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Written By Dani

“The Line”

Reva and Olivia watch over their children and think by way of narration. They each think about and agree to some degree about the lines and limits we will or will not cross to protect our children and ensure their happiness . Olivia’s bottom line is there is no limit to what she is capable of not just for her children but for herself. Reva does believe a line has to be drawn at some point.

Olivia believes that Reva’s house is empty and breaks in to replace the DVD but finds Billy. Billy immediately assumes Olivia is up to no good . Olivia denies having any ill intent, she was just checking on Reva because yesterday was Jonathan’s birthday.

Reva finds a bouquet of flowers with a note that comes as a surprise to her. Cautiously Reva slips into the stairwell only to find Jonathan smiling “Hi, Mom” Reva’s eyes fill with tears of joy and terror, fearing the worse if someone sees him. Jonathan assures her they are okay for now. Reva is touched when Jonathan tells her he had to come because like his mother taught him family comes first.

Reva catches Jonathan up on Cassie and Josh’s upcoming wedding, which upsets him. He claims he would like to smack them both upside the head, and he could get away with it because he is dead. Reva explains that she is okay with it, as okay as she can be and she has a new friend. Jonathan is amused to learn Reva and Jeffrey have hooked up.

A rumble in the hall causes them to check, it’s Lizzie but she doesn’t realize anyone is in the stairwell. He asks how she is doing. Unfortunately not well Reva reports. Jonathan truly feels sorry for her but his need to protect Sarah is more important. Reva agrees and on that note she thinks he needs to go just so there will not be anymore near misses. Reva goes back to Dylan’s room and Jonathan heads up the stairs.

Olivia is one floor down listening to the mother/son reunion . Olivia is ready to confront Reva and seek revenge at long last but is grabbed by Jonathan who has one hand over her mouth and the other on her throat. “So far no one has had to die to keep my secret but that can change” he threatens meaning every word of it. Jonathan makes it clear that he will do whatever it takes to keep Sarah safe. Olivia cries for him and promises to not tell. She tries to identify with him as a parent. Jonathan believes her and lets her go. Olivia shoots a straight line to Reva. She begins with expressing her sincere concern for Dylan and how they are all bonded as mothers . Olivia compares her and Reva “We are a lot alike.” “Except for faking a mugging I guess we are” Reva answers walking away. Reva stops dead in her tracks when Olivia makes the very flat statement “But what about death. Faking a death.” There is no denying the truth now Reva and Olivia knows it. They argue about everything they possibly could at this point, Olivia knows she has the upper-hand for once and is willing to go as far as she can with it. Arguing is going to get them no where, Reva decides to reason with Olivia appeal to her maternal instinct and human decency but Olivia wants no part of it.

Later Lizzie is excited to tell Reva she felt Jonathan and Sarah just a little while ago it felt so strong. Olivia is quick to step up and tell Lizzie why she had a sense of their presence but Reva cuts her off with a more spiritual excuse that Lizzie gladly and sadly accepts. Reva and Olivia begin to argue over telling the Spauldings and Doris about Jonathan and Sarah’s faked death. Reva points out Olivia ran from the Spauldings herself and lied about Emma dieing at birth to keep her safe away from them. Dylan’s doctor calls Dylan conditioned has worsened. Reva runs off to check on her eldest child, Olivia calls after her “What’s wrong?” “Like you care” Reva answers with disdain . Olivia follows Reva back to the hospital to hear that an artery had been nicked in surgery and Dylan wasn’t going to make it if they did not give him a blood transfusion but Reva nor Billy were a match. Reva is desperate and begs the doctor to start contacting blood banks but the doctor tells her Dylan has a rare blood type that the banks don’t have. There only option is to find a donor and fast with O negative blood. Olivia comes from around the corner “You’ve found her”

They immediately take Olivia’s blood to perform the transfusion. Reva thanks her and is grateful. There is even a few moments where they talk as if they were girlfriends but Olivia makes it clear this changes nothing.

Reva gets a bit of fresh air to work through her worry for her two sons on the bench outside of Company. Jeffrey brings her a bouquet of red roses and sits with her. Reva is happy to see him but still sad. She tells him about seeing Jonathan and Dylan’s condition but leaves Olivia’s role out of it. Jeffrey holds Reva and asks her to let him help her carry the load she is dealing with. Olivia is lurking in a bush spilling over with jealousy and hatred for Reva as she listens to Jeffrey say all the right comforting things and Reva giggle with delight when Jeffrey invites her on a real, romantic date. They flirt and enjoy each other.

When Jeffrey leaves Olivia is quick to reveal her self and lay exactly what she wants on the table. Jeffrey. Reva refuses and brings up even if she weren’t in the picture Jeffrey wants nothing to do with Olivia after what she did to Ava. Olivia doesn’t agree and believes that Reva can change the way he thinks of her. If Reva doesn’t want Olivia to go to Alan and Doris than she had better help Olivia get Jeffrey. She has until tomorrow to decide.

Reva finds herself back in Dylan’s room and puts the roses Jeffrey gave her in water at first but then realizes she has got to comply with Olivia’s demands and throws the roses away.

Reva determines. No, there isn’t a line you won’t cross for your children.

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