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Guiding Light Update Monday 6/25/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures By Suzanne

Mallet silently enters the room where Cyrus is holding Griggs hostage. Cyrus slips out leaving Mallet to be alone with his former-employer turned enemy. In the hallway of the Beacon with mallet and Griggs just on the other side of the door Cyrus lies to Marina when she asks if he has seen Mallet. Cyrus lures Marina away from the room, claiming he will help Marina look for Mallet. Marina quickly realizes that Cyrus is lying and knows where mallet is. Moreover, she realizes that Cyrus knows that mallet and “the shooter” are together. After some physical wrangling Marina convinces Cyrus to take her to Mallet and “the shooter”

Griggs sees the hate in Mallet’s eyes and denies ever meaning to shoot Dinah, she just jumped into the line of fire. Griggs asks if everything is okay with Dinah. The answer “no” from Mallet seals Griggs’ fate. Mallet beats Griggs and pulls his gone holding him at bay. Marina and Cyrus arrive just in time to hear a gun with a silencer go off in the room. They rush in. Mallet fired above Griggs’ head but is still holding him at gunpoint. Cyrus steps in front of Mallet’s gun to stop him. Marina is in the background trying to talk Mallet down. It is Cyrus’ words that bring Mallet back to reality. Cyrus tells Dinah’s husband that he could care less about him but it is Dinah he cares about and whatever mallet is thinking of doing is not going to be the best thing for Dinah. He goes on to talk Mallet into lowering his weapon and leaving. Marina tenderly walks Mallet from the room to return him to the hospital to be wit Dinah. Marina is promised by Cyrus that Griggs will be there when she returns to read him his writes.

Mallet sits by Dinah’s side and tells her comatose body what he almost did but it was her that made him want to be better. He begs her to please come back to him. Marina returns to the room at the Beacon to find Cyrus let Griggs go free. Marina is furious and can’t understand why Cyrus would do such a thing after all he had said about how much he cared for Dinah. Cyrus finally gets a word in edge wise and explains he sent Griggs to Amsterdam because the authorities are there waiting for him and the charges in Europe are much more serious than the ones he may face in Springfield. Marina is so turned on by his dishonest, honest ways she slams him into the door, kissing him.

Gus talks to Natalia about Raff’s diabetes. She explains how it was diagnosed and how they have dealt with it since. Gus listens and takes in everything and asks for more information big or small. Natalia shares a bit more with him that Gus finds amusing.

Raff tries to get in touch by phone with Daisy at juvie, but he is interrupted by Jude, who is full of questions about Raff’s injections and if they hurt. Raff becomes angry with Harley for telling the boys about his diabetes. Harley defends herself by telling him that he is part of their family now and they don’t keep secrets. Harley’s explanation doesn’t help ease Raff’s anger so she switches tracks somewhat and asks Raff to go over what he can and cannot eat. Harley expresses true concern that she does not want to possibly hurt him. Raff doesn’t want to talk about his diet or disease. He blows up at her “I don’t see how Daisy can stand you.” Harley is shocked Raff knows of Daisy and would dare throw Daisy in Harley’s face. Raff tells Harley that Gus showed him pictures and told him names of everyone. Harley accepts that excuse. Dylan busts through the door with great news. Dylan has pulled some strings and daisy is being released today. Harley is thrilled and calls Gus to tell him the news. Gus agrees to go with Harley and Dylan to pick Daisy up.

Dylan and Harley arrive, leading Daisy to believe there is something wrong. Daisy can’t believe her turn of events since her earlier conversation with Ashlee. Daisy and Ashlee had previous discussed happily ever after and how that doesn’t happen for girls like them. The conversation was brought about when Daisy appeared to be truly saddened by the sudden loss of “vent boy”. When Ashlee learns that Daisy is being released she is truly happy for Daisy but sad she will now be alone. Ashlee makes Daisy promise to never give up looking for “vent boy” Ashlee is happy Daisy could have a chance at love. Daisy promises, but her look never gets off the ground. Harley comes into the cell Ashlee and Daisy share to gently break some news to Daisy. Daisy listens and is understanding though not happy about the news, as Harley tells of their new houseguest that is family, Gus’ son to be exact.

Before Daisy’s release Harley and Gus arrange to have a family get together to welcome Daisy home. Gus calls Natalia and asks her to attend just after Natalia was happy to accept and make plans with Remy. Natalia breaks her plans with Remy to rush to Gus’s side. Remy sees that Natalia will not get past Gus and tells her when she ready to stop playing it safe for her to call. Earlier Remy had taken her on a fun motorcycle ride and Natalia explained that every since Raff was born she has had to play it safe for his sake. Natalia admits she is tired of playing it safe and kisses Remy. Both are hurt by the breaking of plans for later.

Daisy feels great to be home but rolls her eyes when Gus tries to introduce her to his son, Raff. Daisy turns and finds herself face to face with “vent boy.”

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