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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/4/07

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Written By Eva

The Bauer Barbeque was inside the light today and the episode began with Frank announcing on the news that a gas main broke at 1713 Coventry Road which longtime guiding light fans know is the Bauer house. The entire town is disappointed because they think the annual Bauer barbecue will be canceled this year. Beth gives Rick an idea an he goes to Company to ask Buzz f he can have the barbecue on main street in front of Company Buzz of course agrees not wanting to cancel a Springfield tradition. Beth and Leah arrive to help Rick get things ready for the guests Once everything is ready Rick, Beth, and Leah make a small circle stick their hands in and shout Bauer power. Rick thanks Beth for saving the day and suggesting the move the party to Company. Beth is happy to be an honorary Bauer even if it’s just for today. Leah is sad because he mother isn’t at the barbecue this year and warns Rick that Beth is bad news and she and Alan will make sure he never sees her baby sister.

(Gus and Harley’s house) Daisy and Rafe kiss and Rafe reminds Daisy that she promised to return the money she took from Harley’s cookie jar. Daisy tells him she will ask her grandfathers for the money at the barbecue and since they didn’t spend all of it she tells Rafe to put the money they didn’t use back in the cookie jar. Rafe and Daisy pretend to fight again when Gus comes in to take Zach, Jude, and Daisy to the car. Rage stays behind a few minutes to put the money back in the cookie Jar. Harley comes downstairs and sees Rafe put the money in the jar and then walk out of the house towards the car.

Alan arrives at the barbecue to remind Beth she should get Rick to admit she is a wonderful person in front of everyone so he won’t have a case against her when they go to court. Beth feels badly about doing such an awful thing to Rick the day of the barbecue but tells Alan she will follow the plan. The Springfield residents arrive for the barbecue and Josh compliments Beth on hosting the barbecue like a pro. Beth wonders why Cassie didn’t come and Josh explains that Cassie was missing Tammy today and since she was sad she didn’t feel like being around a lot of people. Beth tells Josh that despite her and Cassie’s history she hopes Cassie is able to overcome her grief. Cassie goes inside Company and Buzz wonders why she isn’t enjoying the party outside with Josh and everybody else. Cassie pours her heart out to Buzz and tells him that she has been thinking this is her first holiday without Tammy and the sadness is too much to bear so she came to get some take out to eat at home. Cassie wonders how Buzz handles missing the people in his life who have died. Buzz tells Cassie you never stop missing the people you love but with time you stop counting the minutes that they are not with you. Beth gets Rick alone in a corner and admits that she is hurt he is trying to declare her an unfit mother. Rick explains to Beth that he trusts her and knows she is a good mother but he must do this because he doesn’t trust Alan to help raise his daughter. The baby kicks and Beth allows Rick to feel her stomach. Cassie feels better after her talk with Buzz and goes out to the barbecue and surprises Josh with a kiss. Gus can’t understand why Rafe and Daisy are constantly fighting with each other so he goes to have a talk with Rafe. Gus asks Rafe if he wants to participate in the father son three –legged race with him and Rafe tells him he will think about being in the race with him. Rafe continues to stare at Alan and asks Gus about his grandfather. Gus doesn’t want to talk about Alan and just tells Rafe that nobody likes him. Harley interrupts Gus and Rafe’s conversation and asks if he and Gus want to get cotton candy with Zach and Jude. Rafe tells Harley that cotton candy is pure sugar and he can’t have sugar because he is diabetic. Gus decides to take Daisy and the boys to get cotton candy. Harley confronts Rafe and tells him she knows he stole the money that was in the cookie jar. Rafe yells that he didn’t steal the money and Alan defends Rafe because he thinks Harley is accusing him without knowing the whole story. Alan offers to pay Harley the missing money while an angry Rafe walks outside. Harley refuses Alan’s money because the money isn’t the point. Gus arrives and tells Harley that Daisy decided to walk back and not go with him and the boys to get cotton candy. Harley tells Gus that Rafe is also gone so Gus tells her to tell Rafe he will be on Main Street. Josh tells Cassie that people are looking at him strangely because he is drinking a beer. Josh tells Cassie that he doesn’t blame her for not being thrilled at the idea of him becoming a minister. Cassie tells Josh she supports him in his decision to become a minister. Cassie leaves to get something to drink and Josh tries to persuade Rick not to call Cassie as a witness in his trial against Alan and Beth. Rick tells Josh that he understands why he is worried about Cassie but he must keep his daughter from being raised by Alan. Alan talks to his lawyer about his strategy to get Rick to admit Beth is a good person in public so that when he gets to court they can call the guests at the barbecue as witnesses at the trial. Cassie overhears the plan and tells Alan she is going to tell Rick everything. Alan isn’t worried because he is sure everyone will think Cassie is crazy. Rick tells Beth that he thinks she is a trust worthy, loyal and honorable woman whom he wants to spend the rest of his days with if she will marry him. Beth surprises herself by saying yes to the proposal and telling Alan that she never loved him and he never loved her. Beth also tells Alan she hated the person she had become and with Rick she has a chance to become the person she always wanted to be.

(Gus and Harley’s house) Daisy tries to get Rafe to talk to her about what happened but he won’t say a word to her. Daisy takes Rafe’s hand and tells him that he isn’t alone anymore. Daisy and Rafe kiss Harley walks in and thinks Rafe is attacking daisy and asks him to leave. Daisy tells Harley she met Rafe in juvenile hall and they love each other so she can’t stop them from being together.

(Main Street) Beth and Rick want to get married at the barbecue in front of all their family and friends. Rick and Beth ask Josh to unofficially marry them now and they will make it legal at city hall in the morning. Rick asks Leah if she is okay and Leah tell him to marry Beth because even though she dislikes her she knows Beth makes him happy. Cassie walks over to Alan and gloats that she is happy to see him suffering because Rick and Beth are finally happy and good is winning over evil. Rick tells Beth that he has always loved her and he knew someday they would be together. Beth thanks Rick for loving her through the good times and the bad and saving her from herself today. Rick and Beth don’t have rings so they skip that part and the bide and groom kiss as the fireworks display begins. Rafe sees Alan looking sad because he lost something valuable so they both decide to get some fresh air and watch the fireworks together. Cassie thanks Josh for being supportive through this rough time of losing Tammy. Cassie also tells Josh she finally feels like things are going to be right again. Cassie gives Josh a kiss as everyone watches the beautiful fireworks display.

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