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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/26/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures By Suzanne

Daisy is home, and Gus has someone to introduce her to -- his son. Daisy is face to face with “vent boy” and now has a name with absolutely no effort. Daisy takes Raff’s lead when he lies claiming they never met or saw each other when both were in the same facility. The adults almost find it comically strange but accept the kids word that they never met. A knock at the door is the guests arriving to celebrate Daisy’s release. Daisy and Raff steal away a moment. Raff thinks they should continue to lie if they want to continue…… Daisy finishes his sentence knowing what “continue” means smiling widely and anxious to “continue” Natalia arrives to Harley’s surprise, she is welcomed in as a member of the family. Daisy and Raff pretend to hate each other and the fact they must share a house with each other.

Raff yells at Harley in anger when she makes a big deal out of the food she cooked, because she didn’t know what to cook for a diabetic. Raff doesn’t want her calling him a diabetic like that is all he is. Natalia calms her son and insists he be polite to Harley. Raff doesn’t like the idea of accepting Harley and Gus but bites his tongue so he can stay near Daisy.

Daisy and Harley have a heart to heart both claiming they want things to be different this time around. Daisy offers to take the trash out to get out of the conversation. With all the adults engulfed in conversation Raff slips out taking Daisy into his arms and kissing her. Their absence is not noted by the adults. They stay for a while making out. Dylan, Natalia, Gus and Harley discuss have teenagers of the opposite sex in the same house sharing a bathroom. The parents of the wayward teenagers agree they have nothing to worry about because the kids are complete opposites and would never be into each other. Daisy and Raff put on a convincing show storming back into the house arguing over minor things. The four parents bought the false argument. Dylan and Natalia decide to head out.

Alan is speaking to someone on the phone about the incarceration of Reva and his desire to keep her locked up. Beth walks up and Alan has news. Alan advises Beth to befriend Rick and play on his weakness for her and the past they have shared. Alan tells her Rick is her past and he and the baby are her and their future. Alan gives Beth a five karat engagement ring. She accepts. Doris walks up interrupting and confronted with the new engagement. Beth has made her point and is off to make nice with Rick. Doris tells Alan, Reva will be locked up for a bit longer but it is now time for him to pay her for her services. Alan assumes Doris wants him to assist in Ashlee’s release but she quickly corrects him as if he had just told a joke. Doris dismisses Ashlee’s predicament and refuses to help her get a release. What Doris wants is to be mayor. Doris wants Alan to finance her entire campaign. Alan promises a check on Doris’ desk first thing in the morning.

Now that Daisy is gone, Ashlee is targeted by the institutional bully, Megan. Ashlee stands her ground and tries to appear to be strong kicking Megan out of her room. Ashlee tears up but Coop visits raising her spirits until he notices the bruises and torn up books. Ashlee denies anything is going on but Coop knows she is in danger and wants desperately to help. Ashlee refuses his help fearing it will only make things worse. Coop is even more concerned now that Ashlee has indicated there is a problem. Ashlee becomes emotional begging him to leave the subject alone and to leave. Coop begs her to depend on him and let him help. Ashlee is filled with fear and a since of utter loneliness. Ashlee is so upset Coop’s attempt at comforting doesn’t help it only makes her more upset. Ashlee kicks him out screaming and hurt. After getting a certain endorsement from Alan Doris arrives to share her good news. Ashlee picks up on the fact that Doris used a favor owed by Alan to further her career rather than try and get Ashlee released. Ashlee stand stunned as Doris floats around the room pinning up Doris Wolfe for Mayor endorsements. Ashlee feels more alone at this very moment than ever.

Luckily for Ashlee, Coop won’t give up on her and he had the opportunity to over hear Doris and Alan’s planning of Doris’ campaign for mayor rather than releasing Ashlee. Doris is absolutely amused at the thought of Ashlee being released. Alan is more compassionate for the poor daughter of Doris than she is. Coop listens to Doris’ sinister self-serving plan to run for mayor and leave Ashlee right where she is and Alan’s support of Doris. Coop confronts Alan making it known to all that can hear what a despicable person Alan is and how he deserved the bullet Ashlee fired into him. Coop promises no matter what he will find away to use what he knows against Alan.

Alan puffs on a cigar and calls a judge, regarding Ashlee.

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