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Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/28/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Suzanne

Vanessa sits by daughter Dinah’s side close to weeping. Matt tries to comfort his wife he recently united with. Vanessa tells him softly and kindly that he should go home. Matt thinks she is just being kind but when he tells her he will stay with them she tells him just as softly and calmly “I want you to go. I don’t even want to be in the same with you.” A loud accusatory argument breaks out that is heard in the hall by Mallet and Marina. Mallet is stumbling around in exhaustion as it is, he doesn’t need to be playing referee. Mallet pulls the fighting couple apart and orders them to lower their voice and promise not to fight over Dinah anymore. Mallet sits with Dinah to make sure the fight did not disturb or upset her. Marina tries to talk him into willingly go home and get some rest but he won’t go. Marina physically drags Mallet out of the room and back to his suite. Dinah’s head and arms twitch when Mallet leaves the room.

Marina orders him to take a shower and clean up the room for Dinah so it won’t look like a pit when she comes home. Mallet is resistant feeling guilty for leaving the hospital. Marina finally talks him into taking a shower. While in the shower Marina orders room service. Mallet is surprised to leave the shower and see a cart of food waiting for him. Mallet fears the worse, death for Dinah. Marina tells Mallet Dinah will be home because he loves her too much. All cleaned up Mallet and Marina return to the hospital.

Matt asks for forgiveness from Vanessa and apologizes trying to make things right between the recently reunited couple. Vanessa refuses “to do this here” Matt agrees they promised Mallet they wouldn’t air their issues there. Vanessa looks at her husband with ice in her eyes “ I promised mallet I would not argue over Dinah” Matt knows what Vanessa is feeling when she cries telling herself that it should not be like this Dinah should not in in that bed fighting for her life. Matt makes the mistake of answering “Because it should be me” Vanessa explodes in anger and contempt for Matt. Yes, Vanessa thinks it should be Matt not Dinah. Vanessa tells Matt “We’re over” Matt cannot contain how he feels when he hears Vanessa has given up on them completely. Matt screams his mistakes that he acknowledges and takes full blame for but no matter what he never gave up on his love for her. Matt threatens her, “if you can say I did, then you are right. We are over.”

Mallet returns cleaned up but not rested he just couldn’t bare to be away from Dinah any longer. Mallet strokes her hair and talks to her. One of the machines Dinah is hooked to begins to beep. Mallet knows that is not a good sound and sends Marina for help. A crash cart is brought in and Mallet can only watch from outside the room. Marina holds on to Mallet for encouragement. Dinah’s entire body, limbs, and face are twitching just as they did in the moments after she was shot.

Coop sits in the rec room at the juvie center grading papers. Megan sits beside him making small talk then comes onto him offering a back way to her room where they can slip off undetected by guards. Coop respectfully declines but Megan embarrasses herself persisting with the subject. No. Is coop’s final very uninterested answer. Megan later harasses and makes cruel fun of Ashlee as she tries to clean the rec room as part of her work duty. Megan makes fat jokes and taunts Ashlee with a diet soda. Ashlee holds her own, coming back with clever zings. Megan warns Hannigan is planning a surprise inspection “so if you have a gross of candy bars” hidden away you had better scarf them down. Ashlee thanks Megan sarcastically for the info. Megan slips a bottle of liquor into Ashlee’s school bag while her back is turned. Megan prances off but returns when Ashlee is finishing up gathering all of the trash. Megan throws out a veiled threat if Ashlee “touched her soda." “It’s right there” Ashlee points to it without concern. Megan snatches up the soda just in time for Ms. Hannigan enters announcing “Inspection!” The girls line up, Megan is first in line then Ashlee right behind her. Megan passes and stands by waiting for Ashlee to be busted. After inspection of Ashlee’s bag she is cleared. “What!?” Megan blurts out.

“Is something wrong?” Hannigan asks of Megan. Ashlee pipes up “Oh, you just choked on your soda, right?” “Yeah.” Megan drinks from the can then spews it everywhere. Hannigan takes the can smelling it. There is liquor, bourbon to be exact in Megan’s soda can. Hannigan drags Megan off to the juvie., version of solitary confinement. Ashlee watches as Megan is dragged off and laughs to herself proud that she outsmarted the bully.

Coop appears out of nowhere “Good one” he praises Ashlee glad that she is taking up for herself. Coop has other news, good news.

