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Guiding Light Update Friday 7/27/07

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Written By Dani

Cyrus rushes Alex outside to the balcony /rooftop of Towers to speak in private, absolutely stunned she waited until now to tell him that he could not see Marina while married to her. Alex lays the reasoning all back on immigration. She claims that she can see how they look at each other and how they feel for one another so if she can see it than anyone else can see it. Aside from his immigration issue Alex explains she has an image, ego to uphold. Cyrus buys off on her reasoning and goes to Marina to have a talk with her.

As Marina waits for Cyrus to join her as promised Frank knocks and is more than willing to confront her with her hangings on with Cyrus. What Frank regrets and hates the most he tells his daughter is that she has had her heart broken before but now she has changed. Cyrus has turned her into a liar. On that note Frank walks out leaving Marina with her thoughts. Cyrus arrives just behind Frank to find a teary eyed Marina that jumps into his arms grateful he is there. Against his will Cyrus can only say “I’m sorry, Marina.” he then explains things the way they were laid out to him. Marina is desperate to hold on to her Aussie lover and offers what if you divorced Alexandra and turned around and married me. Cyrus explains unfortunately no one would understand because of her very vocal past of claiming she would never fall for a guy like him and pursuing him as a wanted criminal. However, Cyrus refuses to give Marina up and tells her they will just have to be more careful than they had originally planned. Marina agrees though she is greatly hurt.

While Cyrus is breaking the news to Marina Alex is having legal documents drawn up and delivered giving Cyrus ample incentive to stay married to the wealthy Spaulding Baroness. Alexandra has one last request from her lawyer, find out what would be the envy of the entire world of the thieves Cyrus used to work and associate with. Cyrus is impressed to what he returns to in Alexandra’s room. Now that she has him for the evening they settle in to snack on a variety of gourmet treats such as caviar and pate and sip Champaign while playing cards. They just begin to belt out a chuckle and enjoy themselves when a knock at the door reveals Marina who busts in on official business. Marina explains the Beacon had a report of Alex traveling with a great deal of jewelry and the Beacon’s insurance company required around the clock security guard and she came up with the short straw. Marina walks on in and makes herself at home. Alex called the front desk asking for the jewelry detail to be called off and one more favor……

Gus is dressed and ready for a planned dinner at the Spaulding mansion with Alan, Natalia, and Rafe. Harley comes in to get ready for her first agreed upon family night with Dylan and Daisy unaware that there was a conflict. When Gus pressures her to change quickly and reminds her of his plans Harley call Dylan not to cancel when she is reminded he could still testify against Gus but to delay. Harley goes to the Spaulding’s .

Before Gus and Harley arrive Alan finds Natalia bringing groceries into the house to help contribute since the family dinner is for her son. Alan insists she not help out and just be a guest in his house. Natalia is wise to Alan’s ploy to get her and Gus together. Alan admires her keen sense of observation.

Gus and Harley arrive for dinner to Alan’s disappointment, he did not intend on Harley attending dinner. Right away over drinks Harley is short and smart mouthed belittling the time Gus wants to spend with his family new and old. Alan asks the entire family to go to the Grand Canyon because after talking with Rafe he learned that his grandson had never seen the Grand Canyon and would like to take everybody. Harley cannot resist making her typical smart comments no matter how good willed Alan’s intentions are. Gus refuses to go without Harley when Alan fails to name her off as an invite. Tempers rise from there leading Harley and Gus to the hall to speak in private so she may finally reveal that she has other plans with Dylan and Daisy. Before Harley can tell Gus what is going on Dylan shows up wanting to know why Harley wasn’t at the restaurant. Gus immediately is angered wanting to know what is going on. Harley tries to explain the agreement as gingerly as possible. Alan, Natalia, and Rafe make their way into the hall to listen to the conversation that is getting louder by the second. To cool things Alan asks that everyone come into the study for another round of drinks. They all go but the tension is not left in the hall.

Inside Gus and Dylan cannot resist making little comments and insults about the other. Harley sides with Dylan but is still expecting Gus to automatically jump to her side when she lays down an ultimatum.

Harley tries to reason with Gus or rather make him see things her way, as always…. Hasn’t Gus raised her kids by multiple fathers for years now without question and she is still trying to guilt him now that he finds out he has a biological child…? Natalia is ashamed for the way Gus has been treated and interrupts Harley’s attempt to convince Gus why she and her family are more important than his family by asking “Do you want us to leave.” Harley attacks Natalia as if she had insulted them. Gus defends Natalia and Harley defends her actions laying much blame for their recent problems back on Natalia. Harley is obviously jealous of Natalia’s inherently good virtues.

The disagreement comes down to a screaming and demanding match in the middle of the study. Harley tells Gus that he will leave with them now because she is his wife. Gus tells her he came to have dinner with his sin and his son’s mother and he intends on doing so.

Alan tries to calm the situation by innocently stating “don’t rush off, Harley, you haven’t even finished your drink.” Displaying an outreached glass of wine. Full of herself and anger Harley takes the glass and guzzles every drop and handing the empty glass back to Alan. She asks Dylan to get her out of there and they leave. Alan smirks, holding a bottle of pills behind his back.

While their parents argued Rafe and Daisy had their own conflict just after making up for Daisy’s involvement in Natalia being fired from Company. Rafe is angry Harley has insulted his mother for no reason and Daisy tries to defend Harley only angering Rafe even more. He storms off hurting daisy again. When Harley and Dylan are ready to leave for dinner, daisy just wants to go home alone. Harley is so worked up she doesn’t care and tells Dylan to let her go. They go to Towers for dinner where Harley drinks a lot. After many drinks Harley tells Dylan she is glad he is there.

The evening just gets worse for Gus. After Harley walked out, Frank arrives with papers ordering mandatory anger management classes in Chicago that he must leave tonight for. Alan offers to make some calls to make it all go away but Gus doesn’t want him to recognizing that Alan blames Harley for everything. Gus feels defeated and decides not to make an enemy of his father tonight and thinks in silence in the study. Alan leaves with the anger management papers in hand to find Natalia sulking in the hall. He urges her to go cheer Gus up. She is resistant seeing that Alan is only trying to push them together and tells him as much. But Alan points out that it wouldn’t be a bad thing and it has got to be better than what Gus has now. Natalia sees and feels the truth in Alan’s motives and moves into Gus’ side, simply taking him by the arm and resting her cheek on his shoulder.

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