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Guiding Light Update Friday 7/13/07

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Written By Eva

(Hospital) Gus stops by to see how Rafe is doing and finds that he is asleep so he tells Natalia she doesn’t have to be alone in taking care of Rafe anymore. Gus tells Natalia he also admires her for taking care of Rafe’s diabetes all alone. The doctor comes in and tells Gus and Natalia that Rafe can go home tonight and gives Natalia and her husband all the instructions for taking care of Rafe. Natalia tells the doctor Gus isn’t her husband but he is Rafe’s father.

(Company) Cyrus calls someone to see how much money he could get for Alexandra’s necklace. Cyrus hangs up the phone when Marina comes up behind him and wonders what he is doing on the phone. Cyrus asks marina if she believes he has changed and she tells him she was scared to believe in him at first but now she knows he has changed. Cyrus tells Marina he has to make some important decisions but he is doing what is best for both of them. Cyrus kisses Marina for a few minutes and tells her he will meet her in her room later. Cyrus talks to the blackmailing immigration agent and tells her he will report her blackmail to her supervisor and she will lose her job. Terry reminds Cyrus that nobody will believe a former thief’s word and tells so he just give her ten thousand dollars tonight or face deportation.

(Beacon) Harley arrives and tells Daisy and Dylan that Daisy should pack because she is coming home. Dylan doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Harley tells him she will make this work even if it means following Rafe and Daisy 24 hours a day. Daisy is happy to be going home even though she will miss living with Dylan. Harley is frustrated by Dylan’s advice about the Daisy and Rafe situation and reminds him that he isn’t her husband and he should stop acting like it.

(Hospital) Alan gives Rafe an MP3 player and a laptop computer Rafe is happy but Gus takes Alan aside and tells him he can’t buy Rafe’s affection and he can’t replace Beth and the baby. Natalia decides to take back the laptop because if Natalia is worried about how Rafe’s relationship with Daisy Rafe needs one she will buy it for him. Natalia is worried about how Rafe’s relationship with Daisy will affect his future. Gus tells Natalia not to worry because Daisy is now living with Dylan. Alan sees Gus go down to the cafeteria and takes the opportunity to advise Natalia that she should take Rafe to live with her in her apartment because Harley really doesn’t care about him at all and will always choose her children over Rafe. Alan also tells Natalia that he thinks Harley will eventually force Rafe out of town. Natalia tells Rafe she is really worried about him because he never forgets to measure his sugar level. Rafe apologizes for scaring her so much and promises not to run away again. Natalia explains to Rafe that she is scared he will ruin his future if he should get Daisy pregnant. Natalia tells Rafe that she knows he is excited to be part of a new family but she reminds him that his new family may not stay with him but she will always be with him. Natalia asks Rafe to stay away from Daisy and concentrate on school. Harley is excited to tell Gus that Daisy is coming home but Gus is upset because Harley is choosing her daughter over his son. Harley thinks they should by Natalia and Rafe a condo in the same neighborhood as their house. Gus reminds Harley that they don’t have the money to buy a condo. Natalia interrupts Harley and Gus’s conversation and tells them she thinks its time she made decisions about her son.

(Mansion) Alexandra offers Alan her sympathy about Beth and the baby and asks his permission to move Cyrus into the main house because she enjoys his company. Alan gives his permission to Alexandra and wishes her much happiness but makes it clear he wants more then just company in his life.

(Natalia’s apartment) Remy catches Natalia packing because she wants to go back to Chicago and take Rafe with her. Remy doesn’t try to stop Natalia and wishes her the best he also tells her he will come visit her in Chicago

(Hospital) Daisy tells Rafe she was scared when he got sick because she couldn’t help him. Rafe tells Daisy she did the right thing and thanks her for her help. Rafe tells Daisy it has been fun being with her but they should cool things off and just be friends. Daisy acts like it doesn’t bother her and leaves the room. Daisy stands outside in the hallway and writes I love you on a piece of paper and slides it under the door in Rafe’s room. Rafe reads the note and they exchange loving looks through the closed door.

(Gus and Harley’s house) Harley arrives home and looks at family pictures as she considers what to do about this tough situation.

(Natalia’s apartment) Gus arrives and sees Natalia packing to go back to Chicago so he impulsively grabs her and tells her she isn’t going anywhere. Gus lets go of Natalia’s arm and apologizes for grabbing her. Gus tells Natalia that she and Rafe are just as important to him as Harley and he will figure out a way for Rafe to stay with him.

(Gus and Harley’s house) Alan arrives and tells Harley that Rafe should move in with him at the mansion if she wants to save her marriage.

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