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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/15/07

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Written By Dani

Finally the long awaited wedding of Josh and Cassie has arrived. Cassie is glowing as she basks in her happiness. Josh is excited to finally be marrying his ex-sister-in-law, so excited he doesn’t want to wait until the ceremony to see his bride. Cassie is superstitious at first but after a few kisses from Josh gives into spending some time with him before she gets dressed. Cassie checks the internet RSVP hoping to hear from Reva but there still isn’t any word from her unpredictable sister. Blake is rushing about the Beacon getting various cosmetic items to make Cassie beautiful. Blake is honored to stand up for Cassie and be such a big part of her day. Cassie is visited in her room by Tammy. Seeing her daughter brings up a lot of emotions ranging from good to bad. Cassie feels guilty for moving on with her life and being happy. Tammy is glad for her mother and wants her to be happy because she deserves it. Tammy insists Cassie stay strong and enjoy her day and the rest of her life with Josh. Cassie’s dress is symbolic. It is a traditional white with an empire waist. At the waist is a black sash to memorialize Tammy and make her a part of the ceremony she never lived to see.

After surprising Cassie Josh goes to cross creek to pick up some cuff links that once belonged to HB. Reva has Emma stashed in the bedroom and is in a hurry to get rid of Josh before he realizes that Reva has Emma. Josh asks her if she will be attending the wedding. Reva doesn’t plan on going and will not wish him well or happiness. Josh is sorry she feels this way but accepts her answer.

Just before Josh arrived Reva called Olivia who was absolutely frantic searching for her missing daughter. Emma is happy and safe but Olivia’s fright turns to fury when she learns that Emma has been with Reva. Reva steps into the hall to give Olivia an ominous warning. No one that Olivia loves is safe as long as Reva has reason to believe Jonathan and Sarah aren’t safe.

Olivia runs from her room to go get Emma, Jeffery calls after her but Olivia doesn’t take time to stop. When Olivia arrives at Reva’s she quickly hands Emma off to the nanny so she can have a few words alone with Reva. They argue it becomes intense as Olivia continues to hold Jonathan’s secret over Reva’s head just to get a man. Olivia tries to walk away and Reva grabs her by the arm pulling her back “Ladies!” Jeffery enters the room. Jeffery steps between the mortal enemies and tries to get to the bottom of what is going on, neither budge revealing the truth. Olivia accuses Jeffery of following her but he has bad news for her, he came to speak with Reva. Jeffery has come to ask Reva to attend Josh and Cassie’s wedding with him. Reva accepts knowing what the invitation did to Olivia. She kicks Olivia out “Get out of my house, I have to get ready.” Olivia is fuming.

Josh meets up with Billy on Main street. Josh is glad Billy is his best man. When Billy realizes he doesn’t have the rings Lizzie appears out of know where with them in her hand to save her partner and date to the wedding. Billy and Lizzie watch as guest and other wedding party members arrive. Josh is so careful and loving with RJ. Lizzie tells Billy with a swelling of pride that if Sarah were there they would have gone shopping for new outfits and Lizzie would have fixed Sarah’s hair all cute. Billy is worried about his friend but Lizzie tells him truthfully that it’s okay, she is okay. Lizzie tells Billy it makes it better for her to imagine little things like that because it is a way for her to see her daughter. Reva and Jeffery arrive, Reva immediately begins drinking Champaign down glass after glass. She is in a bad mood because of the wedding and her issues with Olivia. Cassie smiles in relief when she sees Reva but her joy to have her sister at her wedding diminishes when Reva refuses to tell her she is happy for her and as a matter of fact she feels that Cassie has not been very conscious of Reva’s feelings. Cassie gets upset and tells Reva that she shouldn’t even be at the wedding if that is how she feels. Reva turns her back on Cassie and grabs another glass of Champaign. Olivia whispers to Reva, after Cassie storms off, “Nothing has changed”. Reva warns Olivia not to start she isn’t in the mood.

Olivia doesn’t stay for the ceremony, rather she calls Alan to meet claiming she needs to speak with him regarding Emma.

Reverend Rutledge informs Josh that he did not have time to get the legal paperwork in order but it is okay because they can go to the justice of the peace after the ceremony to make things legal.

The guest take their seats and the ceremony begins. From the beginning it is rocky. When Reverend Rutledge asks the customary “If anyone hear has an objection speak now or forever hold your peace” everyone present holds their breathe expecting Reva to throw a typical Reva fit. Instead all anyone hears is a glass break. Josh and Cassie look at Reva and the broken glass at her feet. Playfully she just covers her mouth, giggles and says “Oops!” the ceremony continues with constant ruckus and disturbances from Reva. She never says anything directly she just drops things and slams items around on the tables as she makes her way out of the audience and off to the side. Olivia is in a furied rush to get to Alan .

Just before Reverend Rutledge can pronounce Cassie and Josh husband and wife they and the gusts hear a car screeching to a halt and striking something. Olivia struggled to gain control of her car as it lurched forward in her haste and plowed into Reva. Reva’s body lies bleeding from the head and lifeless on Olivia’s hood and windshield.

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