive her to the police station for official questioning about the attempted homicide of Reva Shane. Olivia can’t believe what she is hearing and turns to Jeffrey. “You can’t let them take me away from Emma.”

Before being detained Olivia was with Reva at the hospital who was very much awake and willing to do her own blackmailing. Reva told of how she saw the opportunity and thought “What the hell” Two bird with one stone. Stop Josh and Cassie’s wedding and have an opportunity to change up the game that Olivia decided she wanted to play with Reva. Reva goes as far as acting out exactly what she will say in the victimized voice for Frank when he arrives to question her. All Olivia has to do to keep Reva “from remembering” is take Jonathan and Sarah’s secret to her grave. “And Jeffrey?” Olivia asks.

Reva has decided to play fair and square for Jeffrey. She is going to let him decide. Olivia doesn’t like the position she has been put in but knows she has no choice but to play along.

Josh and Cassie worry about Reva but Cassie begins to convince herself more and more that Reva intentionally tried to ruin her wedding. Josh jumps to Reva’s defense until he talks to her. Immediately Josh recognizes that look, the look of succeeding at something. Though Reva denies doing anything intentional Josh is suspicious. Reva shares her own belief, fate. Reva does not believe Josh will ever marry Cassie and fate has stepped in like it always does with them. Reva admits Jeffrey is special to her and doesn’t deny he cares for Cassie but no one will ever be what they are together. Josh will not admit or even humor Reva’s notion that a higher force stepped in. Josh finally tells her like it or not I am marrying Cassie.

Cassie talks to Mel and Frank and begins to feel extremely guilty for having the devious thoughts she has been having about Reva. Cassie decides she is going to be there for Reva just as her big sister has always been there for her. Cassie goes to Frank again and wants him to look at Olivia more closely in his investigation. Cassie's persistence to be there for her sister leads Frank right to Olivia’s front door.

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