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Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/5/07

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Written By Elizabeth

Inside Company, Buzz is bent over underneath the counter changing some stuff around in a lower cabinet. Olivia strolls in, looks over at her ex and smiles. She comments that even when the world is falling apart its nice to come into the restaurant and see Buzz. He looks annoyed and mentions that stability isn’t the thing that she ever seems to want. Olivia lets this comment slide. She mentions that she and Alex Spaulding are working together to expand the Beacon chain. Buzz nods, looking more impressed that the two are working together than he is about the chain. “I figure there should be a high end restaurant in each property, and maybe a casual dining spot too.” Olivia tells Buzz. Smiling, he realizes what she came into Company for. She doesn’t seem surprised when he tells her that he needs to pass on becoming business partners with her. He then asks her if things are getting back on track for her. Olivia looks to the floor and then as she looks up asks if he’s spoken to Reva lately.

On Main Street, Cassie eyes a wedding dress in a store window. She has a huge grin on her face. Reva crosses the street and comments to her sister that she looks truly happy for the first time in a long time. “Any good news you’d like to share?” She asks. Cassie smiles and simply tells Reva that she just feels a whole lot better today.

Lizzie is adding some things to a box in the study at the Spaulding Mansion when Lillian walks in. She seems shocked to see her granddaughter, and even jokes about the two of them moving in together. Lizzie doesn’t seem to know why her grandmother would be moving out of the mansion. She admits that her phone has been off and demands to know what is going on. At first Lillian doesn’t want to say anything. She doesn’t seem to think that it is her place, however, after a bit of prodding she tells Lizzie that Beth and Rick got married at the Bauer BBQ. Lizzie looks completely shocked.

Beth, Rick and Josh walk into the police station where Frank is. The four of them joke around about the wedding, and how it is not too late for Beth to change her mind. Beth and Rick look very happy, and she assures her new husband that she’s not going anywhere. Everyone is all smiles, as the happy couple ask Josh to be their witness for the legal ceremony.

Back on Main Street Reva is shocked to hear that Beth and Rick tied the knot. Cassie looks ecstatic as she shares the news with her sister. Reva finally realizes what is going on. “That’s why you’re feeling so good, because Alan finally got what was coming to him.” She asks Cassie. Smiling she tells Reva that she finally knows that switching the paternity results was the right thing to do. She also reminds her sister that she’s the only one who knows what she did. Reva promises that she won’t say anything. “No matter what, we protect each other.” Reva says. Then she begins to look a bit worried. She is quick to remind Cassie that Alan will be enraged if he ever found out the truth about Beth’s baby. Cassie nods and then pulls a DVD out of her purse. She tells her sister that this is the only proof that she switched the lab results, and now it is time to destroy it.

Reva reaches out for the recording and tells her sister that she will take care of things. She reasons that Cassie can’t tale the chance that Josh will see her. Cassie thanks her sister before leaving.

Josh, Rick and Beth arrive back at the police station after the legal wedding and comment that Josh’s ceremony was much better. Rick kisses his new wife and comments that things finally ‘feel’ official. The three are all smiles and seem happy.

Josh is about to leave when Rick stops him. He thanks Josh for everything, most importantly the impromptu wedding. Josh smiles and lets the newlyweds know that he was glad he could help them. Rick tells Josh that he and Beth have one more favor to ask. They want Josh and Cassie to be the godparents of their new baby. Josh looks shocked and wonders why they aren’t having family step in for that role. Beth assures Josh that they want him and Cassie in their baby’s life. She goes on to mention that by marrying Rick that she wants to put the pain of the past behind her and move on. “I want this baby to have a wonderful life from the moment she enters this world.” Beth tells Josh.

Josh smiles and explains that although he needs to discuss things over with Cassie that as far as he is concerned that he would love to be a part of their child’s life.

At Company, Buzz is busy pushing Olivia out of his way. It’s clear that he just wants her to leave, but she isn’t moving.  He makes it clear that he doesn’t want to discuss Reva and Jeffery with her of all people.

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Lillian strolls into Company looking happier than she has in months. She also looks a bit flustered as well. Buzz gets her a cup of coffee as she begins talking non-stop to him. She mentions the past and how she used to have everything together. Lillian goes on to wonder when she became a mother and only a mother with nothing else going on in her life. “This girl’s moving on.” She finally tells Buzz who is smiling the entire time she’s talking.  She goes on to ask Buzz out on a date, and he smiles. “An evening out with you would be fantastic.” He tells her.

In the doorway, Olivia has watched the whole thing. She storms off looking upset.

Cassie is carrying what appears to be a wedding gift on Main Street when she runs into Lizzie. Looking down she mentions the wedding to Cassie. “What’s wrong?” Cassie asks. “I thought you’d be happy for them.” She says. Lizzie looks upset. She mentions that she would have been happier if she’d actually been included in the wedding. Cassie is understanding and tries to comfort Lizzie as best as she can.

Lizzie is in tears, crying her eyes out. She explains that she feels so alone. Cassie tries to talk to her about her loss of Tammy. “I’m starting to feel more of the joy now.” She explains to Lizzie. She urges her to give it some time and that eventually she too will be able to feel happiness.

Cassie goes on to remind Lizzie that with Rick and Beth being married that things will be able to get back on track. ‘Everyone will be so much better off.’ Cassie rationalizes.

