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Guiding Light Update Friday 8/3/07

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Written By Dani

Rafe asks Natalia if Gus will be coming by to visit today, he wants to show him something. Natalia is regretful to tell Rafe she doesn’t think he’ll be by for a while. Rafe takes offence thinking that Gus doesn’t want to see him. Natalia tries her best to explain without explaining that it isn’t Rafe it’s that Gus has his own family with Harley and her kids. Alan booms in with his large voice “if that’s so why did Gus leave town, alone.” Natalia is surprised by this newsflash as Alan feeds the fuel of her love for Gus. Rafe goes to visit Daisy at the hospital. Alan lectures Natalia for allowing Rafe to hang around with a Cooper. Natalia doesn’t see any harm, claiming they are just friends.

Alan feeds off of Natalia’s love for Gus. She denies there is a problem or she is part of it and doesn’t want to talk about Harley or Gus. “but you are the other woman” Alan tells her.

Harley goes to visit Dylan at the hospital she is happy to see he is awake. Dylan is alert and more concerned about Harley speaking with Gus but …… He explains the circumstances the night before the accident and how everything ended up and appeared to be what they were and tells her he thinks he woke up and saw Gus standing there looking at them. Harley panics and leaves to go explain what really happened to Gus who is in Chicago at an Anger Management seminar. While Harley is at home trying to track down Gus Alan just walks into her house, smug as ever. Harley isn’t in the mood to listen but he gets her attention when he all but says that Gus and Natalia slept together.

Harley decides to go to the Spaulding mansion and make a friend out of an enemy. Harley frantically tries to get Natalia to understand how conniving Alan is for example, Harley tells Natalia with a chuckle at the absurdity of it, Alan tries to convince her that Natalia and Gus slept together. Natalia quickly looks away and her eyes fill with tears. Harley knows the guilty look. She Can’t believe it and asks. Harley teeters between hurt and anger.

Rafe and daisy shop for a present for Dylan now that he is awake. Daisy finds a watch at sidewalk sale that is perfect but it is so expensive. Daisy doesn’t want to ask anyone for the money and decides to steal it. Rafe tries to tell her not to but she drops it in her purse. As they walk away they are stopped. Rafe decides to pull rank with the security employee and tells him he can pay for it because he is Alan Spaulding’s grandson. The security agent doesn’t believe the boy and calls Alan who comes down personally. Alan acts as if the incident is nothing and pays for the stolen watch and three others. One for him, Rafe and Gus. Daisy thanks Alan who in return wants her to give he and Rafe time alone. Rafe is in awe over how slick Alan handled the whole situation. Alan doesn’t lecture rather he proudly tells Rafe what it means to be a Spaulding.

Daisy presents Dylan with the watch. He immediately recognizes how expensive it is and questions how she could afford it. Daisy lies and tells him she hit up Reva, Billy, and Buzz. Dylan isn’t certain she is telling the truth and casually says he will have to talk to them about giving her so much money.

Dylan is later visited by Reva after she broke up with Jeffery. Jeffery didn’t take the break up well. He blamed himself and felt he was moving too fast for Reva but he had developed feelings for her. Reva tried her best to stay as neutral as possible and not lay blame on herself. Jeffery and most importantly Olivia. Jeffery cancelled the trip in front of her thinking that she thought he was moving too fast. Reva teared up and could only say “it’s complicated”

Olivia went to frank with Ava and confessed to having hired the person who mugged Ava. Frank understood in a weird way and told her there wouldn’t be any charges pressed. Olivia celebrated at towers until Reva interrupted. Ava excused herself to go find Coop. Reva told her she broke up with Jeffery and she hated her almost as much as she hated herself. Olivia was primed and ready to move in but got a surprise when it didn’t come as easy as she had expected. Olivia went to Jeffery to tell him about confessing. He was glad to hear the news but that is all he wanted to hear from her. Olivia asked him to forgive her and have a family dinner with her and Ava. Jeffery hoped for the best for her and Ava but refused to have dinner with her.

Dylan tells Reva that he has to go away for rehab but she will be okay with Jeffery to watch over her. Reva can’t help but think about Jonathan and has no where to go except Jeffery. Reva realizes how wrong it is but goes anyway and tells Jeffery she feels like she is being unfair to him. Jeffery wants her to let him decide what is unfair to himself. As Reva cries Jeffery hangs the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door . Olivia is watching from around the corner and can hear Reva’s voice inside the room.

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