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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/31/07

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Written By Dani

Jeffrey gets comfortable at Reva’s house but Billy interrupts. Billy has come with not so good news for Reva, Cassie and Josh have set a date for the wedding. Thanksgiving, they plan to finally marry. Reva puts up a brave front but when Billy leaves she allows her hurt to show. Jeffrey tries to comfort her as a friend but he soon ends up comforting her as a lover. Reva has forgotten for now about Josh and Cassie and seems happy and enjoying her self in the arms of Jeffrey.

Olivia re-watches the DVD trying to identify the baby and man’s voice. After doing some quick math Olivia knows the baby is Sarah and that Jonathan and Sarah must still be alive. Knowing that this secret is what she can use to get Jeffrey away from Reva she needs a little more proof. Olivia snoops around Jeffrey’s room looking for anything that will prove her claim. Just as she finds a day planner that belongs to Reva Jeffrey walks in catching her. Olivia makes a lame excuse that she was waiting on him so she could try once more for them to be together. Jeffrey kicks her out. Back in her room Olivia finds an entry for Jonathan Randall and the number is whited out. She asks herself why anyone would white out their dead son’s number. Because he is alive, that’s why.

Gus and Natalia have sex. Gus is immediately guilty but lies naked with Natalia as she rambles on believing that the weak moment on Gus’s part meant more than it did. Gus sets her straight the best he can without completely crushing her but Natalia is still convinced he is on his way back to her. Gus tells her it is Harley he loves and Harley he is going to spend his life with. And he is going to tell Harley what happened. Remy sees Natalie’s light on and drops by to ask her out for a beer. Natalia tells him that Gus just left so she can’t go, not tonight or any other night. Remy knows she is still hung up on Gus but warns her as a friend that she will only get hurt because Gus is not going to leave Harley.

Daisy is hanging out on main street with a new guy but ditches him when she sees Rafe. They chat for a moment until Daisy gets a chaotic call from Harley and Dylan. Dylan is driving Harley home and they begin to bicker in the car. Daisy tilts the phone so Rafe can hear what is going on. Suddenly Harley screams “Dylan!” and they hear the car screeching and the phone goes dead. Rafe rushes daisy to the hospital.

Harley and Dylan quickly dressed so he could get her home. Harley asked for some space and Dylan agreed to a couple of days. Harley became agitated and asked him to back off. Dylan told her that she would be so worked up if in her heart she wasn’t tempted. This angered Harley more who began to yell at him but the yelling stopped when Dylan has a searing pain shoot through his head from the beating he endured by Gus.

Harley calls Reva and the calls begin from there, everyone begins to trickle in to await word on Dylan’s critical condition. Gus makes his way to the emergency room in a somewhat daze, still believing that Harley and Dylan slept together. Harley is more concerned with Dylan to really focus on Gus though she rushes into his arms and keeps telling him how glad she is that he is there. Gus tells Harley that he has got to go to Chicago tonight for the anger management class. Before they can speak more on the subject and Gus can tell Harley about he and Natalia Harley rushes back to Reva’s side to here an update from the doctor. Gus slips out.

Jonathan gets a breaking news alert about Dylan’s accident.

Dinah overhears the guys at the bar calling her dumb and making fun of her. She is crushed when they have a good laugh about giving her the number to the dog pound. Cassie steps in to save her friends fragile feelings. Cassie plays a prank on the men to teach them a lesson.

Cassie and Dinah tell the guys that they have been punked and then offer to buy them drinks for being good sports. The guys agree and get drunk. Cassie steals their wallets and car keys then she and Cassie slip away. The men realize quickly that the ladies stole their wallets and calls the cops. Mallet comes back through the elevator doors with Dinah and Cassie by the arm, the men identify them as the ones who took their belongings. Mallet acts like he is on official police business and talks the guys into not pressing charges. Cassie gets the call about Dylan and has to go be with Reva.

Dinah admits that she went out to flirt with men tonight, just so she would know she could. Breaking down Dinah tells mallet how much she loathes herself now and wants the old Dinah back. She really startles mallet when she tells him she wishes that the bullet would have finished her off rather than leave her broken and a shadow of her former self.

Jonathan sits with baby Sarah on his lap and tells her that she will be spending some time with the nanny because he has got to go make sure grandma Reva is okay. “I’m going home.” he says to himself.

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