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Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/9/07

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Written By Dani

Doris has come to CO2 to ridicule Ashlee about everything in her life. Especially Coop Bradshaw and Ashlee’s far-fetched notion tat he might be romantically interested in her. Ashlee blurts out that he kissed her but Doris dismisses the kiss as anything other than from a friend. Ashlee is waiting because she is supposed to meet Coop for a date but Doris believes he stood her up because he isn’t there. Ashlee knows Coop wouldn’t do that to her and says so. Doris sarcastically gives in to the belief that Coop won’t stand her up and sits down to wait with Ashlee. Coop arrives and tells Doris to beat it. He and Ashlee go over a course catalog for college and he tries to encourage her to think big, she is so smart and capable she can do anything she wants. Coop’s friendly encouragement perks Ashlee up after another strenuous chat with her mother. Ashlee asks Coop to go with her for a walk down by the lake. Coop tells her he would love to but he told Ava he would be right back.

Ashlee gets angry snapping at him and taking offence to how quickly he brushes off plans with her to go running back to Ava. Coop defends himself “This is starting to sound like a date” “What the hell is wrong with that?” Ashlee fires back. Ashlee lays her cards on the table telling him exactly how she feels (although they both know he already knows) and that she thinks he is stringing both her and Ava along and he must choose. Coop warns he doesn’t like being backed into a corner and Ashlee as much as it hurts takes that as his answer.

While Ashlee is trying to hold onto Coop Doris and Ava bump into each other at Lizzie’s bar. They both want the same thing but they can’t quite get along to work together to get it. Coop and Ava together away from Ashley. Doris takes offence to Ava’s rude remarks about Ashlee and threatens that if Ava makes things harder on Ashlee she will make sure her and her psycho mother pay.

Back in Ava’s room after their very disturbing talks with Ashlee and Doris, Coop ,out of the blue, asks Ava if she “will go out” with him. She is confused she thought they already had plans to go out but he clarifies himself, somewhat. Asking again, nervously, “Will you go out with me” Ava gets it and is thrilled to finally be taking home the prize she has wanted since breaking up with Alan Michael. Yes, of course she will start dating him again. They go to the movies on main Street. Ava seems to be fully recuperated with her arms all over Coop and happy as a lark but she can’t help but notice Coop’s longing stares at CO2. Ashlee isn’t there and it seems to sadden him. Ashlee walks by hand in hand with Stewart and Coops jaw drops leaving him speechless. “cute couple” Ava admires.

Cassie and Josh are hammering away at their plans for the wedding. They joke about what will happen if Olivia sees Reva show up with Jeffery on her arm. Josh needs to go speak with Reva about Marah and Shane attending the wedding and Cassie needs to meet with the caterer again. They go their separate ways. Cassie gets a call from the police station concerning her ex-husband Rob (Tammy’s father). He’s dead. Cassie meets Jeffery at the police station to get the details and gather Rob’s personal belongings. Cassie feels by Rob dying she has lost another piece of Tammy. Rob had left a note written especially for Cassie. In the note he remembers with fondness what a fun person Cassie used to be and how spontaneous she once was. Cassie becomes distant remembering that part of her so many years ago. She misses being that person.

Reva ends her relationship with Jeffrey, again, after having one last roll in the hay. She regrets hurting herself and him but feels it is the only option she has. Olivia catches Reva slipping out of Jeffery’s room disheveled. They argue in the hall. Olivia is coming undone at the seams fearing blackmailing Reva isn’t going to be as easy as she thought. Josh walks up on the women yelling. Olivia makes a quick excuse and goes to her room leaving Josh and Reva to speak in private.

Josh asks for Reva’s help in getting the kids back for the wedding. Neither of their children like the idea of Josh marrying Cassie, especially Marah. Preoccupied with the Jonathan, Olivia, Jeffery ordeal Reva doesn’t offer much help or opinion of her own but she also doesn’t pose any resistance. Josh pushes for her to help him as a favor and she agrees she won’t say anything to the kids good or bad and she will tell them she is okay with the wedding. Josh jokes you can brings Jeffery as if that would entice her. Reva gets jumpy and doesn’t want to talk about her and Jeffery.

Josh meets back up with Cassie at Towers but she quickly takes him by the hand and drags him away. Cassie brings Josh to Lizzie’s bar where she drops money in the juke box and begins to dance in the middle of the floor. Josh joins her, confused by her motives but has a good time with her.

Olivia is shopping on Main Street with Emma and take a break to call Reva with a threatening reminder of what she will do if she catches Reva sneaking around Jeffery’s room anymore. Olivia doesn’t know it but Reva spotted Olivia as she was making the call and silenced her cell letting the call go to voicemail, but Reva listens from behind the wall as Olivia leaves the vile message. Reva follows Olivia and Emma back to Olivia’s room undetected and waits outside the door obviously plotting.

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