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Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/2/07

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Written By Dani

Cyrus and marina try to hook up but every time it looks as though they are going to be alone someone that knows one or both stumbles upon them requiring the appropriate attention to keep rumors or suspicions down. Their first encounter was with Buzz and Lillian at towers. Buzz immediately picks up on the signals. It takes Lillian a little longer but when Cyrus can’t stay away from the table she sees the glances between the two. Buzz makes them promise he will keep the secret romance as long as hey promise Alexandra will not get hurt. They agree.

Buzz and Lillian are suppose to be on a date but for the better part of the evening play chaperone to Cyrus and Marina. When they finally have a moment to themselves their time together is filled with laughter and eventually leads to a pretty hot kiss.

Ashlee teases coop about an article he is writing about being a man and dating in Springfield. Coop is embarrassed by Ashlee’s friendly, not cruel joking. Ashlee asks what his type is referring to women. Before Coop can answer Ava calls asking him to come over. Coop agrees, Ashlee is sad but tell him to go because he date will be there any minute. Ashlee has decided to accept a date with Stewart. Coop tries to talk her out of it but Ashlee believes he is pretty good considering who she is and how she looks. Coop runs into Stewart just as he is leaving to go see Ava. Stewart brags that he likes girls like Ashlee, believing she will be “easy” because she is grateful he would give her the time of day. The attitude doesn’t settle well with Coop who is consumed with worry for Ashlee while he is with Ava.

Ava tries to talk to him claiming she doesn’t want to end up like her mother but notices coop keeps looking at his phone. Ava turns snappy then down right vicious when Coop tells her his mind is on Ashlee and he is worried. After saying it out loud Coop decides to go back and make sure Ashlee is okay. Ava is angry but doesn’t let it show.

When coop makes it back to CO2 he tells Stewart that the comment he made earlier really pissed him off because he was thinking about asking Ashlee out. Stewart snickers and says “I don’t think she is your type.” this gets Coop thinking. He is happy and comfortable being with Ashlee.

Jeffrey comes by with movies for Ava. She takes the opportunity to try and convince him that he should be with Olivia. Jeffrey wants no part of what Ava is trying to sell. Olivia just happens to come by and begs for forgiveness. Jeffrey doesn’t want to speak with her or forgive her. He walks away leaving her there with two plane tickets to Hawaii in her hand that she had stolen . He had bought them for him and Reva. Olivia cries looking at the tickets and decides to give them back. She asks if he loves Reva. Jeffrey doesn’t confirm but he doesn’t deny either. All Jeffrey can tell Olivia about them is they are an accident waiting to happen.

With Olivia by her side coaching her Ava calls coop again claiming she can’t sleep and would like the company. Coop agrees, again to come over. When she hangs up Olivia asks “Did it work?” “Yep!” Ava replies proud of herself. “I knew it would.” “I learned from the best .” Ava gloats with a smile.

Ashlee overhears and knows that Coop is going to Ava, again. He walks away but turns back and sees Ashlee is crying. Coop kisses her.

Jonathan is in his old room that he shared with Tammy and sees images of her remembering and feeling as if she is alive. He is happy for a brief moment. When he realizes that Tammy will never be there again he can only sit down on the floor and cry.

Olivia drops in on Reva to check on the Reva’s progress on deciding Jeffrey or Jonathan. Reva feels like Olivia is bluffing to get what she wants and tests the waters. Olivia is so desperate she is unstable. Reva tells her if she had been there the night Tammy died there is no way she would hurt her own nephew the way Olivia is threatening. Olivia doesn’t care about anything accept getting Jeffrey. Reva tries to tell her Jeffrey doesn’t want her but Olivia will not accept it. Reva refuses to hurt Jeffrey, her friend, the one who has been there for her. Olivia storms out promising she will tell Jonathan’s secret if she doesn’t have an answer by the end of the day.

Reva gets a text and rushes out. When she arrives at Jonathan’s old room she finds her heartbroken son crying in the floor. Jonathan emotionally tells his mother how even though Sarah is not Tammy’s he sees her in Sarah everyday that Sarah grows and develops. Reva’s heart breaks seeing how much her baby is hurting and there is nothing she can do. Jonathan notices there is something odd about Reva and figures out Olivia will not keep her mouth shut. Jonathan’s pain grows into fury, the kind of fury we have seen out of the old Jonathan. Jonathan tells Reva to go somewhere anywhere that will establish an alibi that will hold up in court. Reva fears what Jonathan is capable of and will do. In an explosion of emotion, hate, anger, pain, revenge, and love Jonathan is hell bent to protect Sarah, no matter what it takes. There is no extreme Jonathan will not go to for Sarah. It’s his job, it’s his duty. Reva hysterically crying for Jonathan begs him to trust her to take care of it. Please she asks let me do this for you. Reva promises not to let him down again. Jonathan calms down and agrees to let Reva handle Olivia. She asks him to leave before anyone else sees him.

Jonathan has one last stop to make. Jeffrey unlocks the door to his room and is secretly called into another room. They share a moment of closeness bonding over Tammy and Reva. Jonathan sees Jeffrey really cares about Reva and asks him to promise to take care of her since he won’t be around to watch after her. Jeffrey silently promises.

Reva sits alone struggling with Jonathan’s pain and how to deal with Olivia. Olivia comes by so rattled she is shaking ordering Reva to break up with Jeffrey and hurt him so Olivia can be there to pick up the pieces.

Jeffrey arrives later to tell Reva about seeing Jonathan. He also has a surprise for her. He gives her the two tickets to Hawaii. Reva tears up touched and very fond of Jeffrey, even falling for him possibly. It breaks her heart but she feels it is the only way. Reva tells Jeffrey that she needs a break from him. A permanent break. Her voice cracks and there are tears in her eyes. It isn’t very convincing especially since she lit up when he came into the room.

Jonathan can’t resist, he enters his old room again and asks” Tammy are you there?” . there isn’t an answer or movement of any kind, he hangs his head in disappointment and walks away leaving Springfield once again.

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