Earlier Ava worked in her suite at the Beacon Olivia interrupts. Ava is glad to see her where they catch up briefly. The conversation is cut short when Coop arrives just as Ava tells Olivia that she is working on getting Coop back to help her get over Alan Michael. Ava is curious about Olivia and Jeffery. She asks if they have seen each other since Father’s Day.” Once” Olivia begins to share but rather cuts it short saying that their visit was cut short “something to do with Reva” obviously Olivia was put out that Reva took priority. Olivia excuses herself when Coop arrives. Ava is glad to see Coop until he states his business. Coop wants Ava to get a message to Alan that he has been trying to get in touch with him. Ava is curious what business Coop would have with Alan until Coop tells her he is hoping Alan will help get Ashlee released. The green-eyed monster comes alive in Ava and we see a completely different side as she becomes a total bitch towards Coop and his relationship with Ashlee. Ava gets the sense that Coop has “something on” Alan and wants to know what it is. Coop claims that is the only way to deal with the Spauldings and will not reveal what he knows about Alan though he does confirm he has some incriminating information he is not afraid of using. Ava pushes to know what it is Coop is using as leverage with Alan but becomes defensive about his friendship with Ashlee. Coop will not give Ava anymore information about what he knows or Ashlee’s situation but tells her Ashlee is his student and he is insulted that Ava would insinuate otherwise about their relationship. Coop leaves to see Ashlee.

After seeing that Ashlee is defending herself Coop can’t wait to give her the good news. He tells her that he has spoken with Alan and they are working together to get her an early release. Ashlee is so excited and grateful she throws her arms around coop’s neck hugging him in thanks. Coop has a twinge of affection for Ashlee and realizes it is probably wrong. Coop scares himself with what he is feeling and leaves. Coop returns to Ava’s room just as she is leaving.

Coop apologizes for jumping down Ava’s throat earlier. She tells him there is no need, she should not have been asking questions about something that was none of her business. Coop tells her it was her business and invites her to dinner and a movie later. Ava gladly accepts.

Jeffery and Reva are face to face he runs down the events of Jonathan and Sarah’s accident, disappearance from Springfield, kidnapping of Lizzie, procedure for bone marrow, bone marrow only one person would need from Lizzie, and all the lies. Jonathan and Sarah are alive, Jeffery tells Reva as fact. Reva is stunned and tries to deny it but Jeffery knows everything. Reva tells him everything she knows, but most importantly the danger if anyone knew they were alive. Jeffery feels Lizzie should know after just speaking to her and hearing how the loss of Jonathan and Sarah has gravely impacted her life. Reva is certain Jonathan and Sarah’s lives could be in danger if anyone knew they were still alive. After some thought Jeffery agrees, “You’re right, no one can know.” they plan now how to deal with everything. Reva let’s Jeffery know that Sarah’s procedure went well and everything seems to be okay. Jeffery is glad to hear it but he has to worry about Reva now. He tells her that he went to Doris and threatened to go to the press and that could hurt her run for Mayor, so Reva is now a free woman. But Jeffery is concerned, Alan is still gunning for her. Jeffery suggests Reva stay with him until things die down. Reva doesn’t think it is necessary but agrees. They both decide he will go ahead and she will meet him in 30 minutes so Alan will not suspect where Reva is staying. Reva thanks Jeffery first with a hug for keeping her secret then in a kiss on the cheek for helping her hide out and again for keeping the truth about her son and granddaughter.

Olivia is watching the two converse and Riva’s affectionate moves. When Jeffery heads for his room to clean up a bit Olivia moves in staking her claim on Jeffery. Reva is amused at Olivia’s possessiveness of Jeffery. Olivia denies being involved with or having any interest in Jeffery other than they have a daughter together. Reva tries to blow off and make joke of Olivia’s concern for Jeffery but Olivia takes it very seriously, attacking Reva and her history with men that are not Josh. Reva still does not take anything Olivia say seriously but jokes; you are right, Jeffery and I are lovers and watch out, I may end up being Ava’s step-mother. Wouldn’t that be a hoot, she laughs and walks off to meet Jeffery.

Olivia is fuming that Reva has gotten to her and possibly Jeffery. Olivia calls Alan leaving him a message to call her they need to talk. Jeffery arrives at his room to find Mel sifting through strewn about files and personal possessions. Mel tells him the same thing has been done to there office. The files are so destroyed they have lost vital information. The vandalism has crippled the entire practice. Mel cannot imagine who would do this to them but Jeffery knows, Alan Spaulding. Jeffery writes her a check for a new office downtown and instructs her on how to recover what has been lost. Mel refuses to run from Alan but Jeffery explains she isn’t running she is fronting. Mel agrees and leaves.

Reva arrives and sees the mess, at first she jokes then realizes it is because Jeffery is defending her. Reva insists on leaving and staying elsewhere as well as finding a new attorney. Oh no! Jeffery tells her he is ready to fight now.

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