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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/2/07

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Written By Eva

Ashlee sits in a cell awaiting word on her possible release. Ashlee dreams of Coop coming with roses to pick her up and whisking her off to romantic plans to welcome her home. Ashlee brings herself back to reality and writes in her diary about hope and love until she gets a visitor. It’s Alan. Ashlee listens as Alan speaks to her calmly and almost kindly about all that is wrong with his life. Beth is pregnant, not with his baby. He has a new grandson thrown on him that is a juvenile delinquent, and Lizzie is really going through some stuff and she is turning to Reva not him. Ashlee understands she tells him. His life sucks and it all started when he was in his coma, the coma she put him in. Alan listens after reminiscing about the years he spent in prison and how horrible it was. Ashlee becomes upset telling him that he only came to laugh at her and see how bad she is suffering. Alan takes her accusations then tells her as of today she is a free woman. Ashlee runs into his arms. Ashlee rambles on about how happy and grateful she is to a female guard that is out-processing her. Ashlee doesn’t even care that there is no one to pick her up, she’ll call a cab, better yet she will walk. Alan who is still hanging around offers her a ride. Ashlee tells Alan as they leave the station together that he can fix his life if he really wants. Ashlee points out what is good about his life rather than all of the negative. Alan is impressed at how positive and wise Ashlee is. She has him drop her at Company.

Ashlee can’t wait to see Coop and share her good news. Before Ashlee arrives Ava shows up and offers to massage Coops neck that is aching after visiting Daisy. Ashlee watches Ava massage Coop’s neck and decides against sharing her news with Ava in the room. Ashlee sits on the bench outside of Company until Moxie runs up to her. At least someone is happy to see her Ashlee tells the dog. Ashlee takes Moxie on a walk to enjoy her freedom and the fresh air. Coop pops his head up asking Ava “Did you hear the dog run by?”

“Yeah, she seems to do that. Does she do that often?”

“No” Coop answers feeling there is something odd going on.

Gus and Harley are in the back yard with the boys. She and Rafe have a few moments to steal a kiss or two but they continue to get interrupted. First Coop stops by to check up on Daisy in her post-release. Coop asks if Daisy has stayed in touch with any friends that she may have made while in juvie. Daisy assumes Coop knows about her and Rafe and blows him off going on and on about how her life has been put out by Rafe being in the house. Coop looks at her confused and moves on paying no attention to Daisy’s rant about Rafe. Anyone else any one you may have been close to Coop asks dragging his words out hoping she will catch on. Daisy does catch on and is amused at coop attempt to ask about Ashlee. Daisy laughs out loud and tells Coop ,who is a little embarrassed, that she is glad he asked about Ashlee. Really, Coop is surprised. Still chuckling more to herself than at Coop Daisy tells him “Yeah, she is in love with you, dumbass” On that note Coop leaves.

Rafe and Daisy playfully chase each other around the living room and kiss here and there until Alan interrupts. Alan is in an especially good mood. He asks how Daisy is and is genuinely interested and shares that he is there to ask Gus to be his best man. Daisy is amused and warns to not expect much from Gus in that department but wishes Alan well with it. Alan is pleased to tell Daisy of Ashlee’s release. Alan tells her how he pulled strings to get Ashlee out. Daisy’s day is just getting better and better. She is really happy for Ashlee. Alan turns his attention and questions towards Rafe who was watching Daisy glow at the thought of her only friend being freed. Alan asks how Rafe is settling in and specifically how he is getting along with Harley. Rafe answers and he isn’t rude but he isn’t bubbling over with friendly conversation. Daisy takes it upon herself to express her displeasure about Rafe being in her home. Alan listens and gives her lip service of understanding hoe difficult it must be on both of them, he excuses himself to find Gus. Rafe waits until the room is clear then with a finger motions for Daisy to join him on the couch. Smiling and biting her bottom lip Daisy slowly makes her way to his side. Without saying anything both settle in to watch TV together. Rafe reaches over casually placing his hand lovingly on Daisy’s shoulder. His touch brings a smile back to her face she reaches up and gently takes the tips of his fingers in her hand. Alan watches the young love blossoming from a crack in the door.

