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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/9/07

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Written By Elizabeth

Harley is cuffing Rafe at the Spaulding Mansion when Gus walks in. He demands to know what is going on. Coldly, Harley tells him that there was a domestic disturbance involving ‘his son.’ She goes on to explain that Rafe got into a fight with Rick Bauer, and then later refused to leave the house with her. When Harley takes a breath, Gus interrupts her. He lets her know that they need to discuss things in the hallway. Harley immediately has reservations about leaving Rafe alone, and makes it known. Gus is angry and reminds his son that should he leave the house that he will be driven directly to juvenile hall immediately.  

In the hallway, Gus questions Harley’s decision to use handcuffs on Rafe. She immediately defends herself, and refers to Rafe numerous times as ‘this kid’ and ‘your son.’ Gus doesn’t say anything, but definitely looks hurt by what she is saying. They are interrupted by a phone call from the police station.  

Gus gazes off into space while Harley takes the phone call. He’s clearly troubled by what is going on, but doesn’t say anything about it.  On the other side of the wall Rafe listens in on the conversation. Gus demands to know who saw what. He’s hopeful that Rick might be willing to drop the charges. Harley doesn’t want to hear it. She lists everyone who saw what happened as if there is no hope that Rafe will be able to get off without being arrested. She softens up a bit when she sees Gus’s face. “You tell me what you want me to do.” She challenges her husband. Gus tells her that the first thing that they need to do is remove the handcuffs. He’s worried that whatever progress that they’ve made with him will now be lost.  

Harley agrees to take the handcuffs off of him, and the two go back into the study. Gus begins to remove the handcuffs, and tells his son not to regret giving him another chance. Rafe looks directly at his step-mother and tells Harley that he knows the whole thing is about Daisy.  

At home, Daisy is holding a shirt that belongs to Rafe. She looks forlorn and sits down holding it. She holds it close to her as she stares off into space.  

Ashlee is alone in her bedroom writing when there is a knock on the door. When she hears it is Coop she quickly scatters around the room cleaning stuff up. She finally opens the door and promptly slams it into his head by accident. Coop tells her that he needs to talk to her about something and offers to take her out for an early dinner. Ashlee tries to hid her excitement while around him, but while in the bathroom changing is simply ecstatic about the date.  

Josh stops Alan on Main Street. He wants to talk to him. Alan doesn’t want to hear it. He thinks Josh merely wants to rub it in that Beth has left him for Rick. Cassie is nearby and hears the two men talking. She is quick to assume that Josh is going to tell Alan that she switched the paternity results at the lab. Alan asks Josh to leave him alone. Josh doesn’t budge. “Alan, maybe I can help you.” Josh says seriously. Cassie watches on nervously.  

Alan is apprehensive that Josh can help him. Josh, however, is insistent. He asks Alan to go somewhere else so that they can talk. Alan doesn’t want to hear it, and even blames God for taking Beth and the bay away from him. While the two men are continuing to talk, Cassie walks away. Josh defends the Bauer Family as much as he can, but Alan rages on. He claims that the baby is going to be a loser because she’s not going to be a Spaulding. Finally, Alan stops talking. He wonders what it is that Josh feels he needs to tell him. Josh looks at Alan with disgust. He’s clearly changed his mind about telling Alan the truth. “Have a nice day.” He tells Alan before walking off.  

Rick and Beth are kissing one another inside Cedars. They seem to be having a good time. Cassie is around the corner and hears them. She witnesses Beth confessing some things to Rick about trying to entrap him. She hears the two of them talking about how much they love one another, and looks very sad. Cassie leaves as she hears that Beth is going to get something to eat on Main Street. Beth kisses Rick goodbye, unaware that Cassie is following her.  

It is Beth who notices Cassie first. She mentions the past and how she wants to change. She even brings up Cassie being the godmother of the new baby again. Cassie smiles and tells Beth that she’d be more than glad to be a part of the child’s life. The conversation then takes a turn. Cassie warns Beth to be prepared for what Alan might come at Rick and Beth with. You can tell that she’s almost ready to admit to Beth the truth, but stops short. Beth seems confused by their conversation, but the women part on amicable terms.  

Coop and Ashlee are at Company having coffee. He tells her that he felt he needed to discuss Alan with her. She looks at him quizzically, not knowing what he’s talking about. He lets her know that even though Alan was nice enough to help her get out of jail that Alan will most definitely come to her wanting something. Ashlee tells him that she realizes that, but that there’s not much she’s going to be able to do to help the great Alan Spaulding. She then jokes that she has hope that one day he won’t be so mean. The two laugh and Coop offers to run interference for Ashlee for a bit. Just as the two are talking about this Alan walks in. He looks directly at where Ashlee is sitting.  

Coop escorts Alan out of Company while Ashlee watches on. Alan is complaining about being manhandled, and Coop apologizes. Coop tells Alan that he needs to know what it is that Alan wants from Ashlee; he even offers to pay the price for the help Alan gave her. Alan looks slightly impressed with what Coop is telling him.  

Back inside Doris approaches her daughter from the back entrance. She wonders why Ashlee hasn’t contacted her despite the numerous messages she has left for her daughter. She is clearly annoyed with Ashlee. “I’m trying to give you a taste of what it feels like to be ignored.” Ashlee tells her mother. She makes it clear that she’s not going to make time for the mother who ignored her while she was in juvenile hall. Doris doesn’t want to realize that Ashlee doesn’t need her anymore and ignores what has just been said.  

Alan assures Coop that he has more important things to worry about than Ashlee. Coop looks at him oddly and admits that he believes him. The two shake hands and Coop heads inside.  

