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Written By Eva

Gus and Harley’s blended family is in the spotlight today as family emergency forces some people together. Harley and Gus plan a guy movie night for Rafe to get his mind off Daisy. The idea fails as Gus and Harley fall asleep on the couch and Rafe goes to his room to text message Daisy. The two lovebirds decide to runaway since their parents won’t allow them to be together. Rafe sneaks out of the house when he sees that Gus and Harley have fallen asleep on the couch. The show’s writers show the same scenes from the point of view of Rafe and Daisy’s parents first and then finally Rafe and Daisy with the two different sides of the story coming together at the end of the episode.

The parent’s side of the story begins when Rafe sneaks out of the house and then about an hour later Gus and Harley awaken to discover that Rafe is gone. Harley calls Dylan and asks him if rafe is with Daisy and when Dylan arrives at his place he discovers Daisy is also gone. Gus and Harley go to Company to tell Natalia the news and Alan who is also there wants to help search for Rafe. Buzz also offers to help and calls Frank who is going to meet him at Fifth Street to begin searching for the two lovebirds. Gus takes Natalia home and tells her to wait there in case Rafe calls. Remy arrives for his date but once he learns about Rafe he decides to go with Gus and help in the search for the two teens. Gus tells Remy he is sorry that he ruined his date with Natalia and while the two are talking a shady looking guy tells Remy that he still owes him the money he lost on their last poker game. Gus pretends that Remy is under deep cover working for the police and tells the guy that once the case is over he will get his money back but right now it is locked in the police evidence room. Once the tough guy is gone Gus asks Remy not to put Natalia in any danger because of his shady poker playing. Remy accuses Gus of being jealous because he can be with Natalia and he (Gus) isn’t free to be with her.

Dylan takes Harley home and they decide to look for the teens by calling around town but since Harley gets no information from her calls Dylan and Harley decide to think like Rafe and Daisy and they go to the park, the high school and a pool hall because Harley feels like blowing of some steam playing pool. Dylan drinks two glasses of wine and offers Harley a drink but she doesn’t drink because she wants to keep a clear head. The teens are not in any of the places Harley and Dylan look so they go back to Dylan’s place to look through Daisy’s computer for information. Daisy didn’t leave any information on her computer Dylan and Harley start to remember when they were young and in love which causes a slightly drunk Dylan to tell Harley that he thinks he never got over the feelings he had for her and he thinks he still loves her. Dylan leans over and gives Harley a little kiss, which he wants to last longer but Harley quickly pulls away. Harley tells Dylan there is no need to apologize for what just happened but Dylan tells Harley he didn’t want to apologize he wanted to kiss her and he wishes she shared his feelings.

Alan arrives at Natalia’s place to wait for news about Rafe and wonders why Natalia didn’t return his phone call and explain he just wanted to meet the mother of his new grandson. Natalia tells him she didn’t want to get Gus upset with her. Alan tells Natalia she raised a good young man who helped him when he had a bad day. Alan gets a call from his butler who tells him that Rafe and daisy are at the mansion. Alan and Natalia rush over to the mansion and discover that Rafe and Daisy have just left. Natalia apologizes to Alan and offers sympathy about the fact that his former wife Beth married Rick. Alan tells Natalia he has been very lonely and it helped him a lot to spend the day with Rafe yesterday. Alan notices that the keys to his lake house are missing and since Rafe saw them yesterday he figures out that Rafe took the keys to hide at the Lake house with Daisy. Natalia gets a frantic call from daisy about Rafe and she and Alan rush to the Lake house. Natalia and Alan arrive to see an n unconscious Rafe and a panicked and crying Daisy.

Rafe and Daisy’s side of the story begins with Rafe sneaking out of the house once he sees that Gus and Harley have fallen asleep on the couch. Dylan tells Daisy he will be at a meeting downstairs and he will return in an hour. Once Dylan is gone rafe arrives and tells Daisy they must run away in order to be together. Daisy tells Rafe she got his text message and is already packed. Daisy wonders where they are going and Rafe tells her he hasn’t figured that out yet but they will be together and happy for the rest of their lives. The love birds head out of the Beacon and we discover that Dylan and Harley as well as Gus and Remy barely missed finding the teens several times so Daisy is worried about such close calls and tells Rafe she wishes they could live in a house by the water. Rafe takes Daisy to the Spaulding mansion and steals the keys to Alan’s lake house. The teens arrive at the Lake house and kiss for a few minutes on the bed but Daisy stops and tell Rafe she is hungry and goes to the kitchen to see if they can find some food. Daisy only finds baking soda and some extremely old p0ckles so the two decide to go skinny-dipping on the lake. Daisy is taking off her clothes when Rafe suddenly falls to the floor and Daisy is unable to revive him. Daisy cries and panics and calls Natalia. Natalia arrives and knows Rafe’s sugar is very lows so she puts a piece of candy on his tongue and tells Alan to call 911. Rafe is rushed to the hospital where all the parents arrive to check on his condition. Natalia tells Rafe not to scare her, his father or grandfather like that again. Gus tells Rafe to please not run away again because he would miss him if he left. Dylan and Harley are in the hallway trying to calm a pumiced Daisy. Dylan and Harley ask their daughter to please not run away again because they love her and want to see her go to high school maybe college and then get married. Gus and Natalia allow daisy to see Rafe alone and Rafe and daisy hug. Natalia and Gus stand in the hallway by the door to Rafe’s room while Dylan and Harley stand on the other side of the hallway. Gus and Harley exchange meaningful looks and Harley starts to walk toward Gus but then stops herself. Natalia and Dylan look at each other and then at Gus and Harley feeling out of place and like they are interrupting something very special. Alan takes a walk and thinks about the events of the day.

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