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Guiding Light Update Monday 8/13/07

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Written By Dani

Dinah is moping around trying to figure out how to pay her medical bills. Cyrus is in a sullen mood as well. Alex believes he misses the excitement of his old life. They agree to go on a sunset cruise on the lake if he can clear his plans. Alex knows he is going to be with Marina and decides to put her plan into motion enlisting Dinah to help keep Marina and Cyrus apart. Alex calls Dinah to meet. Alex agrees to pay all of Dinah’s medical bills and get her the specialists she needs to get better in exchange for Dinah helping to preserve her marriage. Dinah is frustrated a plan isn’t hatched in her mind immediately so asks for time to think.

Alex waits patiently by the phone. She is pleased when Dinah calls and not only agrees but claims she has already started working on the problem. While deciding the best approach Dinah thinks at Lizzie’s bar. Remy and a motorcycle guy get into a fight and Dinah calls marina to come pick up Remy. Marina takes Remy back to her room to sober up. Cyrus listens from outside the door as Remy lectures Marina on being involved with Cyrus and she defends her married boyfriends intentions. Cyrus had already been warned by Mallet that he needed to back off because he was causing Marina to be too distracted at work. As Cyrus listens to Remy’s not too favorable opinion of Cyrus and his motives Dinah has a chat with Cyrus. Cyrus decides to go home to Alex for the sunset cruise they had planned. He takes the flowers and bottle of wine he had bought for Marina to his wife and puts on a brave face. Alex lays a big kiss on Cyrus who doesn’t pull away.

While Alexandra was waiting on Cyrus to return home to her she and Alan had a bonding moment over drinks. They believe things are finally working out and they are putting their family back together again. Alan has high hopes for Gus and Natalia to reunite and suspects it is more likely than not while Alex has her own high hopes that her marriage will work after all.

Gus and Natalia take a little walk down memory lane and end up in each other’s arms dancing but Gus becomes uncomfortable and leaves , going home. Natalia follows with the food she had made for dinner. As they are unpacking the food frank bangs at the door demanding to speak with Gus. Natalia slips out of the room to hide but reveals herself as frank blasts blame on Gus for hurting Harley. Natalia comes out of hiding “stop it!” and quickly jumps to Gus’ defense. Frank is furious but clams down when Buzz steps in to referee.

Frank goes to marina’s room and invites her to dinner. Marina expects a lecture but frank feeling defeated and helpless to help his sister tells her he can’t fight with her tonight. Marina sees that Cyrus is not going to show once again for a planned evening so she agrees to dinner with Frank.

Doris is campaigning from one end of Springfield to the other for mayor. Ashley is tagging along to help but jumps ship when Doris tells her that once she is mayor she is going to arrange for Alan to buy Main street. Ashlee fears that Alan will close CO2 or hurt the Coopers so she goes to Coop and tells him what they are doing. Coop and Ashlee think they can stop any “progress” that Alan may bring to Main Street by getting a petition signed, so they commence their own campaign. So far so good they are definitely getting the signatures but Ashlee feels they need some more influential people to sign. Coop suggests Stewart and getting some of his legal connections. Ashlee thinks it is a great idea and throws her arms around his neck “You’re a genius, that’s why I love you.” Coop is surprised by the slip.

Doris and Alan think it best to go to Buzz before he hears from the kids. Buzz is not happy, of course, but doesn’t feel he can prevent it just like when Phillip was going to demolish Company. Buzz promises the Alan that karma will come around to get him. Alan and Doris are too high on themselves at the moment to pay the prediction any mind.

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