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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/18/07

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Written By Eva

Josh and his ministry are in the spotlight today as he confronts his doubts as to whether he should become a minister or stay in the construction business. Reverend Rutledge is called away because his sister is in labor so Cassie drives the Reverend to the hospital. Josh takes it upon himself to cover for him when a huge line of people waiting to talk to Reverend Rutledge because today are his office hours. Lizzie comes to speak to Josh first with a very long list of questions basically asking Josh why God has allowed her to have such a miserable life. Lizzie also tells Josh that she feels lonely so Josh suggests that Lizzie help someone else to get her mind of herself Lizzie thinks she should help her new little sister that is on the way and make peace with Beth. Lizzie promises Josh that she won’t get obsessed with the baby again and then gives Josh a hug before she leaves the office. Marina comes in next to tell Josh about her situation with Cyrus and the fact that her father called immigration on him and now Cyrus could be sent back to Australia. Josh suggests that Frank come in to talk to him with her so they could find a solution to the problem together. Frank arrives a few minutes later and explains to Josh that he is concerned about Cyrus being with Marina because he isn’t sure that Cyrus has given up his life of crime. Josh asks Frank to give Cyrus a month to prove what kind of man he is to see if he really has changed. Frank agrees to that and he and Marina give each other a hug and leave the office. Buzz comes in next and tells Josh he is nervous about his date with Lillian so Josh advises him to be hones with her about all his hopes and fears he also tells him to be himself. Buzz explains that he really didn’t want any advice he just wanted someone to approve the menu for the ladies prayer group luncheon. Josh tells him that Reverend Rutledge should approve the menu so Buzz leaves the office. Billy comes in asking Josh if he should fire an employee who is an alcoholic and Josh advises him to give the man a second chance because they have known him for years and he has a wife and children to support. Billy thanks Josh f0r the advice and leaves the office.

Cassie returns from the hospital and Josh tells her that he had some doubts about becoming a minister but now he really thinks he can be a good minister and he tells her all about his counseling day. Cassie and Josh walk along main street and notice that Frank and Marina are having ice cream cones together and Josh can’t help but smile because for the first time in a long time Frank and Marina are not fighting. Frank gets a call from immigration telling him that Cyrus has married a woman to stay in the country. Frank breaks the news to Marina and she is heartbroken and angry with Frank because she is sure he wanted something like this to happen. Josh and Cassie walk down to Company and look inside the window at Lizzie Beth and Leah having lunch and smile at how they are getting along with each other. Cassie has to leave to do an errand and a few minutes later Lizzie and Leah start to fight because Leah and Beth agree that Lizzie is too obsessed about the baby. Leah tells Lizzie that the baby doesn’t need a baby shower just two sisters who love and support her. Leah then calls Beth a tramp that has slept with almost all the men in town. Lizzie throws food at Leah and a food fight begins Josh tries to stop things but Beth tells him to leave because he has caused enough problems. Josh then heads to Towers where he watches Buzz tell Lillian about all his past relationship failures and Lillian decides that its best that she and Buzz remain friends and leaves the club. Josh goes up to Billy’s room where Billy informs him that the alcoholic employee that he didn’t fire stole all the petty cash from the company. Josh is depressed so he goes to the hospital to talk to Reverend Rutledge who tells him before going into the labor room with his sister that he shouldn’t give anyone anymore advice and they will talk later. Reverend Rutledge tells Josh his sister had a boy and they share a cigar and Josh tells him how he messed up his friend’s life. Reverend Rutledge tells Josh he gave everyone good advice and he shouldn’t blame himself for the way things turned out. Josh arrives home and tells Cassie everything as well and she tells him that his friends didn’t need r want his advice they just needed someone to listen to them. Josh tries to fix what he messed up but he finds that when his friends return to the church for counseling things have worked themselves out. Frank realized that he should support and love Marina no matter what she does with her life. Marina understands that Cyrus needed to marry someone to stay in the country and she didn’t want him to go back to Australia. Lizzie decides to help Rafael and Natalia get adjusted to living in the mansion since Beth didn’t want her help. Lillian thinks that it was good that Buzz was honest with her and decides to try dating again because she is ready to date. Billy tells Josh that the reason that he was so angry at the company employee who stole money is because he knew that he could be in the same situation if he didn’t have a loving family. Josh arrives home to tell Cassie how her advice worked and she falls asleep listening to him talk. Josh sits beside Cassie on the couch and realizes he was meant to be a minister.

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