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Written By Dani


Coop reads excerpts from his latest book aloud to Ava in the park. The subject matter of the book is about the memories that haunt us and the person we could or would become if the bad memories were erased. Ava is so proud of Coop, the book is going to be a bestseller she tells him. Ava has more good news, Alan read the pages she gave him and loved them, he has agreed to publish Coop’s book. Coop is a little surprised considering his recent history with Alan but goes with Ava to meet with Alan in his office. Ava is surprised to see Alan isn’t in his office and can’t figure out where he would have gone to, because he seemed very excited about meeting with Coop. Ava shuffles papers around to find a clue about where Alan is off to. Coop finds some MRI reports and the research from his book. Coop figures out Alan didn’t like the book, he was using the information in it to figure out how to wipe out people’s memories.

Lizzie walks alone in the park saddened when she sees mothers strolling along with their babies. Cassie runs into Lizzie, after taking her own walk down memory lane and missing Tammy, Lizzie doesn’t try to hide her constant pain over Sarah like Cassie does. Cassie and Lizzie sit and talk. Cassie admits she doesn’t feel whole or even normal. Lizzie remembers over hearing a conversation Alan had with a Doctor he had hired to research and develop a memory erasing serum. Lizzie offers Cassie the opportunity if she wants. Cassie lets her pain take over and make the decision to forget. Lizzie takes Cassie to a secret lab that is owned and funded by Spaulding.

After talking to the head of development Alan is ready to head to the lab himself, but not alone. Cyrus is assigned to drive Alan for the day. Along the way Alan spies Beth walking and orders the car stopped , Alan jumps out abducting her. Though she puts up a little fight Beth agrees to go with Alan. Alan promises that if everything goes well and as planned Beth could have to never remember all the bad things that has happened to her.

Coop and Ava go to the Spaulding lab to confront Alan. Alan is taking Beth to the lab, and Lizzie and Cassie are secretly sneaking in to steal a dose of the serum. Lizzie and Cassie are surprised to find Remy working as a security guard. When Remy finds out that the establishment is owned by the Spauldings he is ready to walk out and quit but he wants Cassie to go with him, telling her to not get sucked into Lizzie’s scheme. Cassie refuses to leave with Remy. They get passed the security desk but they can’t get into the research lab. They try to talk Remy into letting them in with his key card but he refuses and tells Cassie that he is going to the restroom and if she is waiting at his car fine and if not she is on her own. Cassie tries to break the locked door down but it doesn’t work. Lizzie decides to slip into the men’s restroom and snatch Remy’s key card, she does and hands it off to Cassie just before Remy grabs her and refuses to let her go. Remy and Lizzie argue as he holds on to her not allowing her to go free. Inside the lad Cassie finds an aluminum test tube and looks curiously at it.

Alan and Beth are confronted in the elevator by Coop. the doors close while Alan and Coop argue. Beth is more concerned about Lizzie. When the car pulled up they saw Lizzie’s car and Alan became concerned claiming Lizzie shouldn’t even know this place exists. Ava is searching for Coop who ran off looking for Alan and to stop him. Cyrus is searching for Beth to make sure she is okay. Cyrus stumbles across Cassie holding the test tube and startles her causing Cassie to drop the tube. The top comes off and a vapor begins to escape. Ava walks in just as Cassie and Cyrus are amazed at the mysterious gas. The three look at it then fall to the floor passing out. Remy shakes Lizzie trying to get some sense into her, they both become light headed and fall to the ground. The gas makes it’s way into the elevator having the same effect on Alan, Beth, and Coop.

