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Guiding Light Update Friday 8/10/07

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Written By Dani

Alan takes Natalia and Rafe to dinner at Towers but they never make it to the table. Natalia decides she cannot take living the life Alan is trying to push on her and would rather go home and not get used to being rich. Alan is confused but she explains that this is not her life and eventually she and Rafe will end up living in a crummy apartment and she will be working double shifts to make ends meet. Alan assures her that will never be the case again because Rafe is a Spaulding.

Alan tells Rafe that had Gus known Natalia was pregnant with him Gus would have never left. Rafe is okay with it because he speculates that Gus and Natalia may have a chance before long to make that happy life together. Alan is pleased to hear Rafe’s prediction and more so to see Rafe is encouraging of a relationship or reunion between his parents. For Rafe’s loyalty to the family Alan offers him the limo to take him to hang out with friends.

Gus returns home to find daisy is the only person at the house. Daisy is rude and upset with Gus for hurting Harley. Gus is short and unwilling to answer to daisy. Gus and Daisy’s discussion is cut short when a co-worker calls Gus to give him the heads up about the kids being picked up for shoplifting and Alan taking care of it. Gus puts daisy and Harley on the back burner to rush over to the mansion to confront Alan and Natalia about the shoplifting incident.

Alan is pleased to see Gus waiting in the study when he and Natalia arrive home from Towers. Gus is upset and it is apparent but no matter what Gus has on his mind Alan is more concerned that Gus is eating his ulcer medicine and blames Harley as always. Natalia becomes concerned and wants to help but her attention changes focus when Gus reveals what has him fuming at the moment. Alan plays it off as nothing but a simple misunderstanding . Gus makes it clear that he does not want Alan intervening where it should be Gus. Alan doesn’t agree rather lays it on Rafe if he calls for help I am going to help him.

Gus wants to see Rafe now but he isn’t there. When Alan informs Gus that Rafe is hanging out with friends Gus knows Rafe has only one friend in town, Daisy.

Rafe pops in on daisy who is glad to se him. With a few minutes to themselves they kiss and play around until they hear someone coming. The kids make a quick recovery and appear to be just playing video games on the couch. Gus dismisses daisy back to Buzz’s. after lecturing and yelling at Rafe for shoplifting and calling Alan to bail him out Rafe gets an attitude. Gus sees the watch that Alan bought him and demands Rafe give it to him. Rafe doesn’t want to and tries to fight Gus on it but hands it over. Natalia insists they all go back to the mansion and eat dinner together as a family, just the three of them.

At the mansion Gus empties his pockets on the hall table. Rafe asks what Gus is going to do with the watch. Gus doesn’t have an answer. Rafe asks for it back but Gus refuses. Rafe drops the attitude and tells Gus seriously, he didn’t want the watch because it was expensive. He wanted it because it was a gift from his grandfather, something he never had. Rafe walks away hurt and disgusted by Gus’ nonunderstanding manner. Gus sits in the study completely lost and filled with guilt he has hurt every person he loves in a matter of days. Natalia sits beside him telling him all the right things to ease his pain and perk up his spirits. It works. Gus tells her that she is the only thing that has made a bad day better.

Harley calls daisy who tells her about Gus coming home and what it was like and what was said. Harley still loves Gus and wants him to want her and miss her but she is distraught over his betrayal and can’t quite forgive him just yet. The conversation is confusing for daisy but she assures Harley Gus loves her and misses her. Daisy thinks Harley should call Gus.

Gus’ silenced phone rings displaying Harley’s number on the table outside of the study as he tells Natalia how she has brightened his day.

Lizzie and Billy are finding their new business and friendship invigorating and enjoyable. Billy doesn’t let a meeting that didn’t go in his favor, because he let his personal feelings regarding Reva and Jeffery get in the way, get to him when Lizzie arrives at towers to check up on him and decides to sit and nosh. Lizzie didn’t even let Olivia’s cruel attempt at scaring Reva by discussing Sarah's death to Lizzie break her spirit. Lizzie and Billy share a couple of giggles but when Billy orders a 72-ounce steak Lizzie finds a steak that big really funny. Billy is amused that she thinks that the large steak is funny. Lizzie decides not to order her own entrée and just pick at his huge steak. They laugh. Alan comes off the elevator and sees his granddaughter and Billy sitting and laughing together. The whole situation is odd and perplexing to Alan who decides to interfere immediately.

Alan tries to order Lizzie away from Billy but Lizzie does a damn good job at holding her own and has the full backing support of Billy. They continuously laugh and giggle in Alan’s presence who does not find them being together amusing and certainly not happy about their new business arrangements. Alan is livid when Billy and Lizzie shoo him from their table so they can eat and talk business as if he were just a commoner. Alan storms off.

Reva watches Olivia and Emma eating ice cream on main Street. Jeffery comes up behind Reva and wants to know what is going on. Reva denies any wrong doing and claims she was just admiring what a good mom Olivia is to Emma. Jeffery knows there is more to what Reva is up to and cautions her about messing with Olivia. It won’t turn out well. Reva takes the high confidant road and blows off any idea that she would be intimidated by Olivia.

Olivia sees Jeffrey walk away from Reva and passes Olivia without acknowledging her. Olivia is angry that Reva and Jeffrey can’t stay away from each other. Olivia threatens “you don’t want to push me” Reva stands her ground and calls Olivia to the mat over the issue. Reva doesn’t think even as heartless as Olivia is that she would endanger her nephew and an innocent child. Reva calls Olivia’s bluff.

Lizzie is getting coffee at CO2, Olivia calls her over and begins talking about Sarah's death and protecting our children. Lizzie is interested anxious to talk to anyone about Sarah. Olivia gives Lizzie a hypothetical situation about a mother that was willing to harm her child and grandchild for a man, a fling that doesn’t even mean anything. Lizzie is appalled a mother would act so carelessly. Olivia is getting too close to the truth so Reva gives in and agrees to leave Jeffrey alone.

Now Olivia wants more, she wants Reva to convince Jeffery to be Olivia’s date at josh and Cassie’s wedding.

Olivia is waiting in the shadows outside of Jeffery’s room. When she steps out Jeffery has nothing to say to her nor does he want to hear what she has to say but she talks to him anyway edging herself into his room. Jeffery listens as she tells him being with him and around him is the only thing that makes her feel alive and she has always sought out security in men but realizes she doesn’t need a man that makes her feel safe. She needs a man that makes her feel alive. Jeffery turns her words and feeling around on her telling her she only feels alive because she is competing for him and there is no use. He kicks her out of his room. Olivia stands outside the door disappointed.

Reva helps Emma settle in and pretends to be excited to get to spend some time with Emma. Reva has a bedroom in the upstairs of cross creek decorated for a child. Reva is getting along beautifully with Emma who has no idea something is wrong. Reva tells Emma in a happy enthusiastic voice “we’re going to have so much fun and I can’t wait to call your mommy.”

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