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Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/12/07

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Written By Elizabeth

Jeffery and Reva are in his suite at the Beacon. They are joking around about their new ‘no strings attached’ relationship when there is a knock on the door. It is Josh and the happy couple looks more than surprised.

Dinah is having a hard time in her room. She can’t figure out how to shut off her alarm clock without looking at her ‘cheat sheet’ for help. Finally, she gets the ringing from the clock to stop. When she goes over to the bathroom she realizes that she’s already forgotten how to open the door. Dinah once again has to turn to her pad for help, which gets her so frustrated that she’s in tears.

Mallet runs into Frank on Main Street. He immediately thanks his boss for helping out with Dinah’s party at Company, and then asks for a favor. Mallet wants more time off of work. Frank agrees to let him take the time off, and while the two men are talking it comes out that Mallet has also resigned from the crime commission. Frank can’t believe that Mallet has done such a thing, but is supportive. He then goes to get some final things done for Dinah’s party.

Mallet steps aside to make a phone call to Dinah. He tells his wife that he’s thrown her a little party because everyone is excited to see her. She agrees to attend, though you can tell in her voice that she is feigning excitement.

Back in the suite, Dinah has trouble getting dressed. The simple act of buttoning her top has become something that she can’t remember how to do.

Marina is inside Company blowing up balloons for Dinah’s big party when Cyrus shows up. She seems genuinely excited to see him there and even enlists him in helping out. Not long after he’s gotten there, Cyrus looks out the window. He sees the Immigration officer from the previous day standing outside staring at him.  Marina looks slightly perturbed when Cyrus excuses himself to ‘take care of some business.’

Outside, we learn that the Immigration officer’s name is Terry. She wonders if the town knows he is about to be deported. Cyrus tries to charm her. He wonders if perhaps there is another way that they can settle the issue with his green card. He is clearly hitting on. Terry shakes her head. She tells him that she likes women and that unless he wants to head back to Australia that he’d better come up with some money fast. Marina watches the two of them from the window.

Josh continues to knock on the door, demanding that Jeffery open up. Inside, Jeffery tries to get Reva to hide, but she refuses. “We’re grown adults.” She reminds O’Neill. She pushes Jeffery to answer the door while she sits on the couch.  At the door Josh explains that he’s looking for Reva. “I’m in here.” Reva calls out. Josh pushes open the door completely and finds his ex wife, barely dressed, sitting on Jeffery’s couch.

Jeffery is clearly uncomfortable and bolts out of the room. Josh explains to Reva that he’s seen the DVD footage of Cassie switching the paternity results. He goes on to clarify how he handled the situation. Reva smiles and wonders what he will do if Rick decides to keep it a secret and raise the baby as his own. Josh tells her that he will be okay with that, and Reva isn’t sure that she believes it.

Jeffery ends up at CO2 where he runs into Olivia. She apologizes to Jeffery for overreacting the previous night. Jeffery nods, accepting the apology and begins to walk away. Olivia follows him though. She continues to tell him that part of the reason she overreacted was because the woman in his suite was Reva. “I talked to Billy last night. He told me the only reason Reva claimed to be sleeping with you was to antagonize me.” Olivia says. Jeffery tries to stop Olivia, but stops short when she continues to apologize.

A phone call interrupts Jeffery’s conversation with Olivia. He is on the phone explaining why things will have to get pushed back as soon as possible. Olivia watches on, looking somewhat impressed. Jeffery gets off the phone and instantly feels the need to explain that the call had nothing to do with Reva. He goes on to tell her that she really pushes things sometimes. Olivia becomes defensive.

Mallet returns home and sees that Dinah looks a bit disheveled. Her shirt is buttoned completely wrong and her hair is not done up. He smiles and pulls her close. Mallet seems to think that she merely wants him to take her shirt off.

Cyrus continues to talk to Terry outside. Back inside Company, Marina continues to watch. Alex is also inside. Marina mentions something about all the late nights that Cyrus has been working lately. Alex seems shocked. “I’m in bed by 10pm every night.” She tells Marina.

Outside, Terry wonders why Cyrus is putting the moves on her. If he hopes to get the 100,000 dollars it will take to pay her off, then she suggests that he hit on his boss instead. Terry then leaves, telling Cyrus that she will be in touch. He heads back inside.

Mallet and Dinah are outside of Company. She tells him that the party is perfect and they head inside. She walks in and sees everyone there to support her. All the faces come toward her, and she seems to be overwhelmed by everything. Only Matt has an expression of concern on his face.

Dinah is approached by Remy.  He has lots of questions for her about her TV show, but luckily Mallet is there.  Mallet assures Remy that Dinah’s fans can wait. She looks across the room at Matt who is watching her. He seems to be keeping an eye out for her, in case she needs some help.

Across the room Frank thanks Alexandra for a tip she gave the police department earlier in the week. She leaves to make a phone call.

Marina and Cyrus are sitting at a table together. They make small talk, and Marina mentions his business associates. He claims that she would be bored talking about that. Marina instantly gets defensive, and then leaves the table.

Jeffery and Olivia continue to argue about trust when Alex strolls by. She pops in on their conversation, wondering if Olivia even knows what it means to trust something. She points out that her new business partner went and called Alan behind her back. Alex is irate. “I told you not to worry.”  Olivia tells both of them.

Finally it dawns on Jeffery. “You called Alan because you’re going to go after Reva.” Jeffery says in disbelief. It seems as though he can barely believe it as the words come out of his mouth. Olivia doesn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Reva gets dressed while Josh is in the room. They continue to talk about the baby situation and Josh as well. Reva points out that a majority of their fights have been about her doing something rash and him judging her. Josh becomes self-protective.  He tells Reva that he’s not condemning or condoning the choice that Cassie made, nor is he doing it with her. Reva smiles. “I wondered when that was coming up.” Josh shakes his head. “You do what you want. That’s fine with me.” He tells her. Reva doesn’t believe him. She tells him that if he has a problem with her relationships that he needs to say something.

Josh maintains that her sex life is none of his business. Reva continues to push his buttons. She presses Josh, wanting to know why he clearly doesn’t like Reva and Jeffery together. Getting close to him, Reva asks him to give her a list of who it is okay to sleep with and who its not. Josh backs away. He lets her know that he merely went looking for her to explain that he told Rick about the paternity of Beth’s baby, and no one else. Josh then walks out, leaving Reva alone.

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