Marina can’t resist Cyrus anymore they tear away each other’s clothes, kissing and fondling each other. They are in a fury of passion falling to the bed. Both wanting the other more than ever. Fran bangs at the door demanding Cyrus come out or he will break down the door. Marina opens and defends herself as an adult to make her own decisions and to have her privacy. Cyrus steps up to her side and defends Marina and her decisions to Frank. The conversation quickly turns to Cyrus and his previous indiscretions. Cyrus now has to defend himself. Marina chimes in trying to help Cyrus’ cause.

Mallet holds Dinah’s hand and speaks to her as if she has already passed. Mallet promises to never love another as much as he loved her and he will never forget how much she has brought into his life. Mallet rests his defeated head on her hand. Mallet feels a weak tightening of Dinah’s hand he becomes alert. Her eyes are fluttering and slowly open she whispers “Mallet?” Dinah is awake! Mallet is excited. The doctor checks Dinah out and things definitely have improved greatly though there are still tests to run. Mallet doesn’t care Dinah has come back to him. Dinah’s memory is foggy she doesn’t recall how she ended up in the hospital. Mallet gently tells her about the shooting but promises the nightmare is over and there is nothing to worry about ever again. Dinah seems to recall the matter with Griggs when Mallet tells her what happened but something is off with her.

Dinah tears up when she learns that her living will was brought up and Mallet had given up hope. Mallet begs her to forgive him for losing faith. Dinah pats him on the head as he cries on her shoulder telling him it’s okay, something is still just off. Vanessa receives a call from the station. Matt walks up and pulls the phone out of her hand she tells the person on the other line “she’ll have to call you back” Vanessa becomes angry and stomps away. Matt is clean and put together and happy. “Dinah’s awake!” Vanessa stops on a dime and turns back to him lost in a million thoughts and emotions. Matt is calm and rational as he tries to get Vanessa to take a deep breathe. Matt speaks to her and she listens about Dinah’s condition then he announces “the hell with the doctor let’s go see Dinah!” Both happily run off to the hospital to see Dinah. Vanessa holds one hand and Matt strokes the top of the other. Both telling her how happy they are to have her back. Vanessa sings Mallet’s praises telling Dinah that they have him to thank for diligently willing Dinah back.

Frank is grabbed from behind by a hotel security guard “Is this the guy?” the guard asks Marina. “Yeah, it is” Marina answers with regret that the situation has escalated to this level. Frank struggles demanding to be let go. When he worms his way out of the guards grip Frank flashes his credentials and sends the guard on his way. Frank is furious “Is this how it is, you turn on your own family for this guy.” Marina is calm and rational she hates that she had to go to such an extreme to prove her point. Marina first addresses an earlier threat that Frank would suspend her if she didn’t stop seeing Cyrus. Marina warns if Frank brings her up on bogus charges she will be forced to file real charges. She tells him that it doesn’t have to be like this but she will make her own decisions and he will have to trust her. Frank doesn’t reply except to say “On the way over here I received a call. Dinah is awake.” Marina is stunned at the news. After Frank walks away Marina tells Frank they should go see Dinah. Cyrus agrees and tells her he will meet her there.

When Marina runs out of the room to see Dinah Cyrus calls Frank and tells him to name a place and they can meet. Frank reluctantly meets Cyrus at CO2. Cyrus does all of the talking. Cyrus says again that he is straight trying to make an honest go of his life. Cyrus comes right out and tells Frank that he isn’t the only one who cares about Marina and no matter what he will never do anything to hurt her. “Now, as a father isn’t that the best you could ask?”

Mallet, Vanessa, and Matt wait in the hall when Marina arrives they all go in per Dinah’s request to be around people. Dinah is happy to see everyone but asks “Where’s Daddy? Is he outside?” Mallet and Vanessa sit by her side and gently remind her of the plane crash that took Ross’ life. Vanessa asks don’t you remember the plane crash? Yeah Dinah says uncertain, and claims she just forgot momentarily because she is tired. With that said Vanessa thinks it best if everyone steps outside so she may rest. The group turns to go but Dinah asks “No, Mallet you stay.” Of course, he tells her and sits back by her side.

In the hallway Cyrus meets up with Marina who is still reeling from all of the excitement. He doesn’t say anything about his meeting with Frank.

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