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Written By Elizabeth

Coop and Ashlee are watching a movie in her room. There was a mix up with the movie and the two are joking around. When he decides to turn the volume up, Ashlee has to lean across him to reach it. As she does this, Coop becomes uncomfortable. He immediately begins fiddling around, and moving. Ashlee seems unfazed by the whole thing, but wonders what is going on. He grabs a pillow from her, places it in front of himself and rushes into the bathroom.  

Once inside the bathroom Coop begins talking to himself. He was clearly aroused by Ashlee leaning across him, and is talking to himself.  She knocks on the door, wondering if everything is okay. “I’m fine. Come in” He tells her without thinking. Ashlee walks in, looks down, and wonders if she’s come in at a bad moment. The two of them both look very embarrassed.  

Coop immediately begins making excuses about why he has to leave. Ashlee realizes what is going on and asks him to stay. Coop is insistent that he leave. As he’s headed out the door, Ava walks in with flowers.  She seems shocked to see Ashlee and Ava together.  

Coop uses a pillow to cover himself and sits down quickly. He is definitely surprised to see Ava there. Ashlee looks pleased with herself.  Ava gives Ashlee the flowers and claims to have stopped by on her way to visit Olivia. She wishes Ashlee good luck with her freedom. Ava sees the movie and attempts to invite herself over to watch it. She’s shocked when she gets the cold shoulder from both Coop and Ashlee. Getting the hint that she’s not wanted, Ava leaves, telling them that she hopes they both have a good time.  

Alone again, Coop apologizes for making everything uncomfortable. Ashlee smiles and tells him not to worry about it. She’s actually flattered, she tells him. Coop doesn’t seem to get why and looks very confused.  

Coop puts the flowers in water and then tries to leave again. Ashlee asks him to stay, until the door opens. Buzz opens the door, sees the bed in disarray, and the two of them together. “Did I come at a bad time?” He asks. Coop tells him no, while Ashlee is quick to say that he did.  

Olivia is pouring herself a cup of coffee on Main Street when Jeffery approaches her. He wonders what she needed to talk to him about so urgently. Olivia gets right to the point. “I want to see you.” She tells him. Jeffery doesn’t seem to understand what she’s saying. She clearly means that she thinks they should date, but he doesn’t pick up on that. After a few minutes of making Olivia repeat herself he gets it. “Oh.” He says looking shocked.  

Olivia tries to explain herself to Jeffery. She acknowledges that there is a ‘thing’ between them and thinks that they should go for it. Jeffrey kids her about being unromantic.  She tells him that she’s being realistic, and that she thinks they should begin to create happy memories. “Your place or mine?” He asks. She tells him that she will meet him there after she orders them room service. “See you later.” He tells her looking a bit unsure of what has just happened.  

Dinah is at Cedars being examined by a doctor. She’s asking him when he will let her out. He warns her that things won’t be easy. Dinah nods, telling him that she’s tough enough to take all the therapy he can dish out. The doctor again warns of potential problems with traumatic brain injury patients. Mallet walks in just then to check on Dinah. Her face lights up when she sees him. Again she assures the doctor that she will follow all of his orders. This time, however, it appears as though she has a bit of trouble forming a coherent sentence. No one else seems to notice it though as she just changes the wording around a bit. She asks if she can go home, and Mallet is excited. The doctor leaves to get the paperwork started.  

Dinah hugs her husband. As he leaves, she is left alone in the room she remembers what she is trying to say.  Alone in the room she picks up her cell phone to call her mother with the good news. She has trouble unfolding the phone. Dinah looks at the phone as if it were something from another planet. It is apparent that she’s having trouble with some tasks that were once second nature to her. Dinah looks scared.  

