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Guiding Light Update Monday 8/6/07

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Written By Dani

The sting of Natalie’s confession is still burning through Harley who asks “so what now? Are you going to fight for him with all that you have?” Natalia doesn’t really answer one way or another but rather continually apologizing with tears in her eyes to. Natalia tries to make Harley see that she never intended to break up Gus’ marriage or hurt either of them. Harley disagrees she thinks that is the only reason Natalia came to town. Natalia is sorry and she is to blame, partly. Harley agrees that there is someone else at fault, Gus, but is shocked and appalled when Natalia finishes her statement. “it’s your fault”

Natalia blames Harley for pushing Gus into her arms and to her for comfort. Harley couldn’t or wouldn’t see how much it was hurting Gus to see how involved she was with Dylan. Harley lashes out grabbing Natalia and slamming her into the wall. Natalia is a soft and truly kind person but she shows her true grit. “You want to hit? Go ahead but know I will hit you back!” It was a greatly delivered line! Harley lets her go and backs away. Still struggling Harley yells out in pain ‘Do you know what you have done. That man is my whole life, he is my heart, my soul.” Natalia tells her that Gus is sorry and that he does love her. Harley is angry that Natalia can still be so nice and she doesn’t want her to be, Harley wants to hate the Latin beauty.

Buzz is looking all over town for Harley and asking everyone that knows her if they have seen her. No one has. Buzz just has a feeling and calls Frank. Frank and buzz search for Harley together and discuss Billy and Dylan’s accusations that Gus and Natalia are too involved. Harley runs by in tears and won’t stop when they call for her. They follow her to her home where she will not open the door for them. Buzz and Harley begin to argue through the door. When Daisy arrives she has a quick solution, she has her uncle and grandfather boost her up to a window on the second floor. After breaking in Daisy is a loving and concerned child. She really does want to help Harley and be a friend and comfort for her. Harley reveals Gus is the problem but won’t tell any more.

Daisy and Harley go the hospital to see Dylan before his release because he has got to go out of town for rehab. Daisy tells him how much she will miss him and Harley smiles “I won’t. Because I am going with you.” Everyone is shocked. Dylan is confused but happy. Harley tells him that he was honest with her and that is what she needs right now. Billy and Buzz don’t think it’s a good idea that she go away with Dylan, especially until whatever is going on between her and Gus is resolved. They warn it could ruin her marriage. All Harley can say is “my marriage could already be over.”

Daisy tries to make plans for her and Rafe to make up for getting caught shoplifting earlier. Rafe meets up with Daisy at the hospital. He tells her how cool Alan is and how he doesn’t mind hanging out with him and learning from him. Daisy advises against it telling Rafe how bad Alan is. Rafe likes Alan and believes he can handle himself with the old man. Rafe underestimates Alan’s potential because he is “an old man” , plus acting like the tough guy from the streets he assures Daisy he is too smart and perfectly capable of handling himself with Alan. Daisy agrees to let it go so they can get on with their plans to go to the beach. Rafe breaks it to her he can’t he promised Alan he would hang out with him.

Rafe goes home to find Natalia sitting in the dark crying with an old photo of Gus. He becomes defensive wanting to defend his mother when she tells him she is upset because Harley was just there. Natalia asks Rafe to go on a walk with her. As they walk Natalia admits she is still in love with Gus and always has been her feelings have never faded over time. Rafe wants his mom to be happy for once and tells her if she and Gus hooked up she wouldn’t hate it. Natalia is surprised. Rafe goes on to encourage her to go after Gus if that is what she wants.

Cyrus and Alex have dinner at Towers where they drink Champaign, dance, and enjoy each other’s company. To amuse Alex Cyrus steals the salt and pepper shakers off the table. Alex gives him a half hearted lecture of disapproval but he calls her out “Admit it. You feels a rush of adrenalin” from the thrill of it. Alex would like to see the night progress on but Cyrus cuts it short claiming to have other plans.

Cyrus goes to the police station to steal away a few moments with Marina but she gets called to a robbery at Towers. Cyrus tags along, joking he will drive. Marina takes the report and tries to arrest the suspect but he hits her with a garbage bag of goods and runs into the elevator where Cyrus is waiting. Cyrus punches the guy out saving the day for marina. She makes the arrest and hauls the guy away. Just as she steps onto the elevator with her suspect Cyrus holds a glass of Champaign in the air as if to toast her “It’s been fun detective we should do it again” Marina just looks flirtatiously over her shoulder and smiles.

Dinah tries to shot a piece for the WSPR but can’t quite get it. It takes an obscene amount of takes and they still don’t have anything they can use. Vanessa tries to talk to Dinah who blames the writers and her meds but Vanessa thinks Dinah is still recovering and just needs to take a break and not try so hard. Dinah is irritated at everyone trying to protect her and insists she can do it. It’s too late Vanessa has already cancelled the shoot for tomorrow.

Mallet has cleaned out his desk so he can be with Dinah who needs him full time. Marina understands and wants to help her best friend any way she can. Mallet confides in her that the insurance won’t pay for Dinah’s mounting medical bills and he doesn’t know what he is going to do. When Mallet gets home he tries to hide the unpaid bills from Dinah. Both mallet and Dinah pretend everything is okay with their jobs, so they won’t worry the other. Mallet leaves to run some errands and runs into Vanessa who is acting more like a bitchy station manager rather than a mother. She tells Mallet ahead of time that she has to cancel Dinah’s contract. Mallet begs her not to but she tells him she has no choice, if she doesn’t the network will, and they won’t be nice about it.

Dinah finds the bills and calls matt to come over and help her. Unfortunately matt can’t help. He tells Dinah that he has no pull with Vanessa because she has served him with divorce papers. She asks for a job at Lewis and he tells her as kindly as he can that another job would be too much for her right now. Dinah breaks down in frustration and anger at herself for not recovering more quickly. Matt tries to help his friend and step-daughter.

Dinah has no one else to turn to and is waiting in the Spaulding study when Cyrus comes home. Cyrus is pleased to see her and intrigued by the purpose of her visit. “I need a lot of money and I need you to help me get it.”

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