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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/14/07

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Written By Dani

Cyrus is taken aback by Alexandra’s bold move to kiss him. When she sees his surprise she informs him she kissed him because she wanted to and she isn’t sorry for it. They discuss their arrangement and she tells him she knows he has not held up his end of the bargain by continuing to see marina. Alex gives Cyrus an executive position at Spaulding, he is intrigued. Their dealings are cut short when Marina calls. Alex sends Cyrus to go deal with her claiming “I trust you Cyrus.”

Buzz is angry and agitated by Alan and Doris’ plan to turn Main Street into a promenade, but he has a date with Lillian so he tries to put it out of his mind. Marina encourages her grandfather to do something fun and out of the ordinary with Lillian but buzz prefers to stick with the nice and normal, Towers, plus he likes their chicken. Marina helps him get ready while telling her hopes of having a nice and normal date with Cyrus one day when things cool off. Marina goes to her room to wait for Cyrus.

Just as Buzz is closing up for his date Doris arrives with a little request. She wants Buzz to use his likeability and his respect from his patrons to help her campaign. Buzz snaps and throws a box of buttons down the sidewalk then proceeds to tear every single Doris for mayor poster off the walls and bulletin boards. Doris tries to stop him but she has pushed his last button.

After telling Coop she loved him Ashlee stands strong telling him she does love him and she isn’t sorry for saying. Ashlee also believes now that it is out there they should talk about it. Coop doesn’t want to discuss his feelings or Ashlee’s feelings but does lead her to believe he only thinks of her as a friend. The conversation is cut short when a waitress from CO2 calls and tells him he needs to come deal with Buzz. When Coop and Ashlee arrive Buzz is wallowing on the ground and Doris is struggling to pull one of her posters from his hand. Coop breaks up the altercation. Ashlee is fed up with her mother’s behavior towards the people she cares about the most. Ashlee finally lets Doris know how she makes her feel and the horrible impact Doris has had on her entire life. Ashlee tells Doris that she pushes away anyone and everyone that she likes or loves. Doris runs off in shame. Later Ashlee finds Doris and they clear the air. Doris tells Ashlee she never meant to hurt her daughter and she doesn’t want anyone else to hurt her. Doris doesn’t feel Ashlee will ever be accepted as a cooper and Coop specifically will never love her the way that she wants or deserves. The words breaks Ashlee’s heart but she has come to believe this herself.

Before her date with Buzz Lillian drops off some gifts for Alex and they talk like girlfriends over drinks. Lillian is concerned Alex is going to get hurt but when Alex admits to using the resources she has to keep Cyrus where she wants him Lillian is more concerned that Alex is relying on the “Spaulding way” Alex assures her all will turn out well. Buzz is happy to see Lillian but cans their plans for a traditional date, rather they are going to hit every business in town. Why? Buzz needs over 200 signatures because he is running for mayor. Lillian is proud of his decision and happy for Buzz.

Cyrus goes to Marina’s room but not with the news she is expecting. Cyrus tells Marina at first they need to take a break but quickly changes his story to ending their relationship for good. Marina begs him to not end things that they will be free to be with each other as soon as things cool down or they will pay the immigration agent off or whatever they have to do . Cyrus is cold as he tells her they will never be normal and if they were he could never be happy with that. He kisses her one last time then walks away.

Marina works her anxiety out by pumping iron. Coop comes by looking for Ashley he is worried about Ashlee after a horrible fight with Doris. Marina tells her uncle about Cyrus ending things with her and is a sounding board for Coop who finally realizes and admits that he cares for Ashlee as more than a friend. Marina thinks he should tell her.

Cassie and Blake have a girls night out but after Cassie explains why she wanted to do something fun and crazy Blake advises her to call Josh and tell him exactly where she is mentally and emotionally. Josh has just been offered a spot and encouraged to take it at the ministry retreat that is required to become a minister. Josh turns Reverend Rutledge down because he feels his family isn’t in a place that he can leave them right now. After Cassie tells josh that she doesn’t want to only be defined by being a minister’s wife that she needs to discover and reconnect with who she is Josh tells her his news. Everything seems to be coming together as it should. Cassie is glad to hear Josh’s news about the retreat and believes he should go. Josh understands and wants Cassie to be her own person. They are both on the same page about who they are as individuals and as a couple. Josh agrees to go ahead and go on the retreat but before he goes Cassie wants them to get married. Josh is game. Both scramble to make phone calls to throw together a last minute wedding.

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