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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/27/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Suzanne


Reva stares at a photo of Jonathan and Sarah. Lizzie lets herself into the jail to see Reva after she learns that Alan is behind Reva’s arrest. Before Lizzie can say anything to Reva, Alan steps from the shadows asking Lizzie what she is doing there. Alan has Lizzie removed from the jail. Alan explains to Lizzie that as he sees it Lizzie was abducted but Lizzie defends her only friend.

Jeffery has Reva brought to the interrogation room where he tries to make sense of Reva’s story that he doesn’t believe. Reva sticks to the gist of a drunken two days of partying with Lizzie, she has one excuse after another. Jeffery is desperate to help her but he needs the truth to do so. Reva denies there is any other truth than what she has told him. Reva watches the clock and remembers…..

Derek carries an unconscious Lizzie into a medical clinic looking location somewhere away from Springfield. They are waiting impatiently for “him” to arrive, surprised they made it to said location before “he” did. Derek asks if they are going to keep Lizzie for the whole thing. Reva is nervous, they can’t keep her the whole time. She has got to get Lizzie back and still have time to cover both of their tracks. Reva keeps her eye on the clock fearing she is running out of time, as she waits for Jeffery to return with news on bail. Her mind is racked with worry as she remembers what has brought her to this point.

Derek hopes that “they make it, they don’t have a lot of time.” after Reva speaks with Jonathan on the phone and learns he and Sarah have been delayed. With time to kill Reva asks how Derek got mixed up in all of this. He simply explains “he trusts us” he goes on to tell her they have done stuff like this before, not exactly like “this” but close.

Lizzie is on Main Street trying to call a lawyer for Reva. Alan stops her pushing Lizzie to remember what happened otherwise he was going to keep Reva locked up as long as Doris could make it happen. Lizzie is disgusted by Alan’s behavior once again, reminding him that his behavior and control is what caused her to be hurting the way she has for months. Alan is the reason Jonathan and Sarah are gone. Lizzie tells Alan that she is glad that she partied with Reva and it was the best that she felt in a long time. Alan closes with “what were you drinking?” Lizzie can’t believe Alan would ask something so petty but Alan points out, the last thing she remembers is talking to Reva on the docks. She wasn’t drunk then so why can she not remember the first drink she had. Lizzie doesn’t have an answer so she turns the tables back on Alan telling him she is not going to play his little games.

Lizzie is waking up and Derek tells Reva to keep her knocked out but not with the chloroform, there are other ways he tells her. Reva and Lizzie stumble around the clinic, Lizzie is in and out of consciousness and groggy when she is awake. Lizzie struggles with her state of mind and Reva lays the upset in her life down for the young heiress. Reva tells Lizzie that her life changed in an instant, so much so her entire life and priorities were turned upside down by one phone call.

Jeffery returns to pry the truth that he knows Reva is keeping from him once more. Reva sticks by her story, so Jeffery brings out the big guns. If he can’t get her to tell him her secret maybe “he can”, Jeffery opens the door to reveal Josh on the other side. Reva is mad! Josh jokes that they have changed roles. Angry with Jeffery and knowing Josh is only trying to do the right thing she jokes back, only this time there is no bed. Josh gives a half-hearted try at the truth but Reva doesn’t reveal a thing. Cassie arrives and Jeffery gives her the green light to go in. Reva tells them both to go home. Josh leaves but Cassie stays behind. Cassie believes and has a light airy mood about her as if there is some degree of happiness that Reva kidnapped Lizzie to hurt Alan. Without confirmation, just a stare from Reva, Cassie tells her “Good for you” then leaves to go home with Josh.

Reva remembers her trip with Lizzie……. They are in a hotel suite with a lots and lots of liquor, beer, wine coolers, etc. Lizzie is fully awake but very foggy minded. Reva gives her a margarita and encourages her to drink. Reva lies telling Lizzie she felt sorry for her and wanted to throw her a party. Lizzie though she is out of it is happy but curious because there is too much booze for just the two of them she notices. Reva slips out into the hall and invites some teenagers to come drink for free. The two couples she invites into the room turns into about a dozen teenagers to young adults. They party! Lizzie drinks and drinks, dancing, laughing and having a good time. Lizzie is drunk and tells Reva how grateful she is and how good of a time she is having. Reva pulls her aside when a muscular biker looking guy shows up . Reva shows the drunk Lizzie designs and suggests they get a tattoo like blood sisters. Lizzie picks out a butterfly to represent her daughter.

Alan is Reva’s next visitor ordering her to tell him what happened and he will make sure she is released. Reva holds her own and will not tell what happened other than there was a two day drinking binge. Cassie returns unknown to Josh. “I want to help you.” Cassie tells her sister. Reva finds Cassie sudden care for her humorous and tries to send Cassie on her way but Cassie produces the equivalent to gold, the jailer’s keys. Reva asks Cassie to leave, “Maybe someday you will be able to tell me why you did all this…”Reva stands by without comment. Cassie leaves the keys.

Jeffery walks into his suite to find Alan waiting smoking a cigar. Alan is angry that he came to Jeffery for help and now Jeffery is defending Reva. Alan threatens Jeffery to find other work other wise he will be forced to drag Mel into business that should be just between them. Jeffery takes note of the threat and Alan’s wishes but doesn’t take it seriously getting right back to work on Reva’s case.

Reva is returned to her cell then the guard is called away to deal with a report. Reva lets herself out of jail. On her way to the airport she calls Wanda to arrange the Lewis jet to be ready and waiting at the airport. Reva remembers Lizzie unconscious in a dentist chair, the doctor makes light of how unconventional this procedure is but the good out weighs the bad. The doctor and this particular clinic was referred to Reva by her previous oncologist. The doctor and Reva agree the tattoo is odd but the best way to cover a surgical incision on someone who doesn’t know they have had a surgery. No matter the mother is the best match for a bone marrow transplant in a child with anemia, as Sarah has.

Lizzie goes to company where she has a vague memory of a song that is playing. She can remember a fun party that her and Reva were at. Lizzie is uncomfortable and struggling to ease the pain in her side where her new tattoo is. Jeffery sees her wincing in pain. They sit together talking. Lizzie mimics what she told Alan, she is glad that she partied with Reva and Reva didn’t do anything to her. Lizzie reveals she is remembering small tid-bits little by little. Lizzie complains about the pain of her tattoo stating “it aches to the bone”. Jeffery becomes curious, having had tattoos himself they heal on the surface. He asks to see the tattoo closely “just to make sure it isn’t infected” Lizzie thinks he is over reacting and there is no need but she shows him. Jeffery sees the scar. He tells her everything is okay just put some ice on it and rushes off.

Reva boards the plane and gets a call from Jonathan when they are on the runway. Jonathan tells her not to bother it is too late. The procedure is over and Sarah is doing fine. Jonathan asks about Reva’s troubles in Springfield and she downplays the entire situation on the home front, her main concern is Jonathan and Sarah. The next morning Reva is grabbed from behind it is Jeffery who she asks “what the hell are you doing?” Jeffery returns I should be asking you that. Reva claims they left the door to her cell open and she just couldn’t stand being in the cell anymore. Jeffery knows the truth and he makes it known that he knows. “You were going to Jonathan and Sarah. They are alive. Jonathan was not in that car that went over the cliff neither was Sarah.”

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