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Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/16/07

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Written By Dani

The very second that Josh and Cassie are to be pronounced husband and wife the wedding party and guests hear a loud car crash. Jeffery and Frank go to investigate, Cassie sends Josh believing it to sound bad. After rounding the corner of Main Street the men find Olivia stunned and dazed outside of her car and Reva lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding. Everyone scrambles to get an ambulance. Jeffery turns to Olivia and asks “What have you done.” She is still speechless until Frank takes her home. In Olivia’s room at the Beacon Frank begins to question Olivia asking her directly “Did you intentionally run Reva down?” Before Olivia can answer Jeffery walks in ordering her not to answer. Olivia takes the defensive with Jeffrey and Frank. Jeffery is going to defend Olivia but he wants to know if she hit Reva on purpose, she does have a history of such acts. Olivia denies any intent claiming it was a horrible accident. Frank takes her statement but intends to speak with her further after investigating the scene of the accident. Jeffery is disgusted by Olivia’s behavior not believing her when she denies any fault though he is representing her. Ava arrives in a panic and believes Jeffrey and her should be there for Olivia. Jeffery tells her what she does is fine but he has done his part. Jeffery orders a large bouquet of flowers to be delivered to Reva.

Billy hangs around the accident scene angry. The sounds and the vision of Reva laying on the pavement hurt because he is in love with her and brought back painful memories of the accident that changed his life in Oklahoma. Alan arrives at Main Street making jokes about Reva crashing the wedding , literally. When Alan’s cold comments get to Billy Lizzie is quick to jump in and defend her friend and mentor. Alan sees she is only siding with Billy because her feelings were hurt when he wouldn’t let her come to work at Spaulding. Alan offers to make things right between them but Lizzie turns him down without hesitation and rushes off to support Billy who is in pain. After finding out Reva is okay Billy goes to the bar. Lizzie sees he wants a drink and has him order one. Billy orders his usual but hesitates to drink it. Lizzie knows he is having emotional difficulty dealing with Reva’s accident and his drinking problem, rather than lecture him she just lays her head on his shoulder to let him know she is there for him.

Josh and Cassie stay by Reva’s bedside and try to talk her into consciousness. The whole incident is hard for Cassie to grasp, she relates it back to Tammy. Josh assures her Reva will be okay but he has his worries. They take turns sitting with her and talking to her. Cassie begins to wonder and has the nerve to ask the unconscious body if she staged the accident to keep Cassie and Josh from getting married. This coming after Cassie and Josh learn they aren’t officially married yet. Reva is cool though her sister’s words anger her she doesn’t reveal that she is faking her unconsciousness.

Olivia goes to Alan who offers his full support for an attorney or a safe-haven after learning Olivia didn’t intentionally run Reva down. Either way Alan was glad it happened. Olivia turns down the offers for now but does thank him for his support and accepts a dinner invitation for next week so Rafe can meet his cousin Emma.

Jeffery and Frank investigate the car and surrounding area. They both notice one important thing. No skid marks. “Olivia didn’t even try and stop the car.” Jeffery says shocked.

Olivia goes to Reva’s hospital room. “I don’t know if you can hear me but I did not intentionally hit you.” she says remorseful to Reva. Reva’s eyes pop open not only awake but very alert and aware of what is going on. “I know. But I’m the only one who knows. It’s pretty convenient don’t you think?” Olivia is in shock, again.

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