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Written By Dani

“Ain’t seen nothin yet”

Billy goes about getting ready for a hectic day in conference calls and meetings. He’s stoked with energy and enthusiasm but it all gets to him relatively early in the day. Billy signs a big deal that Lewis construction has been after for a while at a breakfast meeting. Wanda is so excited for him. Wanda helps him juggle the rest of his day and help make sure he is fully prepared. When Billy learns he has an hour break before his next conference call he makes his way secretly to the bar Lizzie offered to buy. The bartender knows Billy by name and what he drinks. Billy and the bartender share some small talk but it is small talk that triggers some recent memories. Memories of the events that forced Billy off the bandwagon.

4 Months Ago….

Billy remembers sitting in the interview room at the police station with Josh as Josh hammers out a long list of professional and personal obligations that Billy has got to take care of while Josh is in prison. When Billy steps outside the room an officer is emptying the pockets of a detainee before booking. In his possessions was a flask. When the coast is clear Billy sneaks a chug from the flask.

3 Months Ago….

Josh is free and proud of his brother for running the company so well. Josh is so impressed that he has decided to leave the company in the more than capable hands of Billy. Pressures are really beginning to mount so Billy grabs a drink when he can.

2 weeks Ago…

Reva reveals that she and Jeffery are becoming more serious. After talking to Reva and warning her about Olivia Billy goes to his room. He is restless unable to think about anything except Reva. Billy looks at a photo of the two of them and tells her “I’ve loved you forever.” Billy tells himself that he can understand Josh before him but Jeffery….?

Now ashamed of himself for drinking Billy returns to work or at least tries to but is craving a drink, again and decides to take the day off. As he is telling Wanda to cancel the rest of his day Daisy comes up to him wanting to move in with him because Buzz is making her work. Billy becomes uncomfortable afraid she will be too close to his secret and makes the excuse that Harley would get upset. Daisy accepts the answer without a fight but asks for a ride back to Company. Billy agrees but the keys he is holding is blurry so he asks wanda to drive her. Billy goes home to clear his head but Josh arrives to ask Billy to be his best man. Billy turns him down claiming he isn’t good enough and he is too busy. Josh is hurt and confused but believes Billy doesn’t want to hurt reva. Billy runs into Reva on main Street and she briefly tells him how things with Jeffery are complicated and how she must end it but he is hard to walk away from. Reva’s confession of her growing feelings for Jeffery hurts Billy.

Billy returns to the bar.

Just as he takes his seat at the end Lizzie closes her deal with the owner, grabs a chair and announces herself as the new owner. In celebration she offers the next round is on the house. Lizzie is shocked to see Billy sitting at the bar. She immediately gets to work placing herself behind the bar giving Billy a hard time with insults and calling him a drunk. Lizzie offers him his free drink but he turns it down. Lizzie makes her way into the pool room to flirt with Jake. Billy watches and when it looks to be getting too intense he yells across the room for Lizzie. He claims to want his free drink. She tries to pass the buck to the bartender but Billy insists she pour it. Lizzie is annoyed and snappy with him then returns to Jake. Billy yells again for her. Even more annoyed Lizzie tells Jake to meet her in the Beacon lobby in ten minutes. Lizzie warns Billy “I didn’t lecture you so show me the same respect.” Lizzie gathers her purse and throws her wedding ring into the bottom of a glass.

Billy goes home to sit and drink in the dark but Cassie knocks at the door . Billy tries to keep his distance because he has liquor on his breathe, he claims he is coming down with something. Cassie becomes concerned and wants to drive him to the doctor or call Josh. Billy snaps at her so she moves on and gets to the point of her visit. Josh told her Billy wouldn’t stand up for him and she is there to convince him otherwise. She tells him he knows he doesn’t want to get stuck between Josh and reva but she talked to Reva and she is okay with the wedding. Billy agrees to participate if it is okay with reva. Before cassie leaves she reminds him of one very important thing, it good that they can all get together for something positive and they all have each other. Some people have no one. And she closes the door behind her. Billy whispers “Lizzie” to himself and runs out of the room yelling up and down the halls for her. Lizzie throws open her room door angry and believing Billy is drunk. He lets himself in and throws Jake out who is a drug dealer. Lizzie is really angry now and storms out. Billy follows, Lizzie is yelling at him the whole time he trails after her. Once she has vented she sits beside him on a bench and they briefly talk, enough to clear the air. They walk back to the Beacon together but neither want to be alone so they go to Lizzie’s new bar.

Lizzie opens up about what has her so upset and why she bought the bar. Billy advises her and before they know it they are becoming buddies and decide Billy will fill the role of Alan and teach her the business ropes. He runs and successful company and has run a bar before, so who better. Plus it will get Alan’s goat that his granddaughter is being mentored by a Lewis.

Each lay down their own ground rules that the other understands and agrees to. Billy wants no mention of Josh and Reva and he wants to drink every once in a while and no one else to ever find out. Lizzie agrees if she gets to take his keys. Lizzie wants no mention of Jonathan or Sarah and she will have bad days but he can’t tell her to forget about them. Also she doesn’t want him to speak down to her and no one can park in her parking spot. Billy laughs, “what makes you think you are going to get your own parking spot?” Lizzie has a quick-witted answer about driving him home when she has his keys. They agree on all counts.

Lizzie grabs a bottle and pours them a drink. She wants to toast to new beginnings but that is too passé for Billy so after thinking a moment she says let’s drink “to being fine.” Billy likes that, he really likes it.

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