Rick and Beth are gazing at their new marriage license back at the police station. The two are glowing. They begin talking about the past. Beth admits that when she first became pregnant she truly did think that the baby was Alan’s. Rick nods and tells his new wife that he’s had a hard time understanding why she fought him so hard. Beth smiles and tells him that regardless of the past that she’s happy now. She’s glad that the baby is going to come into this world with an intact family living under the same roof. They both agree that being together not only feels good, but right.

Reva walks into her room at the Beacon. She pulls out the surveillance DVD and the hospital badge. She looks at it long time before pulling out her lighter and setting it on fire.  Not long after she’s started the fire she hears Josh in the hallway. She blows out the fire and hides the ID badge behind her back. Reva tries to lie to Josh and lamely tells him that what he can smell is her nail polish remover.

Reva feigns madness at the fact that Josh has just walked into Billy’s suite. Josh doesn’t want to hear it and demands to know what is going on. He grabs the badge out of her hand and looks at it. He wants to know what it is. Reva gets angry and lies to Josh. She tells him that it is the badge of someone she had a fling with. Someone who claimed to be single, but was married and in a fit of anger decided to set his ID on fire. Reva tells him that she’s angry  she bought into his bull. Josh then picks up the DVD and wants to know what is on it. He immediately wants to know if the guy she’s talking about has gotten her doing something incriminating on tape. Reva reaches for the tape, pissed off that he would think so little of her. Josh pulls it away, convinced that he is right.

Reva is irate that Josh immediately jumps to the conclusion that she has done something wrong and lets it slip that she was merely trying to do something good for him and Cassie. Josh looks at the DVD and then at Reva. “There’s something on this DVD about me and Cassie?” He asks, though he doesn’t look like he quite believes it. Reva shakes her head, claiming that he misunderstood what she was saying. Josh makes it clear that he’s mad at her for messing with his head in the past. ‘This time its going to be different.’ He tells her. “I’m going to take a look at this myself.” He tells her as he waves the DVD in the air. As he’s leaving the room Olivia shows up wanting to talk to Reva. Josh exits the room and leaves Reva inside, with Olivia blocking the door.

“I need to talk to you.” Olivia tells Reva.  Reva clearly doesn’t want to take the time to talk to Olivia, but isn’t given much choice. Olivia shakes her head. She wonders how Reva is going to juggle both Josh and Jeffery in her life.  Reva finally realizes what this visit is about.  She steps back and listens as Olivia asks her to stay away from Jeffery. Reva looks annoyed at everything that is happening. “Believe it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around your twisted relationships.” Reva tells Olivia. “Get out of my way.”  She yells as she begins calling everyone to look for Josh.

Olivia refuses to leave until Reva talks to her. Reva’s had it. She tells Olivia that she needs to stop prying into his personal life. If she’s not interested in him then it shouldn’t matter what he does. Olivia admits that perhaps she is interested in him romantically. Shaking her head, Reva tells Liv that perhaps she should go do something about it then. She kicks Olivia out of the room. Reva attempts to calls Cassie to warn her about the DVD that Josh has.

Olivia picks up her phone and calls Alan. She tells him that they needs to talk about something Reva related.

Rick carries his new bride into their honeymoon suite at the Beacon. The two of them are still beaming with happiness.  They share a drink together and then Beth looks at her cell phone. She admits that she is concerned that Lizzie hasn’t called yet. Rick assures her that their daughter both may need some time in dealing with the news, but that Lizzie and Leah will both come around.  Beth nods and reminds her new husband that they also have Alan to contend with. Rick shakes his head. He makes it clear that as far as he is concerned that Alan is not a factor. “Just concentrate on us.” Rick tells his new wife as he kisses her.

As the newlyweds are enjoying their first night together there is a knock at the door. Rick opens the door to find Frank there. He warns them that Rick’s car has been vandalized. “Someone took a rock and smashed it into your car and they poured red paint on it to make it like blood. And the "just married" streamers on your back bumper, they set those on fire.” Beth immediately realizes that it was Alan. Frank looks upset that he had to break the news to them and warns them to be careful.

Lillian is eating lunch at Company and compliments Buzz on his latest sandwich. She smiles and laughs when he tells her that he’s going to name it after her. She goes on to thank him for not being weird when she asked him out earlier. Buzz reminds her that he was flattered more than anything else and is excited for their date. “We both know it’s casual. I mean, there are no expectations.” She tells him. Buzz jokes around that he still wants to get lucky. The two of them seem to be having a great time with one another.

Lizzie happens to be walking by and notices her grandmother and Buzz together. She smiles and it’s clear that she’s happy for Lillian. Lizzie calls and leaves a message for her mother wishing her the best of luck in her new marriage. She is smiling when she does this and it’s clear she means it.

Wanda walks in on Josh putting the DVD into the recorder. Like usual she busies herself with work inside the room. Josh finally tells her that he needs to watch it alone because it’s personal. Wanda takes the hint and then leaves.

Cassie sees that Reva is on the phone and decides to answer it later. She wants into the Lewis Construction suite where Josh is seated.  Cassie looks over at the TV and sees the surveillance video. She sees why he is so incensed. “What have you done, Cassie?” he asks her looking furious.

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