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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/30/07

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Written By Dani

Dinah and Mallet have returned to Springfield from being at a rehabilitation facility for Dinah. The doctor checks her out and sees some improvement. This is not what Dinah wants to hear, she wants to be back to her full capacity, her old self. Dinah fears that Mallet will not want her if she is not fully functional. Mallet knows her thoughts and feelings and is worried that she is causing herself too much stress worrying about something that isn’t a consideration.

When mallet gets Dinah back to their suite he tries to tell her once more he will love her no matter what. Dinah pretends she is back to normal and he is making something out of nothing. She asks that he go to work and let her have some time alone.

Dinah dresses to the nines and goes to Towers in hopes of boosting herself esteem by picking up a guy or two at the bar. Just as she eyes her prey Cassie intervenes and insist they dine together. Dinah begins to really show a glimpse of “the old Dinah” snapping at Cassie after she believes Cassie has been sent to watch over Dinah. Dinah storms away claiming the old Dinah could have the guys at the bar eating out of her hand in no time. After sitting with the men and engaging them in conversation Dinah makes a fool of herself mistaking words where they are not appropriate. The guys have a chuckle but do give her their cell numbers before joins Cassie again. Dinah boasts two numbers in five minutes.

Mallet is worried Dinah is not healing as well as she is putting on and asks Frank for more time off then enlists Matt to help him with Dinah. Matt is in a foul mood because he just received divorce papers from Vanessa. But agrees to help Dinah who has become a good friend and supporter during his times of trouble with Vanessa and his money and marital problems.

Gus tells Natalia how disappointed he is in how the evening turned out. Natalia is supportive and kind but mainly just listens and lets him vent his pain, anger, and disappointment. Harley, however, seems to be in great spirits telling Dylan how glad she is to be with him and how much she likes him. Dylan makes a comment of how much he once cared for her but retracts it feeling he crossed a line. “No, tell me more…” Harley asks flirting and hanging on him wanting to revisit the times they fell in love and were in love. Harley likes that Dylan sees her as a woman and not just a working mom of three. Alan drops into towers to see how the drugs he put in Harley’s wine is taking affect and sees right away they are working as planned. After spying Harley’s cell phone on the bar and her arms around Dylan’s neck laughing and throwing herself shamelessly at him. Alan lies to the bartender claiming to have left his cell earlier. The bartender takes a quick look around and hands the abandoned phone of Harley to Alan who dials Gus’s number.

The drunk Harley spies Alan from across the room and confronts him, not about one thing in particular but the basic laundry list of problems that Alan and Harley have had with each other from the beginning. Harley’s argument wasn’t very compelling with her inebriated state . Alan left the phone lying on the bar for Gus to hear the back and forth between Harley and Dylan who immediately got back to remembering the nostalgia they once shared.

Gus listened becoming more disappointed with his wife as he heard her appear to be happy and enjoying the company of her ex and Gus’ enemy. Dylan tells Harley “Okay hot stuff looks like you have had enough. Time to get you back to my place.” Dylan takes Harley to his suite where she tunes in 80’s music that they listened to when they were teenagers and Dylan gets her a cup of coffee to help sober her up before returning Harley home. Harley jumps up caught up in the reminiscing and the music and the alcohol and pills knocking Dylan’s hand causing him to spill the coffee on them both. Harley whines that Gus bought her the dress she is wearing and now it has coffee all over it. Dylan gets her a t-shirt to wear while her dress dries and he takes his shirt off. While Dylan is changing Harley passes out on his bed. Dylan is exhausted himself and lies down beside her and is soon asleep.

Gus lurks down the hall of the Beacon and takes a maid’s key card letting himself into Dylan’s room. With the door barely open Gus sees Harley asleep in Dylan’s arms and leaves without incident. Gus takes Natalia’s advise from earlier and does not react to his hatred for Dylan. With no where to go to think without running into a Spaulding or a Cooper Gus finds himself picking the locks on Natalia’s old apartment door.

When Alan returned from the mansion to find Natalia alone he continues to try and befriend Natalia who believes she sees through Alan’s motives but Alan manages to slowly break down her defenses towards him and the belief Harley and Gus have a loving relationship when he tells her Harley ha cheated on Gus before. Also Alan points out Harley has a long list of men she has been in love with compared to Natalie’s …. how many. That’s right only Gus.

Inside Natalia’s apartment Gus can’t get the image of Harley and Dylan out of his mind and throws an empty wine bottle in frustration, startling Natalia that is in another room of the apartment. Gus identifies himself and Natalia comes out. Gus tells her that he just wanted to be alone without running into family and she explains she was just picking up a few lingering items. Gus does not tell Natalia what he saw at Dylan’s room. He kisses her and she kisses back at first but stops him. She reminds him that he and Harley love each other and no matter how much Natalia has “wanted this” between them since she saw him she can’t if it isn’t real. Gus persists and she doesn’t turn him away this time.

Harley and Dylan wake up to find the scene doesn’t look too innocent and worry and thank God that no one happened to walk in and see something that could have been misinterpreted.

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