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Guiding Light Update Friday 7/20/07

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Written By Eva

(Hospital) Ava admits to Olivia that her plan worked and Coop is by her side again but the only part of the plan she didnít like was that she had to get a bump on the head.  Olivia apologizes for the bump on the head and tells Ava that Jeffrey has also been at the hospital all day checking on her.  Ava thanks Olivia for the parts of the plan that did work and accepts her apology for the part that didnít work out so well.   Jeffrey arrives with some flowers and Olivia jokes that she saw the flowers in another room and after she reads the card his trick is discovered.  Jeffrey calls Olivia a traitor and goes to get Avaís real gift, which is in the car.  Ava is happy that she finally has a real family and asks Olivia to go get her some water so Olivia goes out into the hallway to get some water and runs into Reva.  Olivia assumes that Ava came with Jeffrey and asks her to leave because Jeffrey doesnít need any distractions with Ava in the hospital.  Reva tells Olivia she had no idea that Ava was hurt and that she is here for her nine-month cancer check up.  Olivia apologizes to Reva and goes back to Avaís room.  Olivia tells Ava that she just ran into Reva and it wasnít good. 

(Company) Buzz encourages Ashlee to talk to Coop about her possible date with Stuart so he takes Ashlee's hand and takes her to Coopís table and asks Coop to buy her a drink but Coop must get back to the hospital to see Ava so Ashlee tells Coop about Stuart and he encourages her to go out on a date with Stuart.  Ashlee is sad so Buzz tells her that he knows Coop likes her but he is confused and doesnít know what he should do.  Ashlee decides to take Ava some food so that she can have a chance to talk to Coop.

(Spaulding Mansion)  Daisy tells Natalia that she can get her some time alone with Gus if she allows her to see Rafe.  Natalia is now sure that Daisy can only mean trouble for Rafe and Daisy tells her that she hasnít seen trouble yet unless she allows her to see Rafe.  Natalia wonders if that is a threat and so does Rafe who just walked into the conversation.  Daisy tells Rafe she and Natalia were just talking and asks Natalia for some time alone with Rafe.  Natalia gives Rafe and Daisy five minutes to talk and Rafe makes it clear to Daisy that he loves her but he canít mess up this new living situation for his mother who has worked hard all her life.  Remy arrives and tells Natalia he is working security because Lizzie hired him and offers to be her friend inside the house if she gets lonely.  Natalia agrees that they should have dates inside the house.  Daisy stomps out mad because Rafe thinks they should cool things off for a while and Rafe chases after her.  Rafe sees Remy talking to his mother and assumes she hired him to spy on him and gets angry with Natalia then he leaves to go to his room. 

(Gus and Harleyís house) Gus walks in on Dylan kissing Harley and knocks Dylan to the floor with one punch.  Harley tells Dylan to stay down and tells Gus she pushed Dylan away because she doesnít love him and the kiss donít mean anything just like the kiss last week didnít mean anything either.  Gus hears about the second kiss and starts beating up Dylan who is still on the floor from the first punch.  Harley yells at Gus to stop and after a few minutes he does and Gus checks if Dylan is breathing and he is and Harley wants to take Dylan to the hospital.  Dylan refuses to go to the hospital and the police come because Zech got scared and called them.  The policewoman takes Dylan to the police station for a statement.  Gus apologizes to Zech for scaring him and sends him to the kitchen to get ice cream.  Gus and Harley wonder how they are going to handle Dylan and Natalia and since they canít come up with an answer Gus suggests they need a time out. 

(Hospital) Jeffrey waits with Reva for her test results even though she tells him he should be with Ava.  Jeffrey and Reva agree to thumb wrestle and if Reva wins he goes to see Ava and if he wins he stays with her until she gets her test results.  Reva wins by biting Jeffreyís finger and the doctor arrives and tells Reva she is cancer free and doesnít have to come back for a year. Eva is so happy she gives Jeffrey a hug and he wants to take her to a steak dinner to celebrate the good news.  Reva tells him he must be with Ava so they will postpone their celebration for later.  Coop arrives with a buzz burger for Ava and news that the detective found a lead.  Coop tells Ava and Olivia that the detective canít find a motive for the mugging since nothing was stolen and Ava wasnít sexually assaulted.  Coop thinks the mugger was trying to send a message and Jeffrey agrees with the theory.  Olivia goes outside to call to make a reservation for an employee to go to Mexico tonight Reva watches and becomes suspicious of her.   

(Company) Daisy tells Buzz that Natalia hates her and that is why she broke up her and Rafe.  Daisy also tells Buzz to be careful because Natalia has feelings for Gus and she could break up Gus and Harleyís marriage too.  Daisy leaves to take a walk in the park and Natalia is walking to work with Remy and tells him they shouldnít see each other anymore because it isnít fair that Rafe should give up Daisy if she canít give him up.  Remy is hurt that Natalia thinks he is a bad influence on her.  Natalia arrives at work and Buzz starts to give her the business is slow speech but Natalia knows what is coming so she quits her job.   

(Hospital) Ava asks Jeffrey to do something nice for Olivia and take her home because she is under a lot of stress.  Jeffrey sees Olivia in the hall and Olivia agrees to let him take her home. Coop goes back into Avaís room and she asks him to help her get dressed and Coop refuses to help her.  Ashlee watches them from the hallway and drops the food she brought in the trash.  Reva advises Ashlee not to sell herself short but Ashlee says she can only compete in a fair fight.  Ashlee tells Reva that Daisy thinks Ava may have planned everything to get closer to Coop.   Reva remembers the call Olivia made earlier and assures Ashlee that Ava didnít plan anything.   

(Park) Daisy is walking through the park and gets a call from Rafe who apologizes for being a jerk and wants to meet her.  Daisy tells him where she is and a few minutes later he arrives and they start kissing.  Remy catches them and informs Rafe that Daisy got Natalia fired from her job at Company. 

(Beacon) Jeffrey tells Olivia to take a shower and he will order some room service for her and maybe a spa treatment.  Olivia figures out Ava put him up to this when Jeffrey mentions the spa treatment. Jeffrey admits that Ava was worried about her being under a lot of stress and asked him to take care of her.   

(Spaulding mansion) Gus arrives and tells Natalia it isnít good to drink alone so she offers him a drink.  Gus thinks it was a mistake to go visit her. 

(Beacon) Harley arrives to see about Dylanís wounds but what she really wants is for him to tell the police that what happened between he and Gus was a family dispute that got out of hand.  Dylan tells Harley that he may not press charges if she gives him something he wants in return for his statement to the police. 

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