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Written By  Dani

Harley offers herself to Dylan sexually if he will drop the charges against Gus for beating him up. Harley tells Dylan that she is willing to do any thing to help her husband. Dylan plays along just to see how far Harley will go not believing she would really sleep with him. Harley is disappointed in Dylan that he would stoop that low and she patronizes his desires to be with her. Dylan stops her and tells her all he wants is respect as Daisy’s real father. He wants them to have time together just the three of them as a family even though he knows they will never be a real family. Harley is a little taken aback by the request but agrees to commit to one night a week the three of them get together as a family and spend some quality time with Daisy as parents and as friends., if Dylan will testify that the fight with Gus was nothing more than a family squabble. Dylan agrees. Both part ways happy with the outcome.

Gus goes to Alan’s house to see Rafe but finds Natalia instead. Gus opens up about the fight he had with Dylan and why he attacked his wife’s ex. Natalia seems to agree with Gus that it shouldn’t have happened no matter what the previous relationship was or is. Look at them, she points out, high school loves and they share a child together as well but they aren’t running around stealing kisses. Gus is drawn in by Natalie’s calm and cool logical observations and tries to kiss her. Natalia pulls away but continues to talk Gus through his feelings over Dylan and Harley and his past with Natalia. Natalia is the voice of reason that Gus needs in Springfield that he has not previously had.

Rafe learns from Remy that Daisy spoke with Buzz and convinced him to fire Natalia. Rafe is not only furious with his girlfriend for acting so viciously towards his mom but he is disgusted at the lengths she will go to hurt someone or to get what she wants. Daisy thinks Rafe is getting upset over nothing reminding him they live with Alan now, “it’s like you won the lottery” she tells him as if getting Natalia fired was no big deal. Rafe breaks up with her and tells her to never call him again.

Daisy goes home where she bawls her eyes out clutching a teddy bear. Harley returns from Dylan’s to find daisy so upset. Harley is ready to jump on the opportunity to be not only a mom to her estranged daughter but a friend as well. Daisy tells Harley about Rafe breaking up with her but leaves out because she got Natalia fired. Daisy thinks she has the perfect opportunity to get Natalia back. She lays all the blame for everything going wrong in both mother and daughter’s life on Natalia. Daisy weeping, tells Harley that Natalia turned Rafe against her and now Natalia is out to get Gus. Harley begins to take the bait as her insecurities have already been flaring up but Harley stays logical, for now at least. In a soft non accusatory way Harley gets to the truth recognizing she and Daisy are more alike than she thought. (it wasn’t too long ago that Harley did the same thing)

Gus arrives home and daisy gives them time alone. Both apologize to each other and promise no matter what they are in this together. They kiss and make up. Harley is happy again and asks where Gus went after their fight. Gus is truthful, but the truth turns out to be not the best thing in this situation. Harley is hurt that Gus spoke with Natalia about their personal problems. Gus doesn’t see the harm because they are just friends, and even goes as far as to say he is glad he has Natalia to “shoot the breeze with”

Reva investigates the company or business dealings Olivia has been occupying herself with as of late and puts together what it is Olivia has been up to. Billy tries to prevent Reva from letting her hatred for Olivia and her imagination get away from her. Reva is sure Olivia is responsible for Ava’s mugging and is ready to prevent Olivia with the evidence she has.

Olivia is regretting leaving the hospital but Jeffery talks her into letting him take her home. When they get to Olivia’s room she quickly makes arrangements with a sitter for Emma and asks Jeffery to stay with her for the night. Jeffery uncomfortable makes excuse after excuse. Olivia is quick to assume he doesn’t want to stay because he is hung up on Reva. Just as Olivia is belittling whatever it is she thinks Jeffery and Reva are attempting to have there is a knock at the door. To Olivia’s surprise it is a Reva that is grinning devilishly and raring to go. Reva just lets herself in and helps herself to a bottle of wine. Olivia is flustered and angry wanting Reva to go. Reva casually as if with no effort drops the truth bomb on Jeffery and Olivia. Olivia tries to deny her involvement in Ava’s mugging but Reva has too many facts that can be checked out. Jeffery gives Olivia the benefit of the doubt and begins making phone calls while Reva stands in the background sipping wine. Jeffery learns that Olivia went behind his back and told the police to drop the investigation just moments after he told them to dig deeper. Knowing she was caught all Olivia could say over and over was “you don’t understand” Seeing that her work was finished Reva let herself out, pleased with herself and disappointed in Olivia’s selection of wine.

Coop and Ava were surprised to arrive home from the hospital to Ava’s room and find Ashlee waiting with balloons and a fully stocked snack bar and fridge. Ashlee is cheerful and welcoming. Coop is touched that Ashlee did such a kind thing but Ava sees through Ashlee’s game to interfere with any alone time she could have with Coop. Ava makes up having an urge for ice cream and sends Coop to get it for her. Ashlee wastes no time calling Ashlee out on her ploy to keep Ava and Coop apart. Ashlee plays dumb and more than stands her own ground. Coop forgot his wallet and returns to a heated conversation. Ashlee plays it off and suggests they both leave so Ava can get some rest. Coop agrees until Ava plays the pitiful injured birdie and asks him to stay until she falls asleep. Coop agrees and Ashlee returns to work.

Coop massages Ava’s head and tries to comfort her. Ava’s mugging is almost out of her mind as she sinks into Coop’s arms and enjoys the attention. The quiet time with Coop is soon interrupted when Jeffery and Olivia barge in. Jeffery tells Ava the truth. Ava becomes nervous that Olivia will reveal that Ava already knew what really happened . Olivia steps in seeing her daughter’s fears and claims she selfishly did it so she could get close to Jeffery. Going along with the act Ava slaps Olivia and calls her a “bitch” . Olivia is not happy with the over acting Ava felt compelled to display and asks for some time alone with her. Jeffery and Coop step out of the room. Olivia scolds her daughter for slapping her so hard. Ava is still angry that Olivia arranged for her to be mugged but lets go of the anger after Olivia points out the obvious, her plan worked. Ava calms down and realizes Olivia is right, Coop is here rescuing her and comforting her, just like before.

Olivia and Jeffery return to Olivia’s room where she apologizes but Jeffery tells her this time she crossed a line and they are over. He walks out on her. Olivia consoles her self chugging from the open bottle of wine Reva left open.

Ashlee looks at the flowers at Company that Stewart sent her wishing they were from Coop. Doris walks in making Ashlee’s mood even worse. Doris blasts Ashlee with insults about her weight, personality, and anything she could turn negative about Ashlee. Reva is listening from a distance. Doris tries to reason with Ashlee telling her she will never measure up to the caliber of women that Coop is used to dating and she had better take what she can. Reva intervenes asking Ashlee to fetch her a cup of coffee. Reva is furious that Doris would drag her own daughter down in such a vicious manner. Reva advises Doris to spend more time appreciating what a wonderful person Ashlee is rather than going around trumping up false kidnapping charges on her. Doris begins to see that her false charges may be catching up with her but her cell rings. On the other end it is Olivia with a proposition. Olivia asks about the kidnapping and case and offers to say anything, whatever it takes on the stand as long as Doris sends Reva away for a long, long time. Doris’ confidence is reinstated now that she has an ally and blows out her chest ready to go to battle with Reva.

Dylan tells Billy about the fight and his feelings for Harley. Billy is convinced his son doesn’t have a chance and tries to persuade Dylan differently about Harley. Dylan’s certainty that he can win Harley back is boosted when he sees Natalia walk by.

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