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Guiding Light Update Friday 7/6/07

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Written By Eva

(Farm) Josh is stunned over what he has just seen on the did and wonders what Cassie has done. Cassie is annoyed because Reva didn’t do as she promised and burn the DVD. Josh is angry because Cassie thought she had the right to play God with the life of an innocent baby. Cassie cuts herself a piece of pie and starts to eat it and Josh is surprised that Cassie is so calm about what she has done. Cassie explains to Josh that Rick is a much better father then Alan and this little girl will be very happy in a stable family. Cassie wonders if Josh is going to tell Alan the truth and Josh responds that he doesn’t know what he is going to do yet. Reverend Rutledge arrives to ask Josh to observe a baptism today and he also wonders if Cassie has agreed to be the godmother to Rick and Beth’s baby. Cassie is thrilled at the idea of being Godmother to Rick and Beth’s child. Reverend Rutledge tells Josh he is very lucky to have a woman like Cassie at his side. Once the Reverend leaves Josh tells Cassie he needs to go for a walk to think about things and pray.

(Spaulding mansion) Rafe and Alan find they have something in common they both dislike Harley. Alan tells Rafe about Spaulding family history and about his great grandfather Brandon whom he admits was very hard on him. Alan tells Rafe he will always be grateful to Brandon for making him tough. Alan tells Rafe he would love to meet his mother Natalia and have her come visit him. Alan gets a call from his lawyer whom he instructs to wait because Beth will come to her senses and dump Rick. Alan tells his lawyer that he is going to rest a few days at the lake house and then he will come back and take care of Rick and Beth. Alan tells Rafe that Rick stole his wife Beth from him while he was in the hospital in a coma. Alan tells Rafe to be careful because Rick and Harley only care about themselves. Alan tells Rafe that the most important thing to him is family.

(Gus and Harley’s house) Harley tells Gus that Daisy and Rafe met in juvenile hall and she caught them kissing on the couch. Gus is stunned and he insists that this relationship can’t happen because Rafe needs to live with them to have a chance at a better future. Gus thinks that Daisy only has a crush and asks her to put Rafe’s needs before hers if she does indeed love him. Daisy admits that she stole Harley’s money and Rafe took the blame to protect her. Gus and Harley go to look for Rafe and tell daisy not to leave the house.

(Company) Beth an Rick see Mel who wishes them all the best on their marriage since she knows Rick has wanted to marry Beth for a long time. Beth follows Mel outside to clear the air with her. Mel asks Beth not to interfere in Rick’s relationship with Leah because Leah needs to feel like she is a part of their new family. Mel tells Beth that if she does anything to hurt Leah she will the world’s worst ex –wife.

Harley and Gus go over to Natalie’s place and tell her about Daisy and Rafe’s relationship and that they claim to be in love with each other. Natalia insists that Rafe move back home with her since Rafe can’t have a girlfriend distracting him while he is trying to study. Natalia promises to call Gus and Harley if Rafe should come visit her.

(Manson) Rick and Beth arrive so Beth can pick up her clothes and while Beth goes upstairs Rick tells Alan that he and Beth are very happy together. Beth comes back downstairs with her things and Alan grabs her arm to stop her from leaving he also pleads with her to reconsider and get her marriage to Rick annulled. Beth says good-bye to Alan and tells him she doesn’t want an annulment. Beth asks Alan to let go of her arm and when he refuses Rick takes Alan’s arm off Beth and pushes Alan away from her. Rafe gets angry and punches Rick because he thinks Rick is trying to hurt Alan. Rafael continues to punch Rick despite Beth’s screams for him to stop. Alan smiles as he watches Rafe punching Rick because he is happy that his grandson is fighting Rick to defend him.

(Church) Harley and Josh meet and Josh tells Harley he is trying to decide if he should keep something a secret. Harley tells Josh she is having problems with Rife and Daisy. Harley gets a call from the police station about a disturbance in the Spaulding mansion involving Rafe. Harley calls Gus to meet her there so once Gus hangs up the phone he tells Daisy he must leave on police business.

(Gus and Harley’s house) daisy thinks there is one person who will support her relationship with Rafe so she goes over to Company to speak to Natalia.

(Company) Natalia also tells daisy to stay away forage so that he can have a future. Daisy is stunned but Natalia tells daisy that she and Harley are both mothers who will make any sacrifice to make sure their children have a good life.

(Mansion) Harley arrives to see Beth tending to Rick’s broken nose and Alan tending to Rafe’s bruised Hand. Alan explains to Harley that Rafe was defending him and Rick and Beth go to the hospital to mend Rick’s nose. Harley asks Rafe to come home with her but he refuses so she grabs Rafe’s arm just as Gus arrives with a what is going on look on his face.

(Hospital) Rick and Beth arrive to check on his broken nose and Cassie watches them as they joke about what happened to Rick. Cassie wonders if she should tell them the truth about the baby and ruin their happiness.

(Company) Alan bumps into Josh and Josh tells him they must talk about an important family matter.

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