Cyrus is the first to come to with no memory of who he is, where he is, or who anyone around him is. He discover the bodies of Cassie and Ava laying on top of him. Cyrus impresses himself at the thought of having both women. Cassie and Ava awaken at the same time and both assume they are there with Cyrus and he was holding them. Cassie and Ava begin to bicker over who Cyrus is with. Remy and Lizzie awake to find them embracing and Remy’s pants around his ankles (he was in the restroom to use it) They determine that they are a couple and had slipped off for some kinky bathroom sex. Both are interested and amused at the idea and decide they must be in love. The group in the elevator was down right amusing, there aren’t words to describe their reaction. The elevator group is a little quicker thinking that the rest the first thing they do is check their driver’s license. Alan is Alan Spaulding. Beth learns she is Elizabeth Spaulding, “you must be my father” Alan and Beth are happy. Coop is Henry Cooper Bradshaw, Beth amazes that is a long name. Alan wonders “what do you think they call you. Coop has no idea “Hank!” Alan exclaims” you look like a Hank” Beth agrees, so they call Coop Hank. Coop asks about Beth’s baby. The baby is a mystery until they find a book for new dads lying on the floor. To the best they can determine the three decide Coop must be the father of the baby. Beth and Coop play and flirt kissing and enjoying the new found love they must share. Alan isn’t as convinced, noticing that Coop seems to be young and Beth is wearing a wedding band but he isn’t. Beth defends her husband, whining “Dad!, stop it”

Finally everyone else affected by the memory stealing gas figure out to look at their identification they are carrying. Coop and Beth take the time to go fed swans, play in a park, and buy baby clothes while Alan tries to get to the bottom of what happened.

Lizzie and Remy play. They laugh and talk and enjoy each other’s company having a great time. The fun stops when Lizzie orders Remy to go find her a soda. Remy takes offence accusing Lizzie of acting like he is below her. Lizzie tries to explain that she didn’t mean it that way but Remy storms off in anger. Remy goes back to the restroom they woke up in and regrets getting angry. He misses her. Lizzie mopes around and makes her way back to the same restroom. When they see each other they run into each other’s arms apologizing and telling the other how much they were missed. They kissed, and began to strip down to as skimpy as they could on TV.

Cyrus suggested they split up to find out what happened to them or someone that could help. Cassie and Ava continued to throw insults at each other and fight. Ava slipped off to seduce Cyrus when they were suppose to be split up and it was working until Cyrus heard a scream from Cassie or Cassandra as they were calling her. Cyrus rushed into the room the scream came from, Cassie was waiting behind the door and shut it after Cyrus. When he turned around Cassie walked towards him taking off her shirt. The passions heated up, them too striping down to the bare minimum until Ava busted in. Ava shoved a photo of Cassie and Josh in cassia’s face accusing her of being a cheating slut. Cassie fired back, “lying bitch!” the fight moved from words to physical. Cyrus tried to break up the fight.

Alan wondered the building when he ran across the doctor who recognized him and warned “the gas got out!” Alan was confused but the doctor assured him he would remember shortly as he rushed Alan into clear air. The doctor explained that was the hitch in the development of the serum, it was only temporary.

Coop and Beth sat on playground equipment admiring bags of baby clothes Coop had just bought her. They came in for a kiss when suddenly their memory came flooding back. Both jumped in surprise as to what was getting ready to happen. Everything was normal again and they could remember what happened while they didn’t have their regular memory. They returned to Alan feeling embarrassed . Just before Ava could throw a punch she yelled out “Cassie!” and there it was, all three remembered who they were and who each other was. Cassie felt guilty for not remembering Josh whom she loved so much. When Remy and Lizzie’s memory came back to them he pushed her off of him disgusted that he ever thought he was in love with her. It hurt Lizzie’s feelings when he stormed out sickened at the thought of having sex with her.

Cassie went to Josh’s office and decided she never wanted to forget anything again. Coop hugged Ava by the pond that he was just hours ago feeding swans with Beth and decided he didn’t want Alan to publish the book. Alan had hoped for a more welcoming response from Beth when he tried to take her hand but she pulled away and walked out alone.

Coop’s final thought was we must hold on to our memories, good and bad, for dear life because that is what our memories are. Life.

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