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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/24/07

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Written By Dani

Josh, Cassie, Rick, and Beth enjoyed lunch at Company together as friends. Cassie and Beth are off to plan Beth’s baby shower and Josh plans to work on a canned food drive. Rick walks Beth out and they are approached by a young doctor who identifies himself as a temporary replacement for Dr. Sedgwick and after reviewing Beth’s file he would like to run some extra tests on both parents and the baby. Beth is anxious to make an appointment as quickly as possible and runs off to do so. When Rick is alone with the doctor he tells the young man that he will not allow it. Rick tries to use his position and the reputation of the hospital as an excuse but the doctor stands up to Rick. Dr. Spelling (the new doctor in town) tells Rick he will make his own decisions and if Rick has a problem he can take it up with the board. As soon as Dr. Spelling walks away Rick is dialing from his cell phone one of his superiors. Rick lies telling the doctor on the other end that he has been hearing bad things from patients and other doctors and feels that it would be best if Dr. Spelling was removed from the OB/GYN rotation. Rick is ashamed and realizes what he has done when he notices Josh watching and listening.

Josh doesn’t make any comment or volunteer a judgment but Rick lays the guilt on himself, telling Josh that he knows what he did was something Alan would have done. Rick talks out his emotions on the subject of the baby not being his but how he doesn’t care. Josh lets Rick make his own decisions. Rick puts it together that the only way Josh would know is if Cassie were the one who switched the tests because she was the only person there that day. Josh doesn’t admit to cassia’s guilt but doesn’t deny it. Rick assumes the secret is causing a certain stress in their relationship, knowing Josh does not agree with Cassie on such a matter. Josh does admit that they do not agree but they love each other and are committed and that’s all they need to get by.

Cassie and Beth finalize little details for the baby shower. Beth marvels at how much fun they are having and how easy it is to work with Cassie. Cassie agrees. Beth can’t believe that they sit here as friends when it was just months ago they hated each other. Beth is happy, everything has turned out for the best. But, she adds, she couldn’t have chosen Rick as easily if the baby weren’t his because she did and does care for Alan.

Later Josh tells Cassie that Phillip changed, became a different person when he found out Alan wasn’t his father. Josh reminds Cassie how many people had to pay the price for the deceit laid on Phillip.

Marina tries desperately to get a hold of Cyrus but turns up nothing until she runs into Alex. Alex is cold and rather smart mouthed to marina giving her little information about Cyrus and his whereabouts until Marina confides, someone is spreading a rumor about Cyrus. This gets Alex’s attention and she not only verifies that the rumors that Cyrus is marrying a Springfield citizen to stay in the US the woman he is marrying is her. Marina is stunned . Cyrus casually walks up to the women. Marina scolds and questions him as to why he would agree to such an arrangement. Cyrus doesn’t see the problem and promises nothing will change for he and Marina. Marina isn’t so convinced. She struggles with anger and hurt. Alex claims she is just trying to do something good for someone she likes and trusts. Marina blames frank for the entire situation.

Frank runs into Lillian at Towers. They talk first about Lillian’s new relationship with Buzz. Both are happy to see it developing . The conversation turns towards marina’s fascination with Cyrus. Frank doesn’t hide his disapproval of Cyrus and admits to calling immigration. Lillian tells frank that the best and only thing he can do is to let Marina make her own decisions and just be there when she needs him.

Frank learns of Cyrus’ upcoming marriage to Alex and is thrilled, he doesn’t hide his pleasure from Marina. Telling her that Cyrus marrying Alex is even better than him being deported. Frank even chuckles. Marina is furious with Frank. When Frank leaves Marina lashes out in anger throwing a pillow at the closed door. She then tries to make dinner reservations at towers for Thursday night but denied due to the Spaulding wedding.

Back at the mansion, Alex tries to get Cyrus to spend time with her and talk to her claiming they need to get to know each other before they are interviewed by the immigration agents. Cyrus doesn’t see any need in a rehearsed show and tells her they “will just wing it” before heading out the door.

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