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Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/26/07

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Written By Dani

Wedding bells are chiming once again in Springfield as Alexandra prepares with Lizzie by her side for her wedding to Cyrus. Cyrus lingers in his room believing the occasion to be more official than traditional. Marina has her doubts that Cyrus brushes off until he arrives at towers to find and orchestra, flowers everywhere and many chairs for guests

Buzz agrees to give Alex away since Alan is out of town. Buzz warns her though, Cyrus is involved with Marina this wedding is only for the green card. Alex thinks Buzz and Lillian are being silly seeing more than there is. Just before the ceremony Cyrus and Marina slip off for a little alone time before he is married. Alex is watching and it upsets her though she doesn’t let it show. After the ceremony Cyrus gives Marina his room key and she goes to wait on him. When Marina is gone Alex pulls Cyrus aside and tells him she will not go back on what she said about him being able to have other women but none of those other women can be marina Cooper.” Excuse me?” Cyrus asks in surprise marina sits alone waiting for Cyrus to meet her.

Josh, Cassie, Rick and Beth have dinner plans at Towers unknowing that there is a wedding when they arrive and are told the restaurant is closed for a wedding they are about to leave when Lizzie asks them all to stay a seat fillers, none of the invited guests have arrived. They agree. Before the ceremony a reporter will not leave Beth and Rick alone. When the reporter makes a rude comment trying to be funny Rick lunges at him and throws him out of the wedding. After the ceremony Cassie pulls Josh aside and asks him if they can go ahead and get married, she feels the time is right.

Reva cries while she watches a DVD of Sarah playing. She is startled when Jeffery stops by to check on her. Jeffery had figured she would be having a hard time because today is Jonathan’s birthday. Reva assures him she is fine and is practically pushing him out the door so she can get back to the DVD. Before he leaves Jeffery tells her he is going to deal with Olivia, Reva asks what he is going to do but tells her it is best if Reva isn’t a part of it. Jeffery feels he has to protect Ava from Olivia now. Jeffery meets with Olivia at Company just after she spoke with Doris. Jeffery tells her he is going to the police with what Olivia did. Olivia blows up in anger and accuses Reva of planting the idea in his head. They argue but not for long because Reva storms in to confront Olivia after she was paid a visit by Doris. Right after Jeffery left Cross Creek Doris arrived to spread the news that there has been a development in Reva’s case. Reva mocks Doris asking “What case I don’t have case anymore” Doris claims a witness has come forward who saw Reva dragging Lizzie into her car on the night Lizzie disappeared.

When confronted by Reva Olivia doesn’t deny that she is willing to tell a bold face lie to get back at Reva. The two women begin to argue until Reva tells Olivia that she is going to call social services and tell them Olivia is a threat to Emma. Olivia lashes out at Reva who is more than willing to fight her long time rival. Jeffery steps in and pulls Reva away. They go to Towers for a drink and decide not to stay when Cassie asks them to. Before Reva saw Cassie in regular clothes as a guest she assumed and envisioned the wedding was Josh and Cassie’s. Cassie is nice and not short at all with Reva until Reva tells her little sister that she and Josh aren’t ready for marriage yet. Back at the Beacon Jeffery expresses his concern about the budding war taking place between Olivia and Reva. Reva is stressed from the events of today but confidant that Olivia has used all the ammunition she has. “She can’t touch me!” Reva proclaims in classic Reva Shayne manner.

Olivia breaks into Cross Creek determined to find some dirt on Reva. Tossing the place a bit she comes up empty handed and throws a pillow at the desk in frustration. The pillow knocks over a framed photo revealing the hiding place of the DVD labeled “J” that Reva hid after Jeffery left. Olivia assumes the “J” stands for “Jeffery” and pops it in to take a look at it. To Olivia’s surprise the images on the DVD are not of Jeffery but Sarah that is very much alive and the age she would be if she were alive.

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