Doris takes Coop’s place outside. She tells Alan that she heard about Beth’s marriage to Rick. She rubs it in that he’s not with the woman he loves. When Alan calls her on it, she brings up the ‘Reva Situation’ and mentions that she has a lot of charges trumped up for when they go to court. Alan seems pleased with this, but is struck by something Coop has said. He wonders if it is true that he moves from making one person pay to the next.  

Rafe races into the house in front of his father and Harley. Gus yells after his son to wait up, but Rafe doesn’t listen. He runs into the house calling out to Daisy. She sees him coming in and the two hug one another. Gus pulls Harley aside and tells her that they need to come up with a plan. He thinks that the more they try and keep the two kids apart that the more they will want to be together. Harley’s solution is that perhaps Rafe should move back home with his mother. Daisy overhears what her mother says and is mad. She can’t believe that her mom would want to kick Rafe out.  

Harley, Gus, Rafe, and Daisy go through all the options that they have. It is Daisy who points out that nothing has changed with Rafe’s situation. He still needs to go to a good school, and that’s not going to happen if he lives with his mother. She suggests that she move out and live with her father. No one like the idea at first, but Daisy slowly begins to sell them on it. She mentions that Dylan has a spare bedroom and that it’s in a good neighborhood. She also promises to visit often.  

Harley and Gus step aside to discuss the matter. Harley is reluctant to agree to it because she’ll miss Daisy, but remembers that Gus needs the time with his son. They agree to let Daisy move out. Daisy is excited to hear this and grabs Rafe. She wants him to help her pack. As soon as the kids are out of ear shot, Harley looks at Gus. She wonders how they are going to solve the other half of their problem – Daisy & Rafe’s relationship.  

Josh finds Rick at the hospital and tells him that they need to talk. He quickly tells Rick that there was a mistake with the paternity test. He is not the father of Beth’s baby, Alan is. Josh goes on to tell Rick that he couldn’t keep it a secret because of the possible medical complications that could arise later on. Rick is stunned. He doesn’t want to believe it at first, and wonders who else knows the truth. Josh assures him that Alan doesn’t know he is the father. After the news has sunk in, Rick blames Josh for unloading it all on it. He feels he would have been better off not knowing. He storms off, angry with Josh.  

Josh calls Cassie who is surprised to learn that Alan still doesn’t know he’s the father. She is pleased by this, and agrees to meet with Josh at the Beacon to talk about things.  

At the Beacon, Coop walks Ashlee back to her room. She commends him for whatever it was he said to Alan, while he is impressed by her words to Doris. Neither know what was said exactly but are impressed by the reactions that the other got in response. They get to the door, and Ashlee asks him to come in and watch a movie with her. He thinks it’s a good idea and heads inside with her.  

At the Beacon, Josh admits that he told Rick the truth. He also tells her that letting Alan in on the truth would have only complicated things. “And things are complicated enough.” He tells her. Josh also lets Cassie know that he protected her role in the paternity switch. The two wonder if Rick will tell Beth the truth or not. Cassie hopes that Rick will do the right thing and keep the truth from Alan. Josh smiles telling her that he’s not sure what the right thing is anymore. He goes on to tell her that regardless they will work through this problem.  

Reverend Rutledge interrupts the conversation by inviting them into his suite where a young couple is waiting. They begin to rehearse for the baptism, and the Reverend mentions that the baptism is leaving the baby’s future in God’s hands which is always a blessed event.  

Rick walks into his suite where Beth is waiting. She greets him in lingerie, but he is clearly distracted. She asks him what is wrong and he only tells her that something happened at the hospital. Beth guesses that he saw Cassie. Before he has a chance to respond she tells him that regardless of how Cassie comes across that she only wants the best for them. Rick nods, telling her that they are lucky to have someone like that in their corner. Beth agrees and tells him that she loves him. The two embrace.  

Later Beth tells him that she was looking at baby names. She wonders if there were any family names that he wanted to use.  Rick looks away when she says this and the two are interrupted by a knock at the door. It is Alan.  

Alan apologizes to the couple for any trouble that he may have caused them and wishes them only the best. He even offers to pay for Rick’s car that was vandalized. He explains that he was angry and bitter by what happened. He hopes that the baby will have a nice life with its biological parents. Rick shuts the door looking worried. Beth seems optimistic, though she isn’t hopeful that he will keep his word.  

Gus sees Rafe looking sad about being without Daisy being in the house.  They talk about Alan, and Gus warns his son that Alan might not be what he seems. He also tells his son that he has some ground rules when it comes to the relationship that Daisy and Rafe have.  

In Dylan’s apartment, Harley tells her daughter the same thing. She and Gus have devised some ground rules for her daughter’s relationship with Rafe.  

Rafe is completely angry, as Daisy is with Harley when they tell the kids that they need to stay apart for a few weeks. Both children are horribly upset.  

In the mansion, Alan calls Natalia. He leaves a message where he tells her that they have something in common that they need to discuss.  

Coop and Ashlee watch a movie in her room. There was a mix up with the movie and the two are joking around. When he decides to turn the volume up, Ashlee has to lean across him to reach it. As she does this, Coop becomes uncomfortable. He immediately begins fiddling around, and moving. Ashlee seems unfazed by the whole thing, but wonders what is going on. He grabs a pillow from her, places it in front of himself and rushes into the bathroom.  

Once inside the bathroom Coop begins talking to himself. He was clearly aroused by Ashlee leaning across him, and is talking to himself.  She knocks on the door, wondering if everything is okay. “I’m fine. Come in” He tells her without thinking. Ashlee walks in, looks down, and wonders if she’s come in at a bad moment. The two of them both look very embarrassed.

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