Cyrus walks in on Dinah with the phone. He jokes around with her a bit. In her head, Dinah searches for his name. She can think of many different traits that he has, but still can’t think of his name. While the two are in the room, Marina walks in as well. Dinah makes it known that she still doesn’t get why Cyrus isn’t in jail. Marina begins to mention the many ways that Cyrus has helped out lately. Mallet joins the party, and he too, mentions that Cyrus has been a help to have around. Dinah looks lost and confused. She tells them all that she merely wants to get dressed and go home. Mallet smiles, glad to have her back.  

The Immigration officer mentions the numerous times that Cyrus has been arrested. He tells her that he’s paid his debt to society and that he’s changed. She doesn’t want to hear it. She only wants to talk to him about how he is going to manage to pay her off. Shaking his head, Cyrus looks as though he can’t believe what is going on. She warns him that she will get him kicked out of the country if he doesn’t comply with her wishes. Cyrus lets her know that he will be in touch with her and that she doesn’t intimidate him.

Marina reappears, ready to head home with Cyrus. He lies to her and claims that Alex has called him in for some important business. Cyrus kisses her bye and leaves.  

In Olivia’s hotel suite, she is looking through her clothes to find something to wear tonight when there is a knock at the door. It is Ava. Olivia yells for her to come in. Ava comes in, talking about how she’s returning a purse. Olivia doesn’t seem to notice much of what’s going on though. Olivia turns around, notices that her daughter also has her mind elsewhere and asks what is going on.  

Ava explains that she just stopped by to see Ashlee and that Coop was there. She goes on to mention that there was a weird vibe coming from the two of them. Olivia nods, realizing that her daughter is worried that Coop may have an interest in Ashlee. She assures Ava that she should follow her instincts and that if she wants Coop back that she will be able to get him back.  Ava nods pretty much agreeing with her mother and notices that Olivia seems to be getting ready for a date.  

Ava asks her mother what’s going on, pointing to the shoes, dresses and purses littering the bed. Olivia takes a deep breath and says that she definitely needs to talk to Ava, especially since it concerns Jeffery. 

Olivia acknowledges that things could get weird, and Ava nods. She doesn’t say much while her mother rambles on about the possible problems that this might cause. Ava smiles glad that her parents are getting together. Olivia admits that she is very curious about where their relationship might go. “I need him to heal.” Olivia tells her daughter.  

Jeffery hears a knock at his door and opens it only to find Reva there. In her hand she has a very thick stack of papers. She shows them to Jeffery and tells them that Doris has trumped up even more charges against her. Jeffery looks through them and is quickly engrossed in what he is ready. There is another knock at the door and Reva opens it to find room service, she lets them in, and tips the waiter. Jeffery tells her to help herself to the food. He is clearly distracted by all the paperwork that Reva has just handed him. She mentions that they’re going to be digging through papers all night if they hope to stop Doris.  

Marina apologizes to Cyrus for the way Dinah treated him. He assures her that she doesn’t need to. He understands that Dinah is going through a very rough time. Kissing him, Marina thanks him for being such a great guy. She even invites him back to her place after she stops by the station. She tells him that she needs to check on a case.  Cyrus smiles and agrees to meet her later.  

Once Marina is gone, Cyrus is approached by a woman claiming to be from Immigration. She tells him that his application for a green card came across her desk and that there are some problems with it. Cyrus is apologetic, and tells her that if he can do anything to help the situation that he will. With a gleam in her eye, she tells him that money will fix the problem. “Lots of money.” She tells him.  

Dinah returns home with Mallet by her side. She doesn’t walk into the apartment right away, but stands at the doorway, taking the whole place in. Mallet mentions something about this, but she shrugs it off. She tells him that she’s just overcome with emotion at being home. Dinah walks in and Mallet immediately begins making plans to pamper her until there is a knock on the door. Matt is there to check on Dinah.  

Mallet and Matt talk about how great Dinah looks while she stands there smiling. All of a sudden Dinah randomly asks Matt if he’s still together with her mother. It’s inappropriate and Mallet looks a smidge embarrassed. Matt shrugs it off and explains that he and Vanessa are still working on things.  

