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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/7/07

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Written By Dani

Lizzie sits in the dark eating ice cream and crying. Remy lets himself in ordering her to get up because they had a deal. Lizzie starts crying even more, he comforts her. Remy talks her into cleaning up herself and her room. Lizzie does so and feels refreshed and ready to make a new start. Dressed in a smart suit she marches into Alan’s study to talk business. Alan finds her amusing and refuses to let her into the company. He cannot trust her from day to day. Lizzie promises to show him and prove him wrong. In the meantime she goes to a shady bar to drink her sorrows away and soon finds herself playing pool with a guy named Jake that looks like Jonathan. After getting a little liquid confidence in her Lizzie tells the bartender and owner to name his price she was going to buy his bar. Her plan is to update everything and make it the most trendy nightclub in town, so popular Alan Spaulding will have to come there just to be seen.

Alan pays off the manager at towers to not hire Natalia who insists on getting a job and standing on her own two feet. After being turned down for the position Alan offers her a job at Spaulding as his assistant. He tells her he needs someone who can learn from him how to run the company. Natalia doesn’t get a chance to answer before Remy rushes in claiming they all must evacuate the house.

Gus searches everywhere for Harley and the boys . He gets a bad attitude with Billy at the hospital who does tell Gus that Harley is with Dylan at rehab. Gus demands to know where they are, Billy lies and says they are in Chicago. They are really in New York. Before he leaves for Chicago Gus goes to check on Natalia. Natalia tells him Harley knows they slept together. Gus still believes he can put his family back together if he can just talk to Harley. Alan tries to convince gus to let Harley go and embrace a life of happiness he could have with Natalia and Rafe. Gus tells him to let go of his fantasy that Gus and Harley are over. Alan leaves with one last thought, what if Harley is the one with a fantasy. A fantasy of a life with Dylan and Daisy.

Mallet tells Marina he needs his job back because Dinah has been fired from the station. He sets up a romantic evening for them with all of her favorite stuff to ease the blow of the news.

Cyrus finds Dinah’s request rather comical until he learns why she needs the money so badly. He won’t and he can’t go back into business with her and wants to ask Alex for the money. Dinah wants to keep her problems between them and has a meltdown. Cyrus holds her to calm and comfort his old partner. Alex appears in the doorway like a viper. She doesn’t like seeing a younger attractive woman in Cyrus’ arms. Cyrus explains why Dinah has come to see him and Alex just makes cruel fun of Dinah’s problem. Dinah goes off on Alex for being to rude and steals a vase as she storms out.

Cyrus fills Marina’s room with a variety of luxurious gifts to make her feel better and to simply share his wealth. Marina gets upset and throws it all out in the hall because she doesn’t want anything paid for with Alex’s money. Marina is afraid the money is changing Cyrus but he promises while holding her and nibbling on her neck that nothing except her will change him. His cell rings and they both know it is Alex summoning him back to her side. Cyrus offers to break the deal and end it with Alex right then if marina said so but she tells him not to because she would rather him be in the country with Alex then not here at all.

Dinah is surprised to see the spread when she gets home and ditches the vase behind the shower curtain so mallet won’t see it. Dinah inquires as to the splurge when money is so tight. She knows he is keeping bad news from her and makes him spill it. After mallet tells her that she has been fired from WSPR she laughs. A reaction he wasn’t expecting and she comes clean about stealing the vase. Mallet feels she has turned to such desperate measures because of him. They go to Alex to return the vase. Alex has the same vindictive attitude at first but when Dinah calmly tries to reason with Alex and appeal to her since of humanity Alex picks up on one important point. Marina cooper is close to mallet, almost family. Alex changes her attitude and mind and offers a way that they can help each other.

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