Mallet decides that he’s going to run a few errands while Matt and Dinah catch up. Dinah assures him that she’s okay, but Matt promises to stay. Mallet kisses her goodbye and she heads to the closet to get a sweater. When Dinah gets to the door, she stares at it for a bit, unsure of how to open it. She is startled when there is a knock at the door. It is only someone delivering flowers. She watches intently as Mallet opens the door, and looks relieved when she sees how he does it.  

Dinah excuses herself and heads into the bathroom. She tries giving herself a pep talk, but seems discouraged. She sits alone on the floor, until Matt comes in after her. He wants to know what’s going on and what’s wrong. Dinah looks completely lost and tells him that everything is wrong.  

Dinah goes on to tell him that she’s having trouble with remembering names and how to do the little things. Matt nods, and mentions the closet door. He hugs her close and tells her that she will be okay. Matt tells her that if she needs to that she should make a little crib sheet to help her remember things until she’s back 100%. He also urges her to talk to Mallet about what is going on. Through the tears, Dinah smiles looking a bit relieved.  

Back in Ashlee’s room, Buzz mentions that he stopped by only to walk the dog. Coop tells his father that he’s sure Ashlee can handle it. The two men hastily leave the room. Once in the hallway, Buzz wonders what is going on. Buzz smiles, realizing that there might be something going on between Coop and Ava.  

Reva and Jeffery continue to work on the case in his room. Reva is eating while Jeffery walks around the room talking strategy. They both seem to be having a good time.  Jeffery sits down, toasts Reva and tells her that they will get through things. Olivia knocks on the door and walks in. She sees Reva and is immediately enraged.  

Jeffery apologizes for getting caught up in the case, but Olivia doesn’t want to hear it. She accuses Reva of being a tramp. Reva tries to sit back and not say anything. Olivia gets more and more mad with each passing moment. She actually takes desert from the tray and throws it in Jeffery’s face before walking out.  

Reva wonders why Jeffery didn’t go after Olivia. Shaking his head he doesn’t really give her an answer. He makes up a couple of lame excuses. Reva then comes up with an idea. She thinks that they could pretend to be involved romantically, which would infuriate Olivia until he decides what he wants. She reasons that most of the town already thinks that they are a couple. Eventually the two end up kissing one another passionately.  

Cyrus follows the Immigration officer to the Beacon. He ends up breaking into her room. Once inside, he searches through her papers. Upon opening an underwear drawer, he smiles.  

Ava stops by Ashlee’s room again to give her a box of chocolates as a welcome home gift. Ashlee is immediately suspicious and there is tension in the air. Ashlee breaks the tension first and accuses Ava of being phony. Ava storms in her room claiming that she’s only trying to be friendly to Ashlee. She goes on to say that she’s worried that Ashlee might accidentally get her hopes up. Ashlee kicks Ava out, yelling that Ava is only worried that something will develop between her and Coop. “If you want to compete for Coop, bring it on.” Ashlee yells after Ava.  

At Company, Olivia sees Buzz and Coop talking alone. She then turns around to walk away when she stumbles into Billy. Billy claims to know about Reva and Jeffery’s relationship, and Olivia is left feeling like a fool. Billy tells Olivia that Reva and Jeffery are not a real couple, and that Reva is merely trying to get Olivia’s goat.  

Back in Jeffery’s room, Reva and Jeffery are sitting on the couch in their bathrobes. They both joke about how they are not like other ‘friends.’ “This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Reva tells Jeffery as she kisses him again.  

As Cyrus is leaving the room of the Immigration officer he runs into Marina. He rapidly makes an excuse about how he has to leave and promises to meet up with her later.  

Matt is giving Dinah hints on how to get through each day. Mallet walks in with food for them. Dinah hugs him and while she looks over Mallets shoulder, Matt winks at her.

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